"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, February 26, 2016

SSPX Is Already "In The Church"

SSPX Is Already "In The Church"... 
According to Vatican II Itself!
By: Eric Gajewski 
The "Church" is a sign of the "unity" of the WHOLE HUMAN RACE?
Can You Say Masonic Universalism
Vatican II 8th Sacrament?: I have come across more absurd Vatican II Modernists this week who keep claiming the SSPX is "outside the Church”.  Do these brilliant new St. Thomas Aquinas’s ever read the documents of Vatican II itself?  Assuredly if they did they would know (according to the Masonic heresy of Universalism) Vatican II teaches/implies that the whole human race pertains to the unity now found in the Church!  Yes that is right everyone from atheists, to masons to yes, even the SSPX.  Can the modernists not put two and two together?  Per the Balamand Agreement “conversion” to the Catholic Church is no longer needed but why?  Go back to our original premise. That is because ALL are already in the Church according to these pastoral heretical documents of V2.  The Balamand agreement calls conversion “outdated ecclesiology”.  I didn’t say it or interpret it any other way.  Want more Proof?

Recently, Francis has said the old covenant is not revoked and the Jews need not convert at all! Once again, all are in the Church! So much for “mercy”. I don’t need this NWO stooge’s “mercy’ because I am already in the Church according to his own heretical belief system.  So who is keeping the Faith? Certainly not those following the New Religion of Vatican II (they are objectively speaking outside the Church).  Who needs regularized?  Rome and certainly not true traditionalists.  Rome can not even teach properly who is in the Church thus one must resist such idiotic suggestions (that we need regularized or will still on the outside). WE ARE ALL ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! So says the Modernists and soon the invalid excathedra will proclaim such by the False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph. 

Last time I checked, traditionalists are a part of the whole human family and thus we are in the Church (sarcastically).  Of course, in reality, we are essentially what remains of the Church due to Vatican II.  If Jews don’t need “regularized” than assuredly the SSPX does not. It is only logical (but not to the backwards minds of the modernists) .  The moronic mind-rape and manipulation of the modernist’s is incredible.

Novus Ordo Logic #101
Q: If all are in the Church according to Vatican II Why does the SSPX need regularized (when Rome/Vatican II is irregular) and wy do some say we are still heretics and schismatics?

A: Because we say so…we have the authority….hehehehehehe

But wait there is more!  Francis has also said within this past year that he would greet and baptize aliens!  Do not the modernists know according to Tradition that the mark of the beast coming is a hellish counterfeit sign or symbol of baptism?  Further, we can say (according to Rome’s interpretation) that not only is the whole human race a part of the Church but it seems “aliens” will be included as well!.  I cannot make this up my good friends. This is the lunacy going on in our days that the majority just turn the cheeks from and continue marching on in false obedience.  Please keep praying for conversions to the true Faith and Church by helping those get out of the Vatican II cult of man. They are blindly being led into the formal One World Church of Apostasy.