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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, February 10, 2017

Antichrist's Cunning....by Father Juan Manuel Rodríguez de la Rosa

Antichrist's Cunning....
by Father Juan Manuel Rodríguez de la Rosa

Dear brothers, the Antichrist can only want one thing, the condemnation of all souls. That is their reason for acting, their end, their victory. The eternal condemnation of souls, that is the reason for being of the Antichrist. He will use all the necessary means for this, the fundamental means, that which is proper to his being, the lie. Because the Antichrist is the father of the lie . He will not reveal his identity until he has attained his end, or rather, until he thinks he has attained his end.

The first goal of the Antichrist will be gaining adherents , he is not agood shepherd who cares for his sheep, he is an impostor who seeks followers who follow him blindly, and who are blindly condemned. For this reason, the Antichrist will not deny any Catholic dogma, affirm and defend them initially. He will not deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.He will not deny the Incarnation of the Word of God. He will not deny the virginity of the Blessed Virgin.

The Antichrist will speak of Jesus Christ to the Church and an unnamed God to the world, propitiating, under pretended pretexts of justice, peace, solidarity, a world religion that brings together all religions.

He will leave the dogmas aside, hoping that they will be questioned by the faithful and ecclesiastics themselves, by the adepts, and for this will undermine the reason for being of the sacraments. Without attacking them directly, the Antichrist will astutely give rules and act in such a way that the sacraments are totally devalued and devoid of content. They will become a parody of what they really are. This will be the main way by which he will lead the Church. Its great objective is that the faithful live in mortal sin, communion in mortal sin, that the ecclesiastics collaborate in it, and in turn live in sin without appreciation to the sanctity of the priesthood. Man will no longer obey God, but the body.

The Antichrist will use his personal prestige, which he will seek at all costs. Thanks to his prestige, he will shrewdly act through gestures that his followers will be able to interpret in words. His followers will follow him blindly, will follow all the slogans he gives, without considering his suitability or conformity with the traditional Catholic faith. Their work will be joint, within the Church and towards the world, from which they will want to become a spiritual leader.

Antichrist will make himself known

It will be made known only when it thinks that it has converted the Church to ashes, that is to say, to have closed to the faithful the way of the salvation with the devastation of the faith, with its deformation, in such a way that it is unrecognizable. It will be known when those who live happily in sin, fornicating, men with men, women with women, prove with unheard terror that the body they have above, and which until now gave them pleasure, is the same demon . They will be horrified with horror when they see the very face of the devil upon them. Then you will understand your sin clearly, and you will fervently desire repentance, but for many it will no longer be possible. They have been condemned for all eternity. Eternally. They cheerfully followed the Antichrist and sinned, not being able to do so. But they sinned. Many will want to confess, but they will no longer find priests, and they will be fully aware of their condemnation. They are late. They no longer find anyone to confess and be saved from eternal fire. The agony of the soul will be frightening.

The Antichrist will laugh with satisfaction as souls are condemned. He will think that the time of his reign has come. But you will be totally wrong.

The Apocalypse will be fulfilled.

Then, Almighty God will intervene when the Antichrist believes he has begun his reign; He will be baffled because he will not know what is happening. He did not expect divine action and will not know how to act. The purification of the Church will begin. Tribulation is inevitable.

What do you do to save yourself? Go to Tabor . How do you get to it?Being in a state of permanent grace. Living the sacraments, faithfully fulfilling the commandments of the Law of God, rejecting absolutely anything that goes against them; Being faithful to the traditional teaching received in the deposit of the faith.

The tribulation will be very hard, for we shall see the righteous fall into sin; Our inner pain will be the maximum possible to bear, we will have the feeling of being alone. We will see those who were faithful to betray the Lord. How many will resist?

We will be strongly tempted, but the Lord tells us not to fear what we are going to suffer. Announcing the suffering allows us to become strong and to be prepared. The Apocalypse already warns us "do not fear" (2, 10), he does it for our good, so we are warned, so that we have the "fortified house". Those who resist suffering will gain Heaven, and to resist nothing better than to go to Tabor , that is, to provide us with the weapons of faith.

Dear brothers, from the Tabor we will see everything, endure and resist.

The Blessed Virgin will save many souls

Our Mother of Heaven will save many, to all who love her, to all who fervently pray the Holy Rosary. She has always been at the side of His most holy Son, and will be in the tribulation. She crushed the head of the evil enemy, and crushed it under her blessed foot. But the evil one continues to prowl if he ceases. How to resist him? Living in purity of purity. The Lord wants us clean and pure. Whoever does not live the purity will not resist the temptation. The impure is easy to become an adept of the Antichrist, because he will not censure him, on the contrary, he will encourage him to enjoy the pleasure of the body.

Who cares for the sheep? Pastors faithful to the traditional teaching of the Church, who preach and teach it clearly. Pastors who point out sin, and warn the sinner of his condemnation of his soul. Pastors who truly love the Church of Christ, founded and founded on Calvary, and who do not want to leave the Lord alone on the Cross

The true shepherd is the one who is willing to be martyred for the truth of the nondeformable Catholic faith.

The true shepherd is the one who loves tenderly the Blessed Virgin Mary, and remains united to her at the foot of the Cross, in a clean, pure life of prayer, penance and sacrifice, repairing the offenses to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Antichrist will not reign in souls led by a faithful Shepherd who wants to be another Christ.

Christ will reign.

The Virgin Mary.

Father Juan Manuel Rodríguez de la Rosa.

The Antichrist Is Here And Soon To Appear