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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vatican II Theologian Admits He Hid His Homosexuality For Years...

Vatican II Theologian Admits He Hid His Homosexuality For Years...
Homosexual Jew Infiltrator

He had not made his homosexuality public, because he would continue to have influence as a 'critical theologian', writes the Canadian ex-priest Gregory Baum in his autobiography.
Gregory Baum, a Canadian ex-priest and spiritual theologian, has announced in his latest book that he has been secretly gay for decades.

"I have not known publicly about my homosexuality because this act of honesty would have reduced my influence as a critical theologian," writes the 93-year-old in "The Oil Has Not Run Dry" . He said that he wanted to be heard as a theologian, who had faith in God as a Savior and was committed to social justice, liberation theology and global solidarity.

He had had his first sexual contact with a man at the age of 40, that is, at a time when he was still a priest. In 1976 he left the Augustinian Order and laid down the priesthood. Later, he married a former nun, who had endorsed his homosexual relationships, Baum writes.

In spite of his positions on sexuality deviating from the Catholic faith, which he published in several theological journals, Baum was an influential voice in the Catholic Church of Canada. His commentary on the encyclical "Humanae vitae" had become essential for the wording of the "Winnipeg Statement" of Canadian bishops, as Monsignor Vincent Foy, priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto, repeatedly stated. In the "Winnipeg Statement" the Catholic bishops grant the faithful the right to use good conscience under certain conditions.

Baum was at the suggestion of Cardinal Bea as a "peritus" (expert) participant in the Second Vatican Council. He was essentially involved in the formulation of the first draft of "Nostra aetate," a declaration on the relationship between the Church and non-Christian religions. In 2016 he received the honorary doctorate of the Catholic-theological faculty of the University of Tübingen.

From Rightopedia:
Gregory Baum ✡  (born 1923) is a Jew from Berlin, Germany who successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church, playing a significant and damaging role at the Second Vatican Council. Along with Johannes Oesterreicher and Augustin Bea, he was one of several crypto-Jews who were behind the authorship of Nostra Aetate.[1] He fled to the United Kingdom and then Canada as the NSDAP came to government in Germany. Baum was created a professor of "theology" and sociology at the University of Saint Michael's College in the University of Toronto. He has been associated with heterodox modernist publications such as The Ecumenist and Concilium.
During the Second Vatican Council; a Judeo-Masonic campaign to capture the Church; Baum was a theological advisor, at the Ecumenical Secretariat. Most of his subversion pertained to the relationship between the Catholic Church and Talmudic Judaism (Nostra Aetate), as well as other attempts to dilute the traditional religion or undermine Catholic nations (Dignitatis Humanae and Unitatis Redintegratio). Baum is noted as a high priest of Holocaustianity and for his promotion of the anti-gentile, anti-Christian guilt propaganda of rabbi Emil Fackenheim


Homosexual Infiltration of the Catholic Church