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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Modernist Priest Tells Me “To Go To Confession”

 Modernist Priest Tells Me “To Go To Confession”
By: Eric Gajewski
This memes sums up the Vatican II cult of man way of thinking...

Several days ago I “mixed it up” with yet another modernist Vatican II priest on facebook.  I know hard to believe, right?  What I typically do is invite people to my information from "all walks of life" including these modernists.  They can decide to stay or go over time if they like.  Quite often I will take some of my important information and share it with others on their page.  What I shared with this delusional heretical priest so infuriated him he lashed out uncontrollably and said “You need to get to confession son!”.  This response is typical from these heretics who are spiritually blind in this hour but this did not stop me from letting him know on his page that objectively speaking He is God’s enemy.  What I posted was information that covered the Luciferian Infiltration of the Church and that is a reality….

First, we all should go to confession more in my opinion.  We all should know what the Church teaches in terms of getting to the Sacrament of Reconciliation when in a state of mortal sin but why not make it a habit of frequenting this Sacrament more often?  I use an analogy in my book on the matter.  For the sake of this example the vacuum is us and the vacuum bag is our soul.  The dust is venial sin and the pile of hair represents mortal sin.  If we run over the gigantic pile of hair the vacuum will seize we know this however what about accumulating vast amounts of dust?  The Church teaches that if we continually pile up venial sin after venial sin that we are liable to “break” and commit mortal sin.  This makes sense given my example.  If we do not “empty out” our vacuum bags by going to confession more regularly than we are liable to commit mortal sin in the end.

Who needs to go to confession?  We all do myself included but not for the reasons this heretical priest was implying.  He was implying that because I stated that the Vatican was run over by Luciferians that I was somehow a Protestant!  Has this poor priest ever read about this apostasy we are enduring in Scripture?  Has he read the Masonic blueprint to undermine and subvert the Catholic hierarchy?  Of course not.  A few quick looks at his social media and you will see the delusional world that he lives in.  This is all but too typical with these “Catholic pretenders”.   Who needs to repent?  He does!  Who needs to get his act together before God’s Rod of Correction comes out?  He does.  Honestly, it is so bad that this chastisement is so needed for conversions that I honestly cant wait for that day.  Suffering becomes an intricate part of the equation for these prideful priests who cannot see clearly.  They will be put on their backs if they even make it out alive of this Great Storm coming.  Charity dictates that neither I nor you go “easy” on them.  This is what love does even if it appears to be uncharitable on the surface.  Might I remind you of how Pope St. Pius X said to treat the modernists (here’s a hint it wasn’t to massage them) ?   

I hear stories.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not receive emails from you wherein you share similar stories.  However, do not despair.  Some of you are really being given that grace to be brave in our times.  You are realizing that it is better off to stay home than to commune with these poor souls.  We ought continue to pray for them but continue to admonish them.  Just as I did not back down from this priest you ought not to!  He has been put on notice by God not us.  They are the ones who have left the Faith not us.  God, of course, has the ultimate say as to how specifically this restoration will take place.  Do not bottle it up.  I think it is to dangerous to not have a support system or structure hence one of the aspects of this apostolate. I do want to hear your stories.  In fact I just received another lengthy one today which I shall republish in the latest TradCatKnight Mail edition.  Send me your stories have your voice be heard.  Because they don’t want to hear it doesn’t mean it cant be seen.  

Most bishops/priests go to hell?  When we recall what the Church teaches we see that few get to heaven.  There have been Doctors/Fathers and Saints of the Church to suggest that this teaching will not even escape the clergy.  This is without a doubt the worst crisis in the Church.  In a certain sense it is simple.  Vatican II is not Catholic.  In another sense it is difficult because these heretics have so carefully laid their traps amidst orthodox texts that it becomes hard to see the New Religion as a whole.  Yet that is what it is…a new religion (novus ordo).  They hide behind continuity but only a complete idiot would accept that answer.  The mere fact that the majority of priests (such as the one in questions) can’t see it is proof of the spiritual chastisement we are in.  I will boldly state that is seems quite plausible that the majority of priests and bishops in the Conciliar Church are on their path to hell.  They will be held to an even higher standing than the poor laity.  Thank goodness the laity have more sense than the clergy these days otherwise we would be in an even bigger bind.  Remember invincible ignorance CAN ONLY POTENTIALLY save a soul it is not for certain it is not dogmatic.  Time after time we show Tradition and what the pre Vatican II popes say and they just give us general ad homiem labels.  I got the old “Get to confession” routine.  Will God spare these obviously blind and prideful priests?  My personal opinion is that God will not but perhaps it is a good thing I am not God.

Hold on and hang in there it will get worse….God is seeing who are the FEW who will remain at His side.  This apostasy has an with Christ hanging in the Cross is seemingly defeat.  But is this the case?  Only few chose to remain at Christ’s side.  Look at how the majority of the hierarchy (early apostles) abandoned Christ during His Passion.  Are we not seeing the same?  The majority following Vatican II and are not only blind but persecuting those who keep the Faith.  How do you think this is going to go over before Jesus.  That is a thought that frightens even me.  I see more tables being turned over.  I see a scowl on Our Lord’s face (right before he says to these unfaithful priests who persecute us) Get out of My Presence.  It Is going to be a lot harsher in my opinion than those think.  Our Lady stayed at the foot of the Cross thus this is our example.  We just need to stay close to her and we are safe and secure and no unfaithful priest can do anything about that.  May God have mercy upon these poor blind priests… and us all.  They are worldly and clueless and Gods wrath is already ready to pounce upon them.  In the end stay away from these Vatican II priests and pray for them.  God knows how to get people to listen to Him and since they wont hear us…….oh boy just sit back and wait….

St. Nicholas von Flue (15th century)
“The Church will be punished because the majority of Her members, high and low, will become so perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until She will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired. But, after this, She will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters.”

Dr. Peter Chojnowski "Luther, Funtime Francis & Vatican II, the Great Revolt"