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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 13, 2017

(Malachias 3:6-7) “God of Surprises” Sham

(Malachias 3:6-7) “God of Surprises” Sham
By: Eric Gajewski
For I am the Lord, and I change not
Surprise! Ratzinger you are outta here!
In order for the Conciliarist’s to continue advancing their progressivist agenda they needed a new catch phrase.  One of the latest is Antipope Francis’s “God of Surprises”.  The reality is God is not surprised by false teachers such as those behind Vatican II nor is He amused with Bergoglio arch enemy of the Catholic Church who professes to be its leader but is not.  We know from Scripture that heresy would always be with us but we have never quite experienced what we are undergoing since Vatican II.  Let us be frank does anything Francis do at this point surprise you?  His “God of surprises” is a great card to play if you are hiding behind the pseudo mercy routine that He does.  Twisted theology with hypocritical outtakes on even his own supposed Cardinals has many questioning whether Francis is even Catholic to begin with.  Their suspicions are well founded however we should not be dismayed.  The “God of surprises” completely contradicts Scripture (Malachias 3:6-7) and is just another sham by heretic Bergoglio and his delusional fantasyland he and his insane dreamers are trying to build.

Modernism and the “God of surprises”.  No one should be surprised that the “surprise” card is being used.  This follows the modernist thought of how not only theology needs to adapt and evolve but literally humanity itself.  Yes, we are “progressing” along with a smile until we land in the lap of the False Prophet and Antichrist.  They too, will arrive, in the not so distant future and say “surprise” on the Day of Declaration.  Surprise, all humanity is now formally united!  Surprise, you must take our Luciferian “mark” in order to live in the fantasyland in which we have created.  Francis is just another agent of the Antichrist who is simply setting the stage for the final nail in the coffin.  Vatican II  was a Universal deception which implemented the impotent humanitarianism that Pope St. Pius X warned of.  The majority are universally deceived but we traditionalists should not be surprised.  We have long been forewarned.

Especially sorry for the children.  They look to the top of the Church for guidance.  They look to their local bishop for answers.  They look to their own parents for some type of counseling and sadly on every level there is error.  Supposed Catholics simply have no idea what it is to be truly Catholic anymore for the new concept of “Catholicism” has taken over.  Let me remind everyone that there is no such thing (objectively speaking) as a Novus Ordo Catholic because the Novus ordo is an entirely different new religion being said to be “Catholic”.  “More Universal” than the Catholic Church Pope St. Pius X wherein ALL may be included.  Vatican II is the Church of False Inclusion.  Proper doctrine is no longer taught and heck you don’t even have to convert to the Catholic Faith to be considered in “that church”.  I feel especially sorry for children but even young adults.  I graduated from Franciscan University and often take walks up on campus still.  The delusion is real and they are filled with false hopes for a John Lennon type world which will soon crash and burn because the true God is not behind it.

 That face you make when you run into another Novus ordite who thinks Francis is the greatest thing since peanut butter...

Another delusional heretic apologist.  Any of you catch that latest piece on Novus ordo website Crux?  It is suggested that Francis is perfectly in line with Tradition!  What kind of turkey brain do you have to be to suggest this?  Perhaps a well paid one.  These Modernists have minds made of mush.  It is as Catholic prophecy suggests that the majority, bishops included, defend heresy and say “what I am doing my best”.  We truly deserve what we currently have and I am SHOCKED to see so many who visit these websites looking for answers!  You aint going to get them on any website following Vatican 2 folks!  Wakey, Wakey….

The only surprise.  Perhaps the only surprise is to see so many denominational protestants understand what we are saying about this apostasy.  Do not get me wrong I am not trying to give them credence whatsoever however I find it much easier to talk with a denominational Protestant these days than a Novus Ordite protestant.  They (for the most part) choose not to see and therefore God will keep them moving in the wrong direction.  Modernism equates to pride and in the final analysis pride must be removed from the heart in order for the soul to see clearly.  The Church is getting a full scale purging from top to bottom and very soon Gods Anger will be more than noticeable even to those who do not profess religion altogether.  What can we do?  We can surprise the modernists by no longer remaining silent and begin to wage war vocally and publicly as we should have since the start.  In the end, the “God of surprises” simply is another jack in the box novelty of the Conciliar Church that is being employed to further implode the Catholic Faith.  Get out of Vatican 2 buildings and please Jesus now!

Surprise!  God is about to punish the world!