"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The root of liberalism

The root of liberalism

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

 Who are the liberal theologians? They are not men of faith nor defenders of orthodoxy, nor people of deep spirituality and prayer, nor people righteous before God who observe the laws of God without distorting or circumventing it.


Liberal theologians disregard the true spiritual life and spiritual struggle for the salvation of immortal souls. They do not care about a personal relationship with God. They do not show true repentance – admit neither their sin nor sinfulness before God. On the contrary, they conceal sins, sanctify them and make sinfulness the norm. They thus remove God’s law and establish the teachings of men (cf. Corban; Mk 7:11). Moreover, they are people who do not truly love their neighbour because they do not seek his greatest good – that he may truly know Christ and save his soul. They do not follow Christ themselves and if anyone wants to follow Him, they ridicule and intimidate him. They do not know what true wisdom is which is mindful of death, the judgment of God and the reality of eternity. They are eloquent preachers but their preaching kills the truth, so it loses a motivating force. These theologians (false prophets) belabour the letter of Scripture and it is true about them what Jesus said: “The letter kills.” They have the spirit of heresy, a spirit of false love, which dilutes the divine truths and boycotts the mystery of God. They explain them not in the Spirit of God and the wisdom of God, but by their own reason. Their fruit therefore is not true repentance and conversion but rather justification and false toleration of sin. They thus want to have lukewarm Christians to sponge on. Instead of bringing them to God they catch them into the trap of apparent wisdom to make them think that they have a thorough grasp of thousands of so-called theological problems, in order to divert them from the substance, i.e. repentance and the following of Christ. These theologians (false apostles) represent the spirit of lies, the spirit of antichrist. The entire historical-critical theology makes a mockery of true exegesis which must have the same spirit as the sacred authors, i.e. the Spirit of Truth – the Holy Spirit.

How can someone explain the mystery of God without de facto having any experience with God, following Christ or having the Holy Spirit? His interpretations, even if they are seemingly logical, are heretical and do not lead to a life with God. They cause moral decay and spiritual death. Therefore, every liberal theologian must repent – turn away from the spirit of atheism and the spirit of the world as well as from the whole heretical system. He must receive the same Spirit as the Apostle Paul and other apostles or sacred authors. On this path they must be rooted in the life of prayer and rely on God in their everyday life. The Church does not need heretical theologians; in the present critical situation she needs people of God, prophets, evangelists, missionaries, martyrs for the truth. This cannot be said about contemporary theologians. And these theologians represent the highest authorities in the Church as bishops and cardinals. After Vatican II, they took up all ecclesiastical posts and brought the Church of Christ to total collapse. They allow everything in the Church, only the truth of the Gospel cannot be proclaimed. They promote a variety of spiritual streams among the students of theology, including decadent ones – homosexual and paedophile, occult and heretical – only to prevent students from receiving and clinging to the Spirit of Truth. That would be a reason for expulsion from the seminary. They have a choice during their five-year studies – they can either choose to renounce the Spirit of Christ or to be expelled, or at least not admitted to ordination. It is a sine qua non condition today set by the spirit of heresy which dominates the Catholic Church. The Word of God, by contrast, says clearly: “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.” All the apparent erudition is basically a trap to distract from the essence, from true prayer, from true repentance and from the following of Christ. And if some are converted but do not persevere on this way of following Christ, they can even work wonders but in the hour of death they will hear the words of Christ: “Depart from Me, you who practise lawlessness, I never knew you.” (Mt 7:23) The path of divine mercy is open only to those who show sincere repentance. Not to those who presumptuously rely on God’s mercy and speechifying about God’s mercy commit even greater sins and crimes. The Word of God says to them: “Woe to you!” (cf. Mt 23:13f) and their end is eternal destruction.