"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Forever Thankful

Forever Thankful
By: Eric Gajewski

I pause and give thanks to that fateful day when I was lead to our Lady via the Scapular and Rosary.  I had been searching truly high and low for answers.  I was lost.  I seemingly could not get over so more vices all at once.  I thought how is it possible to break free from sexual immorality altogether?  The battle against the flesh is truly exhausting on all levels to the beginner and those lowest in the Fortress of the Soul but BE ENCOURAGED!  Quit looking at the weeks and days ahead and focus in ON THE MOMENT!  With each battle won a greater grace is given.  One foot in front of the next my friends.  Have the disposition and mindset that under NO CIRCUMSTANCE ought you give in to the flesh and to sin in general.  I remember that fateful day wherein I saw a Brown Scapular and Rosary wrapped around a Pieta statue and I decided to take a leap of Faith.  Keep in mind at this point I still didn’t understand that the Conciliar Church was a farce.  I was still battling my demons which alone was enough.  However, gradually as Selfless Love would expand within it became all the clearer.

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I don’t need Mary.  Yes you do.  Those who are the closest to the Son art found to be the closest to Our Lady.  If we truly take her hand in this Fortress of the Soul she will guide you to the uppermost rooms.  These are the most intimate rooms of the Beloved.  Our goal is to reach the spiritual marriage (which is the seventh floor His Throne Room) thus many battles must be won.  Be thankful today that we have the opportunity to get closer to Mary and thus ultimately Jesus. Mary is not only necessary in the overall plan of mankind’s Redemption She is also necessary for your own salvation as so many Doctors and Fathers taught.  SHE IS NOT SOURCE but She does share so intimately with this Sacred Heart that truly none of us can explain it on the human level.  It is for this reason the devil was enraged.  He wanted the limelight yet it was through the simplicity, humility and Faith of Mary that Salvation came to this earth.  Thus, I can say unequivocally that our Redemption came through Her womb and it is this SAME WOMB which we must travel to get out of this world safely.  She is our transport.  She is our Chariot of Fire.

Looking back.  It is often when we look back to long that the devil will cause us to fall.  Many have scruples because they are bothered by the deceitful of the devil who suggests to you God has not nor will He forgive you.  Again, stay in the moment.  I know we must reflect daily in examining our consciences however if we continually go back to our past and lock ourselves inside that moment that truly we will find ourselves in the dungeon of doubt or despair.  Don’t take the devils bait.  How can you look forward if you are constantly living in the past.  Jesus has a whole new life waiting for you if you stay in the moment ad do battle.  Our Lady is a ONE WOMAN Army this is who I take the front lines as the ancient Hebrews did.  They took this Ark to the front line and let the enemy know what is up!  Does the devil suggest to you that are beyond God’s grasp?  Does he suggest to you just “give in” now because you know you will never break free.  Does he tell you that your sin doesn’t matter?  Whatever the temptation is we have recourse to Our Lady.  


Turning to the Scapular provides us with the Armor we need.  I have mentioned this time and time again that since I first wore the Scapular that it seemed over time the demonic attacks seemed to decrease.  I am and we are all still human and no man is free of temptation but truly this Armor is something to behold.  It keeps the devils on guard rather the other way around.  You see as Christians we are called to be OFFENSIVE against the enemy.  Too many Christians just wait around until the next attack.  Not me.  I will take it to the devils at every chance I get and this would explain even the most recent demonic attacks against this apostolate.  Get BEHIND ME SATAN!  I will continue to walk into the devils backyard and preach the gospel!  O’ sinner listen to the Fountains of Mercy flowing.  Get yourself armed for the days ahead.  Frightful days are ahead and those not protected are in serious trouble.

On the offensive.  Padre Pio said the weapon is the Rosary therefore if you are not praying the Rosary how in the world are you being proactive against the enemy?  You are the Victor’s in CHRIST not him.  Yet, do you live like this?  Do you smile at the devils or run?  Let us pray today that our hearts be enraged in Selfless Love Whom is Christ.  Let us pray that we continually get closer with our Lady so that Jesus will share with us His most intimate of all secrets.  Close to God or close to the world?  Close to Mary or close to your TV set?  There is a lot of work to be done therefore get off your duff and get to work.  Be balanced.  Maintain your interior life first and then get out and work.  This is a part of the Eagles creed. 

In the end, I look back briefly and recall that day quite distinctly.  It was a choice which I do believe we all must make and that is either for Mary and thus for Christ or not.  Do not be afraid of what is to come but rather trust in the mystical process of purification, illumination and ultimately have the hopes of arriving at the spiritual marriage.  I hope to convey such things more deeply in the book, Fortress of the Soul.  Please do keep me in prayer and let us get after it!

"Blessed Virgin Mary : At The Forefront Of The Fight"