"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Demonic Dimond Brother Cult

Demonic Dimond Brother Cult
By: Eric Gajewski

Yes, are you ready for another round of attempted would be character assassinating by the demonic dimond brother cult?  Yes the same protestant cult who attacked Fr. Gruner and Fr. Kramer (amidst so many others) and tries to set up “formal” debates with anyone they can get their hands on.  Why give in and give them credence?  It is the same old routine for these two lovebirds who have fallen tremendously over the last month in the Alexa rankings.  There are a good number of people leaving that cult and the Alexa visibility measure is one good source to prove this.  I have warned you time and again that as we grow we would be attacked.  Wounded egos…Have you ever seen this cult in action?  The two fake monks will put out a hit piece then one of their cronies will run about and deliver the message like Paul Revere! LOL.  This cult is truly pathetic and it goes without say that the Dimond brothers lose sleep over me.  Somebody write them a Xanax prescription.  I think these two fake monks need to setup accounts on Match.com and find girlfriends they have far too much free time on their hands apparently.

The Bully got bullied.  It is not so nice when the bully gets slapped upside the head.  The bully tries to retaliate and yet their original intention of character assassination is not achieved.  Do these morons realize that our visibility only goes up after some lame hit piece.  Even over the past 24 hours thanks to the most recent hit piece TradCatKnight has increased considerably in website traffic.  The uncredible trying to shoot arrows it is not anything new.  These are the same people who will write you emails saying your damned or better yet they will call you on the phone at 4am saying you’re a heretic.  Or how about the constant spamming in the comments section on any website or youtube channel.  Yea, I know that is normal (not demonic) behavior.  Kind of like the lights flickering at 3am or the door bell ringing.  I have made more appearances on TV and radio in the past year than they have in 20 years.  These two loon bin love birds are trying anything at this point to get their egos propped back up again.

TCK the con artist?  Not hardly.  I have stated my intention publicly over and over and I take no money as personal income and is reinvested back into the apostolate. O’ woe is me!  TCK grows organically and with the aide of social media help!  I love my simple living.  No home no car few possessions.  These two should truly think things out before jumping into the river because now, if possible, they look even more stupid than previously.  So my friends there is no need to send me the latest detraction or gossip about me.  If you are quoting the Dimond Brothers…that is your first mistake.  They are egged on by hell’s legions and are restless.  Trying to prove the whole world wrong when they themselves are wrong to begin with.  Their zombie like trolling followers are no better.  Psychopathic is the best word. I have heard it all from Eric is a pornographer due to my adult ministry, to, I am a crypto jew because “jew” is in my last name.  Or how about I am a 33 degree Mason because of the double headed eagle symbology I utilize? I have even had their followers create FAKE PROFILES on facebook (as a girl) in attempt to be a mole gaining information! No joke...

Bow down and worship me
Please don’t get caught up in this demonic cult or one day you will be one of his minions sending messages and calling people at 4am to give the eternal sentence to the next victim.  Yes, the same noobs who will call you a heretic and actually commune in churches where heresy is taught!  Yep, sounds like the Holy Ghost at work, LOL  I honestly think they sit around and think that I worry about this or they think I get mad when in fact I have been laughing hysterically.  I was on the phone with Msgr. Perez the other night and right after I mention their names (without finishing my sentence) Msgr. broke out in laughter.  These two loon bin love birds are not only protestant they are straight from the pits of hell of whom if I met publicly….Oh boy!  Ill let you envision what would transpire next.  Ever seen a Father scolding their child?  Don’t be fooled by the Feeneyite freaks who are attention deprived and simply carry about.  It is they who actually profit selling their books and videos.  My information is FREE.  Hypocritical effeminate heretics.  Gossipers and those who judge rashly will have their day.  All glory and honor to Christ and may He keep this work so long as he chooses, Ave Maria!