"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Earth Changes: Whole USA moves in 48 hours!

Earth Changes: Whole USA moves in 48 hours!
Planet X Incoming...
Over the past 48 hours (up to 500pm CT March 22, 2016), there has been a noticeable progression of earthquakes which occurred from the West coast to the East coast.
The whole North American plate was displaced nearly 5 days ago by a larger M5.2 earthquake off the West coast.  This displacement has now resulted in multiple M4.0+ earthquakes at the California border, and more rare East coast earthquake activity in New England + Southeast Quebec Canada.

Above: Past 48 hours of earthquakes M2.5+ in the United States shows a progression of earthquakes stemming from the new swarm location at the California / Nevada border. The pressure transfer to the East is also rather obvious, showing up as a new swarm in Oklahoma, a new M3.2 at Cerro Prieto volcano at the California / Mexico border, and two earthquakes in New England on the East coast (New Hampshire and Quebec)
The progression of seismic events began 4 days prior with a M5.2 earthquake off the coast of NW Vancouver Island BC (Pacific Northwest).
This larger M5.2 earthquake off the coast put pressure on the faults to the South at the border of California / Nevada. This M5.2 led to a new earthquake forecast being issued for North America.
See the earthquake forecast video here, and compare to what is currently happening now:
The earthquake forecast called for M4.0+ earthquakes to strike at the California – Nevada border, and further called for near M3.0 range earthquakes to strike New England (near Maine and Southeast Quebec).
As the earthquake forecast predicted, the pressure transfer from the M5.2 off the coast then caused two earthquakes at the CA / NV border (M4.3 + M4.1 near Hawthorne Nevada).
Above: Past 4-5 days of M4.0+ earthquakes in the United States up to March 22, 2016 540pm CT shows the large movement off the coast again preceded the movement interior to the coast, and just like in past instances, the magnitude is usually 1 less than the earthquake off the coast. The pressure transfers East, losing some momentum due to resistance and entropy — RELEASING at weak points along the way. Thus a M5.2 off the coast of Vancouver BC can cause a M4.2 nearly 1,000 miles away at the CA/NV border within a few days time or less
After the first M4.0+ earthquake at the California border, the pressure transferred East along the edge of the craton,  which then caused a new swarm of M3.0 earthquakes at the fracking operations in Oklahoma.
After the fracking operations began swarming with earthquakes again, the Eastward pressure transfer ultimately resulted in two different near M3.0 earthquakes in New England (Southeast Quebec Canada) .
Above: Past 6-7 days of earthquake activity shows the large movement off the coast, followed by the interior movement to the East as the pressure transfers, and the plate compensates – this causes earthquakes at the weaker locations in the crust along the way East (pressure follows the “edge” of the stable craton)
The first M4.3 at the California / Nevada border was followed several hours later by the M2.9 at the New Hampshire / Quebec / Maine  border location.
After a few hours, another M2.8 earthquake struck Southeast Quebec.
This new round of East coast movement shows the edge of the craton is indeed moving from West to East.  The locations being hit are the exact locations named in the forecast, and the magnitudes are matching what was expected to strike.
Above: Diagram showing the direction earthquakes progress over 1 weeks time. Larger earthquakes on the West coast displace the craton to the East, which causes earthquakes near dormant volcanoes + oil / gas pumping operations as the pressure transfers EAST – all the way to the East coast – causing earthquakes at the weak points along the way. Ultimately the pressure transfer from the West coast to the East coast, and a M5.2 in Vancouver BC can cause a M3.0 in New Hampshire or Maine in the same weeks time
After the craton showed full movement from West to East yesterday, today we see ANOTHER round of movement occurring beginning out West.
The craton movement began again today (march 22)  with a M4.1 (M4.2) earthquake at the California / Nevada border, followed by another swarm of M3.0 earthquakes at the Oklahoma fracking operations.  Watching for more movement to the East coast over the next several days.
This graphic below shows the past 24 hours of M2.5+ earthquakes up to March 22, 2016 540pm CT.  Todays pressure transfer is again coming from the West coast, and is pressing East by Southeast along the edge of the craton.
Past 24 hours of M2.5+ earthquakes in the United States up to March 22 2016 545pm CT shows the progression of earthquakes from the M4.0+ at the California / Nevada border outwards to the South and East. Volcano struck to the South near Cerro Prieto US border, and fracking operations struck to the East in a renewed swarm
Additionally, we see the lateral movement to the South now occurring in Southern California / Salton Sea/ Gulf of California / Cerro Preito volcano.

Cerro Prieto Volcano – US / Mexico border
The earthquake forecast called for renewed Southern California seismic activity to resume (and increase) South of San Diego across the Mexico border.
The location in question has now been struck by a M3.3 (M3.2) earthquake today March 22.
Southern California, and states to the East along the edge of the craton need to be on watch for M4.0+ activity to strike this week.
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, South + North Carolina, Virginia, and the whole of New England are on the edge of the craton.
Luckily, the M4.0+ threat only exists from California to Idaho, Southeast to Oklahoma / Kansas / Texas.  The further we go to the East, the lesser the magnitudes should be.  The current M2.9 range seems to be what we’re going to have to watch out for on the East coast (as it stands right now).
 Michael Janitch | March 22, 2016 at 6:11 pm