"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 22, 2015

Poem: “Why Do thou Weep?”

“Why Do thou Weep?”
By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul"

In this ongoing process of detachment let us be reminded that nothing is “ours” and “all” is His. An eagle is detached from all disorderly desires that run contrary to His Sacred Heart. We are detached from the world and flesh and as “the confirmed’ we are Soldiers of the Divine Army.  What He gives is what I need  and, this is , therefore, what is sufficient for the day. He still gives to the “birds” (heretics) earthly food (Mt 6:26) but they do not eat the “Divine Food” for this is reserved for His eagles (Mt 24:28).

Please play the video and listen as you read the rest of this writing...
 Thou suffer on the account of ‘self” because thou first had a ‘want’ and yet this ‘want” would run contrary to His Will.  An eagles only want is to satisfy and please the Divine Will.  Our Source and End is Him, therefore, if our hearts are united to His we are always joyful and at rest.  Your hearts must first be purified “in the dark”, in this silence, before the rays of the Son break thru “the interior clouds” (illumination).  Ultimately as a heart moves closer to His, the clouds will break altogether, and give way to the Son alone. This is where an Eagle is One with His Sacred Heart and flies freely without attachments to earthly things which are beneath him. In this Spiritual Marriage with the Beloved we are at Home ever contemplating wilst still at work… for Love works.

No matter what “supposed” crisis we are going thru (on the surface), these various storms, will be embraced by an eagle and thus we relish in these opportunities (daily crosses) for interior advancement.  It is because He first loved us and wanted us to walk in the Way that, I, decided, long ago, to change. Eagles adapt and change to the surroundings but we forever remain unmoved in Doctrine & Truth which flow from the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts.  We will not restore the Church and world until you first decide this day to abide by the Hearts which govern the world. Indeed, thru Mary to Jesus, EagleoftheFortress…

For I reckon that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us.  Romans 8: 18

“What didst thou expect?
The Voice of Heaven no longer heard
Men now going inward in attempts to find solace
For in the silence, this Isle of solitude, an Eagle keeps
Hearts seemingly deserted, all alone 

For retribution of sin as this night hastens & quickly creeps
The slumbering masses now aloud calling out
Every creature of the sea pleading mercy from the depths of the deep
It is the Day of Justice; the Day of Wrath
Which the whole world tries to hide from, to no longer see
But sin begins and thence death reigns within
Man in folly who now asks of God
‘We have been calling out, where have You been?”
And yet it wast this Teacher, the silence of the dark
In which we shall get aquainted with Thee, once again
Men who offend will cry and ask the “why’
But it is by Gods Design to refrain for awhile
Till hearts turn wholly back unto His
My Sacred Heart you didst not want
Therefore ye handed over my Truth for the wolves who speak lies
And without this Truth the proper norm of Faith
No Eagle flies; No Eagle can reach My Skies!

My Sacred Heart which now seeks out the enemy
In the fields of men where I separate the chaff from the wheat
It is in this solitude which you now, not heareth
But I will one day reveal myself again to greet
Yea, it is in the silence, this going within
That ye shalst find My Sacred Heart which upholds the weak
Therefore, leave behind the “self” and come next to My Mother
Beneath My Cross and My nailed Feet...
For the sun will still once again come, the rain will refrain and one day cease 
And the children will once again begin to play with smiles in the streets
The sufferings, that I give to thee, in the present
As opportunity to grow in Selfless Love
Are as but nothing in relation to My glory
Therefore, why do thou, on the account of “self”, weep??”

Let us rather, weep like Mary, who, in full union, with His Sacred Heart, wept for Jesus and Him alone...with no regard to 'self"


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