"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, May 27, 2016

Father Logenheretical: TradCatKnight Is "Shadowy"

Father Logenheretical: TradCatKnight Is "Shadowy"
Fr. Logenecker Is Catholic? Not hardly…
The war with the Modernists continue
By: Eric Gajewski
For those who want to argue I am being “too harsh” be reminded that Pope St. Pius X said these modernists “ought not be massaged with oil” but rather be treated with fists.

Father getting ready to appear in the latest Novus Ordo Production.... 007: Modernist Double Agent

Father Longenheretical states: "Meanwhile, the shadowy TradCatKnight deals not only in conspiracy theories about the apostasy of “Pope Bergoglio,” but also warns of chem trails, the nefarious Jews, global government conspiracies, the skull and bones club and various other ominously apocalyptic stories."

Today someone past along some information to me that TradCatKnight was mentioned as a “nasty conspiratorial website”.  Apparently, I am a part of the “social media problem” mentioned by Fr. Rosicia which was reiterated through Fr. Logenecker.  Sadly, Fr. Logenecker and Fr. Rosicia are both not even Catholic.  They are modernists/liberals who the Church has previously condemned before the Council who think  they can continually follow/teach Vatican II (a “judeo-masonic council”) and label others as the weirdos.  I am no more a weirdo or shadowy than Fr. Baldy himself.  I am no more "crazy" than this "unabomber" looking priest himself.  These priests are truly what we deserve for being so lax and lukewarm and Fr. Logenecker is the epitome of what God would send to punish those for being so lax in religion.  It is unbearable to read his columns unless you are one of those who like reading the Sunday comics.  However, as a preemptive warning, you may get more laughs off his columns.  His modernist/liberal theology leads souls astray even as he is astray and needs our urgent prayers (and I do mean urgent).  So this is what I ask of you to pray for today.  That these modernist heretics get a little grace so they can see clearly.  Fr. Logenecker is as blind as a bat.

 Buffoonish Comment of the week (from March):

               Novus Ordite Fr. Longenecker

"There can be a problem with valuing tradition however. It is possible to make tradition a kind of false religion or ideology and to cling to the tradition and imagine that it is unchanging and must be unchanging.


 2 Thessalonians 2:14
Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.

Fr. Logenecker was featured as the Buffoonish commentator of the week on TradCatKnight

TradCatKnight, as “shadowy” as I am, is doing just fine (nearly a top 50k website worldwide) and it’s sad to see so many vomiteers such as Fr. Rosicia and Fr. Logenecker come out and try impotently argue against those who don’t want to follow their New Religion (as admitted by Paul 6th, cult of man).  Fr. Logenecker and Catholic do not go in the same sentence.  The last several articles of his, that I even tried to get through entirely, were so bad, that I had to stop halfway through because it was just that bad.  This is what we get though, ladies and gentlemen, as a part of the chastisements, priests like Fr. Logenecker and Fr. Rosicia.  No Catholic should be reading their writings, listening to their sermons or obtaining Sacraments from them until they get their act together.  Their impotent words against us fall on dead air.  I would love to meet him in person and see if he is so brave.  I think you and I both know that outcome.  These modernists must no longer be tolerated (in what they are saying about real catholics) in any shape or form (in private or public).  That is where we are at now.

 Logenheretical labels Catholics as fundamentalists when he doe not have the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith down himself!

He suggests that “radical catholic blogs” may be a cesspool but saying so won’t help and yet he in very idiotic fashion actually does what he says you shouldn’t do!  Fr. Logenecker will not receive the “gold star” for logic today.  And he wants us to take his theology seriously?  No, thanks I would rather watch paint dry.  Do we have a duty to call out these destroyers of the Faith such as Fr. Modernist himself?  Absolutely and papal teaching supports that thesis and thus we will continue to use social media to do so.  Archbishop Lefebvre ate these Modernists up for lunch and it is a lunch that does not sit well in our stomachs.  I, believe, at one point, Fr. Logenecker, was on my facebook and I’m sure he checked out once his modernist’s ways couldn’t actually handle Catholicism.  What is the motive behind his recent vomiting? Who knows and who cares as more and more people drift away from the vomit as dogs and head for the real food in Tradition where the eagles eat.

He proceeds to do what he says wont work in stooge like fashion!  

So we are "character assassinating" the modernists but him calling me shadowy is not?  Do these brilliant "pieces of work" even read what they write?
He speaks about lost sheep and he is one himself. Christ cracked the whip and snarled  "Get out of My House". He even said as we say to you HERETICS…GET OUT OF OUR BUILDINGS YOU BIDDERS OF EVIL!
Stay away from these new apostles as Pope St. Pius X warned!

How do these heretics get so “popular” in the first place?  Mainstream media plays a large part in their visibility because they certainly support the Novus Ordo.  I have had many debates with N.O. priests and even Bishops over the years and as the late great Fr. Hesse said, in the end, they are nothing but “useful idiots” at this point.  Blind as Venerable Holzhauser said and stumbling along in a deep dense fog as Blessed Anna Emmerick saw and yet they point the finger at us.  Thus, in the end, Fr. Logenecker doesn’t need to take the argument to the level of any “jew conspiracy” (infiltration of the Church) nor do we need to even speak about chemtrails and why? Because when you cant even get the basics of Catholicism right I wouldn’t expect him to have the capacity (enough critical thinking skills) to get these other areas right.  So, this is a fight and you don’t see me going anywhere…that goes for all you modernists.  I will call anyone of you out... you simply aren’t Catholic and Fr. Logenecker is no different.  He is barking up the wrong tree thus feel free to contact me at any point and I will get you on my show and I will expose you for the modernist you really are.  I don’t know anyone, who takes theology seriously, who, in like fashion, takes Fr. Logenecker and Fr. Rosicia seriously.  So go on Fr. Baldy you cant “bully” an eagle.  Those others may place nice but I do not… so try me.  The talons are out and have drawn a line in the sand.  I can do this all day heretic.  These modernists deserve worse than sarcasm they deserved to be locked up and the key thrown away! New Inquisition coming?

And the foxes act as if they are innocent after continually poking an eagle?

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Fr. Logenheretical: TradCatKnight is "Shadowy"