"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No Jesus No Hope

No Jesus No Hope
By: Eric Gajewski

Imagine a world in which was not run on true Charity.  A world in which everyone lived according to the law of self, that is, the “law of the jungle”.  I suggest to you that we are nearly at those times spoken of by the early apostles wherein true Charity will seemingly be non existence.  The law of self rules and this is exactly what Antichrist Maitreya will preach (the Self).  Imagine a world wherein the true Faith was hard to find because the true Gospel was to hard to find?  We are already living in those times with the advent of the Second Vatican Council and the new gospel of man.  Man sadly is placing all its hopes in the U.N., “Israel” or worse yet man itself (in general).  We are running from the truth and thus the truth will ultimately break us.  No Jesus no hope.  If we do not live for God then we live for self there is no in between. 

Man shall not live on bread alone.  We have Christ is this not enough?  Man would rather live on pills than the Gospel.  Let us remember that the literal/spiritual food that we eat transcends human nature.  In a world that is trying to naturalize very everything including the gospel we must remain steadfast.  Christ entered the desert but we try to live on the sands of the resort beach 24/7 and 365 days a year.  Does this sound like the Gospel of Christ to you?  When I am weakest I am strongest.  This applies mind, body and soul.  We must be completely broken on every level in order to be wholly possessed by God.  The man who overeats with his stomach has already been chasing God out of his own heart.

Hope in the U.N., “Israel” or man?  Scripture says it is foolish to place your trust in man and yet continually since Vatican II this is what is being pushed.  Let us build a “united humanity” with a common tongue.  Let us put aside our doctrinal differences and just realize that we are “all made in God’s Image”.  Yes, this is the propaganda of our times but we know as true followers of Christ to place all confidence in the Sacred Heart.  We know to go to Our Lady who is the Mother of Hope Himself.  Seek refuge not in anything earthly nor by what man alone creates for it will all come crashing down.  The U.N. and the puppet state of Israel are both Luciferian and they are preparing a place for the arrival of their false messiah.  When we look to peace outside of Jesus Christ we are doomed.  The souls in hell have no hope of ever seeing Christ face to face thus let us use our time wisely and prepare our souls so that we do not find ourselves at the bottom of the Abyss swimming in self.  Hope thou in the Lord!

New False Savior, same old false promises.  A promise of something better?  What could be better than Christ and His Gospel.  What is better than His Catholic Church and Faith which feeds the nations?  Let us face it we have all been deceived at some point in our life and it usually comes with lucrative promises at first.  Vatican II and its insane humanitarist’s dreamers are doomed already.  A New social gospel which is not Our Lord’s prevails in once Christian lands all in an effort to prepare the way for the new false messiah Maitreya.  Novelty, to those who can see clearly, is OLD from the very beginning.  Those thirsty for something new are worldly however Tradition remains forever.  We have not arrived at a deeper understanding of the gospel since Vatican II! No, the true Gospel has been slowly been subverted and being replaced with a new one.  

Focus on Jesus not the trial.  When we get in the trial immediately all we see first in our human nature is the trial itself.  This is due to self-love.  If we see with the eyes of an eagle and have His Vision we shall see what He sees.  Do we not have to go through similar of trials as Our Lord did.  Let me interrupt your resort beach spiritually living for a moment to remind you that Our Lord said we must endure the Cross daily.  This is what gives us not strength not in man’s bread alone.  Love transcends the trial itself and if we remain in the natural we will continually not see what the trial’s heavenly purpose is.  We all will have different trials but the end result is an attempt of God to move us away from self love altogether.  Faith or fear?  If you fear losing something it means you are still to attached to something in the first place?  How about your health?  This is how He first go to me in Charity.  Someone once told me in the business world that if you do not have your health you truly can do nothing.  At first glance this seems true according to nature and reason but not to Our Living God.  You see God transcends above human nature and even when I found myself the weakest it was truly when I heard His Voice the loudest.  It was truly when He sent me to out to perform “this or that” on his behalf.  If the Living God is in you I assure you that you are not going to die until He Wills.

We are not free without hope.  I have always been teaching you that an eagle has the wings of Faith and Hope.  Can an eagle fly without Hope?  No he cannot.  And Who is our Hope?  Christ Jesus.  We must keep Jesus and Mary with us at all times in order to FLY HIGH above the storm itself.  The Storm is human nature.  We divinely transcend human nature through the aid of grace.  No one is exempt.  The times ahead are either truly frightening or exciting.  Which is it for you.  Does your stomach already turn at the notion of some of those things we know to come to pass?  Identify the root of this fear and implant it with Faith through the aid of grace.  An eagle is not free; he is not at liberty in the blue skies above WITHOUT BOTH of his wings.

Be still it is I be not afraid.  You will notice how Our Lord first says to be still in the Storm.  He does not say to run about like a chicken without a head.  This is truly a sign of a man of self.  He has too much “to lose” and has not gained Christ.  The worldly will soon be punished in unfathomable fashion.  Be still requires grace.  An eagle is able to look at the Great Storm and not fly from it.  The sparrows do but the Saints of God do not.  You were meant for these times and thus don’t let the “times” dictate to you how you ought act.  Be still does not involve getting any tips from the mainstream media.  No, it requires a deep and fervent prayer life.  It requires a lot of silence and solitude.  It requires our self-denial daily.  Next, Our lord says it is I.  he is there in the Great Storm with us is He not?  Of course, at first, it does not “feel” this way and this is done on purpose.  He is awaiting to see your response.  Will you fail like Peter…O’ ye of little faith or will we learn from his example.  Yes, even Peter failed Christ in this fashion so don’t think you haven’t nor will you ever because you will.  Look for those opportunities then pounce upon it.  Be not afraid.  Where Jesus is Whom is PERFECT LOVE there is NO FEAR.  Thus once you demonstrate your Faith to Jesus (even though the Storm rages on) it will now seem as if there is NO STORM at all.  For where my strength would end His Love picks and carries on.

Flee the Storm?  There was a Novus Ordo Pieta prayer book I was using for some more general prayers.  In it was a modern prayer to ask God to flee from the storm?  Can you say Protestantism?  I wonder if this same modernist also believed in the pre/mid tribulation rapture as well!  It is the Storm which transforms.  The CROSS is the ONLY ROAD to HEAVEN.  The charismatics need to learn this and fast for the preach and hold to a false feel good gospel.  An eagle gets excited for the Storm.  He knows that violent Wind is coming which will take him to new heights far above reason and nature.  In all this our souls and the world is doomed without our Hope Who is Christ.  What a mad world this has become now that Catholic Truth is hardly found in the world and now we must accept the reality that there is no ESCAPING this great storm coming.  The quicker you do so the better you will be able to help those around you, Ave Maria

Press play and listen as you read the poem... 

“My Heart is Meek”

Amidst the noise of this world
I settle myself…
Beneath these trees which speak
“My Love stretches far beyond the Oceans of deep
I hear….
‘My Love is a River which is yours to keep”
I ponder…
“My Love for you is sweet”
“Be still” Thou sayest…
“For I AM what your heart is searching for”
As over my soul pours Your Peace
For no matter what storm, trial or affliction is given
If we art in His grace, we are safe
We art truly living…
It is here beneath these trees I am at Your Feet
To hear You once again…
“ I can only live in you once you are torn, broken and empty”
“It is only when you are void altogether and weak”
It is here I am reminded once again
Of what we were all truly put here to seek
For amidst the noisy waters of this world
And amidst all the “bad news” which paints a picture so bleak
It is here in and on the Tree that the eagles gather
And hear that trusted Voice speak
“My Love is greater than your trial for My Yoke is light and My Heart is Meek.”