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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, August 19, 2016

Western Women Woes! What Muslim Women Do Get Right

Western Women Woes!  What Muslim Women Do Get Right
By: Eric Gajewski

Warning: Sensitive Material

Over the course of this summer I cannot tell you how many times I have seen or been replied to on social media concerning just how evil those “Burkini’s are.  In taking a look at who these people are it should come to no surprise that these individuals are simply “phony Christians” coming from either some protestant denominational sect or the Novus Ordo.  Some of these responses were so outlandish I had to pause, reflect and then write this short piece to help keep in line some of these delusional females who equate the “Burkini” as to some type of repression.  Yes, these are the same heretics who fly under the banner of  western “liberty” whose moral code would make a sailor blush!  No offense to any sailors reading.  Yes, but Eric “get with the times”….these sorry souls exclaim.  The times call for us women to be free, equal and be able to show off our bodies without fear of repression.  The times call for us to dress like sluts and prance around in dental floss.  Need I remind these individuals of the warning at Fatima wherein immodest dress would prevail including the beach?  It is such souls who still are full of self-love and starving for attention and thus the less they can put on the beach all the better.

This is one thing the Muslims do get right.  Put aside matters of Faith for a minute to focus on this topic alone.   The mere fact that one would argue that to dress modestly would be equated to evil only speaks to the times. God forbid we should clothe ourselves YES EVEN AT THE BEACH!  So go put on your dental floss bikini and continue to mortal sin because you may very well end in hell with that same Muslim who does have the proper norm of Faith.  Only in hell you will be swimming in the lake of fire together and not your local lake.  I have even worked with some women on facebook in recent times who have even responded in such fashion.  "I’m just not going to dress like them"…they say.  The lack of grace demonstrated in some of these arguments is only telling to the interior blindness in which they live.

Often times on social media these women get caught up in the whole Islam vs West mentality and cannot separate the argument against Muslims (in general) from this specific situation.  I ask again “…to have yourself properly clothed on the beach is now evil?”  You do not need to put "the cool looking cap" on as they do but could you at least get a few more strands of thread on your outfit?  If it is evil then give me that Muslim woman any day of the week (at the beach) over the godless western women in which we are so inebriated in today.  Honestly, it truly will be a good day to see Justice served in this country for so many crimes when in reality (on a certain level) the West is no better than the Muslims.  The West is full of women so full of themselves that they don’t even think twice about properly dressing for the beach because it is time for the spotlight!  It is time to focus on the body whence a Christian’s focus is on Christ.  So I beg you western women and women in general please do pray for these Muslims to convert to the true Faith but in the meantime you are found just as guilty in relation to the mortal sin in which you commit.  

Do you not suppose that these Muslim women look at you all on the beach and wonder (in regards to dress) “how were these girls raised?”  I know I do and I am 100 percent Catholic.   Sadly, there are Muslim extremists who will use violence in order to get western/european women into understanding this yet this of course is not the answer. Even sicker, is the reality, that, the same women, they admonish, they will actually rape.  In closing, could you imagine the Blessed Virgin Mary strolling down the Sea of Galilee in a two piece swimsuit because "her times" called for it?  Economy was bad?  Joseph's carpentry business was a in a downturn?  The Virgin Mary would assuredly be strolling down the shores of American beaches giving an earful to the western women of our times.  How you dress on the exterior is a great representation of "what is going on within" or the lack thereof.  It is truly unbelievable how so many western women can be this blind and claim they are so intimate with Christ but then again the majority will never see the Face of God themselves.

God's reaction to western women when they are about to slip on their latest dental floss outfit