"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 31, 2016

They Have Taken Away My Lord

They Have Taken Away My Lord
By: Eric Gajewski

It is fact that we will have many things taken away from us in this life.  For some it may include finances for others perhaps “good looks” and even for others ability to see, hear or walk. And yet how often do we think of Christ and sin?  Furthermore, are we trying to hold on to this world and things or can we truly say we have wept as Mary and asked “Where have they taken my Lord?  How many after the Resurrection still cling to the disposition of “holding on to our own wills” rather than “handing over our whole hearts” to the Lord?  Nay, do we seek Christ as the saints or do we cling to self as the world?  In this sad modern world the many are awaiting the latest devices and technological improvements and yet they think not of what they are truly losing (their salvation).  These things keep our minds occupied horizontally on this world but the Cross keeps us focused on the next. 

Selfless Love gives.  Do we keep our hearts united unto Christ and given Him our whole hearts?  If so then it is truly nothing to give Him anything He wants of you.  Whether it is your time or resources ALL is His to begin with and yet the foolish think “they possess”.  Wisdom sayeth, "Possess Christ and possess it all."  More specifically, if men and women started viewing their own bodies as being "God’s property" would we have all the immodesty and perversion that we see today?  Give and it shalst be given unto thee but the self will scream it is mine. NO IT IS NOT!  Find those areas in your life you cling to and offer them all to Christ for His safe keep.  For you cannot go from good to better from better to best without the aide of Christ.  He gives (often times the giving is a withholding) on the basis as to what is optimal for our salvation at any point in time and yet we are blind to this when we are full of self.

How many of us truly weep in union with His Sacred Heart to see that this modern world “is taking away our Lord” all over again.  From the Vatican to the world governments they are taking away our Christ.  But never mind that my favorite football team lost and Dancing with Stars is on tonight.  This is modern man who does not care or uses distraction as an outlet to break free from reality.  Never mind Christ and go about your business O’ lax souls but do not expect Christ to call you friend in your life’s last breath.  For in reality you are a friend of this world.  You did not hold at heart what truly is important to Him.  In the midst of the trial and persecution will you too run like Mary to find Christ or stay hidden in terror.  Make no mistake Love will make a fool out of you but then again true Charity is foolish unto this world.  Modern man now wants to bend “love”  by distorting truth.  Modern man’s supposed love is truly lust which comes from a darkened heart rooted in self. 

The New World Order will come to take and yet they cannot take away what God gives within.  Only you can consent to sin and so as we continue on this Easter let us be reminded we are not our own and that if we get all emotional over things being taken away from us it is just to show you how bent on self you truly are.  The world can change the laws and close down our buildings but we still have the will to keep grace and the will to carry and fight on.  In the end Christ comes to us on Easter morning and at first we do not recognize this in our lives but why?  Because your life is too busy. You do not take time out daily to reflect in silence and solitude and thus you mistake Christ for the gardener at first like Mary.  The answer you got was not what the self wanted to hear nor accept.  Think about that today.  In reality no one can take Christ from us therefore let us bring this same Christ we profess inwardly out into the world, amen.



For Meditation:
Play the video below and read the poem as you listen. Take a few moments to reflect. 

They have taken away my Lord
As I have searched high and low
Upon the hills and all over this world...
I have searched Thee for an answer
Longing to heareth thy Voice by my hearts door
But I did not hear because my own will was too loud
Which drowned out the tune of Your heavenly chords...
Yea, and so in tears I run out on this Sunday morn
Like Mary, to search again, this time, for Thee alone
Because I can no longer live by the law of self
A hearts empty tomb whose dark is perpetually bent on never wanting my Lord