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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 13, 2017



During his life, Monsignor Lefebvre courageously proclaimed the apostasy of Rome everywhere. He also stated that there could be no agreement with the conciliar church until Rome became the true faith.

Just a month in 2017 and traditionalist Catholics are being inundated with even more rumors of an agreement (an agreement with the devil without a doubt) between the SSPX and modernist Rome.
Before anyone can make an agreement with the devil, that person must first deny Our Lord.

First Denial of Our Lord - Silence

Francis' pontificate has been the most destructive of all popes since Vatican II, and quite possibly the most destructive in the history of the Church. Where is Mons Fellay in the midst of all this? Silent. There are no brave statements. He does not confront Francisco. There are no reproaches to Francisco. There are no condemnations.

Although articles that somehow criticize the things that Pope Francis has done appear from time to time on the website of the Fraternity, they cite Cardinals and Bishops who are "inside" the Conciliar Church. In essence, the Fraternity expresses its criticism through others. Bishop Fellay is never directly quoted. While Christ was shouting "whitewashed tombs" to God's enemies, Bishop Fellay nervously asks, "Hey guys, do you mind if one of my assistants cites the disagreement of this or that cardinal with you?"

When asked "are you one of His disciples? Fellay's silence says "I am not."

Second Denial of Our Lord - Politiquería

"But now you want to kill me, to whom you have told the truth ... You have the father to the devil ... He was a murderer from the beginning, and did not stay in the truth; Because the truth is not in him. "

These are the words of Our Lord. Did He try to gain favors from the Pharisees? Was he frightened or tried to reach an agreement while they were trying to kill him? No. Our Lord spoke with the truth. Clearly and simply. He condemned human respect, the first thing was to please God. The same can not be said of Bishop Fellay.

If the best and noblest destiny that a man can have is to follow Christ's steps toward martyrdom, then why does not Fellay speak the truth and defend our Lord and his Church? He did it in a while, but not anymore. On the other hand, why do we see Bishop Fellay constantly politicizing over and over during the last years? Handshake with Benedict. Smiles with Francisco. Encounters with Ecclesia Dei. Intelligent politicization and subtle maneuvers are radically opposed to the way our Lord carried out His divine mission.
The world asks Fellay again, "Are you not one of His disciples?" To which he answers for the second time: "I am not."

Third denial of Our Lord -Survival

Scripture tells us that "whoever wants to save his life will lose it, who loses his life for Christ will find it." This led the disciples to give their lives in the same way as our Lord. Today, living in a kind of persecution of spiritual Diocletian, we hear from the mouth of Bishop Fellay: "A number of conditions are necessary to reach an agreement ... and for us the essential condition is our survival."
This is the nail in the coffin of the SSPX. With this statement simply "to survive," Bishop Fellay and the Fraternity will surely perish. Jesus warned us in the Gospel of Matthew to "endure unto the end." He did not say anything about trying to survive to save his own life.

A third time Bishop Fellay is asked: "Are you not one of His disciples? To which he responds: "I am not."

Certain death

Christ told His disciples that they would be delivered and condemned to death. He also said that they would be "hated by all nations for my name."

And how does Pope Francis describe Bishop Fellay? Like a close friend:
" Bishop Fellay is a man with whom one can dialogue. This is not the case for other elements that are a little strange, like Monsignor Williamson or others who have become radicalized . "

Judas spoke with the Pharisees and remained silent while they judged Our Lord. He made politics. He made a deal in exchange for the Truth. And in fact he lost his life. These actions of his betrayal of Our Lord also contained an implicit denial of Our Lord, a denial of His Kingdom and His divine rights.

While the triple denial of St. Peter was more explicit, the question remains: Will Bishop Fellay take the path of St. Peter, that of repentance and life, or that of Judas, of impenitence and certain death?

The cock crows....

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