"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, May 30, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox... 

Dear Eric, Here is the PDF of “Chiesa viva” 494, June 2016.
Best regards.
The PDF can be unloaded on our website: www.chiesaviva.com
Dr. Franco Adessa


Listened to your talk with Jay Parker.  Good talk.  Poor man. He suffered so much.

A talk on vaccines would be excellent. I know they are trying to kill us with the GMO's, vaccines, and the chemicals in our food and water.  My husband and I try to eat organic and we filter our water through a Berkey water filter.  Another way they are trying to kill us is through those smart meters. Funny that I should be in the business of utility billing.  The granularity of the data the meters collect is unreal.  I should probably write up a small article on it. 

You mentioned that many medicines have occult/illuminati symbols.  That would make a good article.

God bless.  Thanks for your devotion. Keep me in your prayers. 

Jennifer C

Jim would be a great guy to interview.  He is Catholic, but talks about the corruption of the Vatican in areas of science and money.  He did a lot of research and theory work on Planet X and comets.  He is totally aware that the Jews run the world and are the cause of most of our world problems.  Jim will tell you that there is no Planet X coming in the near future although he can explain exactly what happens via "action at a distance" in his "electric universe" theory when Planet X (comets) have come near.  Jim can also talk about the contamination of the water and our food supply.  He is a real prepper and promotes living a simple life.  www.jmccsci.com

I have really learned a lot about the state of the Catholic Church and the hidden history.  I think everyone should be moving their money (debt based fiat Federal Reserve Notes) into physical silver since that is going to be a core of the replacement money system.  Whether that is good or how a proper money system should be constructed is a matter for debate.  But such debate is currently immaterial since this is what will survive the economic collapse. 
I plan on using my silver to buy farmland and then have a place for people to live and farm in a sustainable manner, similar to what Fr. Fahey wrote about.
Steve S.
Northern Minnesota
Please pray for all of our sister's and brothers, That are in same sex 

Lydia P

 Dear Eric,
  I have been sending beautiful Mass cards for healing and as memorials for those who have died. I like sending them and people really seem very appreciative. My question is should I be doing this? Some of the ministers are: The Association of the Miraculous Medal, the Oblates, and others. I do not know what mass they say. What would you advise? Thank you, Mary

TCK: I have answered you privately....
 Good Morning Eric,

I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do, I spend...hours listening to your informative "YouTube" in both learning and researching. However I have not found anything on the following questions...
1.) I've been seeking information on climate changes that will accrue after the effects of planet X. I feel like I'm up against the wire on making a moving out of Southern California. I'm considering Fredericksburg Texas surrounding areas. Is the Hill country of Texas a good choice? I will need to continue working after my move.

2.) I've heard Wisconsin and Michigan will become great waterways for goods, after the earth changes do to planet X, however never living in a heavy snow area it seems like it would be so foreign although what won't be foreign at that point.  Do you know if the climate may become milder in such area's after planet X has moved on?

3.) Is it better to buy or rent...will the government just take owners property from then?

I would so appreciate a reliable resource to go to for some guidance on the above questions, if it's not with-in your inventory of subjects.

Also, more as a P.S. and most importantly...I have been educated more in the Catholic faith by you and your programs (YouTube) than I have in the last 40 years. For this I am so very grateful, I pray for you and the work that you do.    

God bless...sincerely

Patty O.
1) I cannot answer that unfortunately
2) Climate will get worse than once Planet X passes return to normal like conditions. Some mystics even say it will be spring year round, will see
3)The government will come for you for a variety of reasons makes no sense to try and pay off all your bills including the home.   
Can some one please explain? I recently attended a chapel of St Pius X. It 
is the only one in an area which I can reach. The mass was the latin sung 
mass (I don't think they have any other). Every thing appeared to be as it 
should be. Today I did not go because I am right back where I started - 
totally confused and dismayed. Right at the end of the mass, kneeling at 
the foot of the alter, the priest read a long prayer for Queen Elizabeth !! 
What is going on. Surely the prayers should have been to the Queen of 
Heaven and then St Michael. The Fatima Centre answered me saying that this 
in quite usual for a sung latin mass and in USA they say a special prayer 
for the president at the end of the mass. I have searched many websites and 
Utube for the truth and always after many months end up deeply disappointed 
because something is not right or they still believe that we must remain 
loyal to Francis and not separate from the church. Some of our churches do 
have the latin mass, but they are still loyal to Francis and have both 
masses, the NO and Latin masses. You, I think are genuine and truthful and 
may I say, brave x

Trish L
TCK: You stay loyal to Christ and Catholic Faith by rejecting Vatican II and all the modernis which has ensued. You cannot possibly follow the teachings of the V2 popes and stay loyal to Christ and the Church
Thank you for everything, Eric, considering I have much to learn. After four years of saying the rosary everyday and attending the FSSP masses, our Lady has finally opened my eyes to the truth, and she lead me to your apostate. Doctrine must never be compromised. I officially stopped going to the FSSP masses. Ave Maria!

God bless,
John F

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