"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Message to Poland Part 3: Will Poland return to the sound roots of the faith?

Message to Poland Part 3: Will Poland return to the sound roots of the faith?
Note: Not an endorsement for all opinions expressed
The requirements set by Francis’ Vatican confront Poland with a choice: it will either accept Francis’ path of apostasy or return to the sound roots of the faith through repentance.
Quote by Kobylinski: “Here in Poland we do not yet face the challenge of euthanasia; it concerns especially the countries like France, Germany… For us here, a far more serious problem is the problem of decentralization of the Catholic Church. What happened in Canada concerning euthanasia is a clear example of decentralization.”

Response: Kobylinski says that what happened in Canada concerning euthanasia is a clear example of decentralization. However, he thus confirms that decentralization does not merely concern pastoral care, as its adherents try to convince the public, but it concerns directly the doctrine of the Church. So it is a matter of division which officially allows a heretical structure within the Church.
Quote: “Given that we are the largest Catholic country in Europe, it would be worth stimulating a debate on this issue in Poland. It is necessary to understand this global process of decentralization, because Poland will soon be facing it too.”
Response: Why does Kobylinski want to stimulate a debate on decentralization in Poland? Because according to the new methodology of psychological warfare it is necessary to label the current decay of the Church with a positive term and by means of constant debates on decentralization to get people accustomed to the issue. Then they will no longer resist the spiritual poisoning which is hidden behind this positive term. In fact, the purpose is to intensify the process of destruction of Christianity in Poland.
Quote: “It is difficult to solve whether we will manage to maintain a uniform approach to certain issues throughout the territory of Poland, i.e. whether we will have the same understanding of confession, the sacraments, euthanasia and other things, or there will be a division, as is the case in Australia, Canada or Switzerland, when one diocese will adopt solution A and the other solution B, which is an unusually difficult, interesting question, and it would be good to stimulate a debate on this issue in Poland.”
Response: Kobylinski does not care whether Poland will be truly Catholic or will fully accept the heretical destructive process which has taken place in the contemporary Church since Vatican II. Francis now deals the final deathblows by approving homosexualism through his gesture of kissing the feet of transsexuals and by constantly promoting Islamization in every parish and every convent. In its history, the Polish nation drew strength from true Catholicism. However, today this true Catholicism is, little by little, being destroyed at the root through heresies denying the very foundations of Christianity. It is also being destroyed by the stream of syncretism which destroys the sound source of the faith. This fountain of the Gospel and Tradition was the source of strength for missionaries as well as for martyrs and all the saints.
So-called decentralization promotes the official legalization of poisonous heresies as the new doctrine of the Church. In addition to it, pseudo Pope Francis promotes Islamization, and elimination of moral principles in his exhortation Amoris Laetitia. All this leads to the extinction of Christianity in Europe, i.e. in Poland as well. One must know it and ask in earnest: What attitude will Poland take towards this prepared suicide? However, Mr Kobylinski and other liberal theologians do not care about this relevant question and do not intend to hold a true debate on this subject. Their main concern is to achieve a uniform approach, yet this will be their own approach – a heretical one. If all the Poles should have a uniform approach with Kobylinski, they would end up in heresy; i.e. they would be complicit in mass suicide of Catholicism in Poland. The only way of salvation here is to separate from heretics and thus to preserve Catholic doctrine, even at the cost of separation of all Poland from the present-day heretical Vatican represented by Francis. The Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV says that if a Pope committed heresy, all his actions are without force, and we must not obey this heretical Pope and must dissociate ourselves from him. And this is true decentralization – for the purpose of preserving the true saving faith and Poland. In this way Poland does not separate from the Holy See, it just separates from a heretic who occupies and destroys the Catholic Church. Then Poland can see restoration of the true papacy and of the whole Church. However, this is not possible without true repentance and without constant prayer of all sincere Catholics in Poland.
Mr Kobylinski, without any scruples, calls heresy “solution A” and orthodox Catholic doctrine “solution B”. So, according to him, if we go to hell, it is “solution A”, and if we go to heaven, it is “solution B”, and he does not see any significant difference between the two. He does not distinguish between eternal life and eternal death anymore. This is the fruit of heresies after Vatican II.
Quote: “This is a Copernican revolution! It is a revolution not seen by the Catholic Church over 2000 years because in this process we are facing now there will be a change in the understanding of many issues that have been unchanged for 2000 years.”
Response: This is not a Copernican revolution but the Antichrist’s revolution! This is no revolution but rather suicide not seen by the Church throughout 2000 years. We know that the NWO architects plan one Church of the Antichrist. Integration into this Church must be preceded by a change in the understanding of many issues that have been unchanged in the Church for 2000 years.
Quote: “…how will we, Poland, the centre of Europe, who have found ourselves between Eastern Orthodoxy and Western atheism, face this great historic process? … This process requires a great deal of work – intellectual, spiritual, moral….”
Response: This is no insignificant great historic process but, as Kobylinski specifies, a “global planetary process of changes which are nearing their climax in the Catholic Church”. The goal of globalization is reduction of the world population to one billion, i.e. not only destruction of Christianity but literally autogenocide of the planet! This really requires a change of mind and “a great deal of work”!
Poland really has a great deal of work to do now to save Christianity, to save families, to save moral values and to save the immortal souls from eternal perdition!
Quote by Kobylinski: “In various Catholic states, we have had such decentralization for several decades already; it concerns e.g. Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, where there are parishes, dioceses and countries that do have the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and ones that have not had the Sacrament of Reconciliation for more than fifty years. It is factual decentralization.”
Response: Kobylinski has told us openly what decentralization actually is. It is not only an effort towards the abolition of the papacy but also towards the self-destruction of the Church. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will not be practised anymore; obviously it will only be administered sacrilegiously – to self-murderers before euthanasia. Thanks to syncretism, we will no longer worship the Triune God but rather all demons which pagans worship and sacrifice to. This is a new model of the Church of the Antichrist which decentralization along with Francis, Kobylinski and similar pseudo prophets is heading for.
True reform, conversion, repentance, the following of Christ
In what times do we live? In what situation are Christians today? In the political sphere, we are governed by Brussels and superior to it are the NWO architects. Their goal is the destruction of Christianity and of all moral values. Moreover, we can see a total betrayal of the Vatican headed by Francis. Mass media are the strongest weapon of the information and psychological warfare, and they pursue globalization goals. Heretical theologians and Francis’ Vatican stab sincere Catholics in the back. Christ is our only salvation. Our most powerful Advocate with Him is the Holy Virgin. So all we need to do now is to start to pray regularly for a common intention: restoration of the orthodox Catholic Church in Poland. Let the individuals and families pray the Rosary or other prayers daily throughout the year, which marks the anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima (1917), especially in the time between 8 and 9 p.m. In the end, i.e. at 9 p.m., let priests, each from the place where he is, bestow a blessing on those who prayed.
What concretely does the Polish nation need to repent of? It is very painful, but we must tell the truth:
A) the canonization of John Paul II is invalid and it is necessary to draw the conclusions;
B) heretical doctrine must be replaced by orthodox one.
Ad A) the canonization of John Paul II is invalid because:
a) The canonization was decreed by pseudo Pope Francis who is a manifest heretic. According to the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV, all actions of a heretic are without force.
b) The person “canonized” was a heretic too. Why?
1) By his papal authority he allowed dissemination of neo-Modernist heresies throughout the Church.
2) He made an apostate gesture in Assisi (1986, 2002) by which he embodied a heresy holding that Christianity and pagan cults are alternative ways to salvation. He thus placed Christ’s redemptive death on the cross on a level with the pagan worship of demons. And this is a supreme heresy!
3) He cancelled the long-established anathema against Freemasons (1983), whereby he de facto legalized them and opened the door for them even to the key positions in the Church.
4) He covered up for paedophile priests in the United States, Ireland, Australia etc. instead of imposing punishments on them… and he was thus complicit in paedophile scandals and their expansion in the Church.
He never did public penance for any of these four serious sins!
The fact that he had devotion to the Virgin Mary, opposed abortion or opened the way for the Poles to the Vatican Congregations does not alter the fact that he promoted heresies, and therefore we cannot venerate or follow him as a saint! Otherwise, we will end up in hell. By canonizing John Paul II, the heretic Francis confirms his heresies as another gospel. But the punishment for another gospel acc. Gal 1:8-9 is curse (excommunication, anathema).
Ad B) heretical doctrine must be replaced by orthodox one
Since the Second Vatican Council, priestly formation has been conducted in the spirit of neo-Modernism of the historical-critical method which denies the foundations of whole Christianity: the inspiration of Scripture, Christ’s redemptive death on the cross, His historical and real Resurrection, all His miracles and all the miracles in the Scripture.
Another heretical direction in the formation of priests has been syncretism with paganism. It is a regard for pagan cults, de facto their demons (Nostra Aetate). The gesture of John Paul II in Assisi set a precedent of internal apostasy for the whole Catholic Church. Syncretism is a sin against the First Commandment: “You shall have no other gods; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.” (Deu 5:6-9). The requirement to separate from these forms of paganism also means to separate from all current forms of occultism which are intensively promoted by the press, mass media and pseudo culture. It concerns different covert forms of divination, magic and spiritualism.
Jesus is the Truth, and He says to the sincere Polish people: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Joh 8:32)