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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TradcatKnight Radio, The Fig Tree Has Bloomed? The Two Witnesses & "1948" Deception

TradcatKnight Radio, The Fig Tree Has Bloomed? The Two Witnesses & "1948" Deception
Talk given 2-8-17    (aprx 1hr 15 mins)
 The False Protestant/Zionist Narrative is being circulated readily...

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Join me for the next hour and fifteen minutes as I get into the heretical "1948" narrative of the Fig Tree being already in bloom.  This false narrative is now even being soaked up by "traditionalists".  I expose why it was necessary to change the narrative on "Israel" and I will also go into more detail the arrival of the two witnesses who will convert the Jews to Catholicism.  There is a happy ending to the story.

 St. Augustine (354 - 430 AD) "It is a familiar theme in the conversation and heart of the faithful, that in the last days before the Judgment the Jews shall believe in the true Christ, that is, our Christ, by means of this great and admirable prophet Elijah, who shall expound the Law to them. For not without reason do we hope that before the coming of our Judge and Saviour, Elijah shall come, because we have good reason to believe that he is now alive. For, as Scripture most distinctly informs us, he was taken up from this life in a chariot of fire. When, therefore, he is come, he will give a spiritual explanation of the Law which the Jews at present understand carnally, and shall thus, "turn the heart of the father to the son", that is, the heart of the fathers to the children. And the meaning is that the sons, that is, the Jews, shall understand the Law as the fathers, that is, the prophets, and among them Moses himself, understood it...that the Jews also, who had previously hated, should then love the Son who is our Christ." 10 (Ibid, Pages 469-470. The City of God, Book 20, Chapter 29). 

St. Robert Bellarmine (1542 - 1621 AD) "The third demonstration arises from the coming of Enoch and Elijah, who live even now and shall live until they come to oppose Antichrist himself, and to preserve the elect in the faith of Christ, and in the end shall convert the Jews, and it is certain that this has not yet been fulfilled." 12 (Ibid, Page 475. Liber Tertius, P. 434)

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TradcatKnight Radio, The Fig Tree Has Bloomed? The Two Witnesses & "1948" Deception