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Friday, August 19, 2016

Salza Getting Roasted On Social Media

 Salza Getting Roasted On Social Media
Salza: Pseudo Trad Fraud and Bishop Fellay Cheerleader...
Fr. Kramer and others weigh in... 
Pseudo Trad Fraud Salza
Fr. Kramer: The 32° Scottish Rite Mason and bold faced liar, John Salza, has published a malicious and deliberate lie against me; in retaliation for my exposing him as a fraud and charlatan, who has inverted Catholic doctrine, making error to appear as Catholic teaching, and Catholic teaching to appear as heresy.
To the best of my knowledge, Fr. Gruner died of natural causes; and if anyone really did kill him, it would most likely be Mr. Salza's brethren of the Lodge who one would think to be logically the prime suspects.
Et Domini, Domini exitus mortis -- those words apply to EVERYONE. God holds the keys of death in His hands. It is He who takes the soul into His hands when one dies.

Cleider Porfirio Cordero Guzmán The Freemasons have infiltrated the Vatican for a very long time now. How dare he still defend the Popes of the Vatican 2 Church?!

Nathan Wittmer Why does John Salza do this? What's "in it" for him?
Jacob Talaga $$$$$ -- Fr. Kramer proved Salsa''s book to be in error and heretical.
Obviously you struck a nerve Father. Press on Father you may still save some who are not entrenched in their ignorance.
Sabrina Calderon Don't bother with this toot sweet! Not worth the time... we know,where he's going... and it ain't going to be fun...
Rolly Cabanday Maybe, he just want to be more popular.
Adel Smith He called you 'insane' and he will burn in hell, as our Lord ordered, "And anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell." Matthew 5:22
...we all have our differences but we never take from each others' throat like dogs .these guys cross the line, yes, and they act like 'brother masons' working for their master Devil .

Pseudo trad Salza has apparently called Father "insane"

TradCatKnight:  The only ones insane are Salza and his ilk still trying to fit in with Modernist Rome.  He is a poisoned pseudo trad.  This is typical behavior of the pseudo trad (to label others as insane).  I sat in a NeoSSPX pew for years and listened to how they talked about the Resistance.  This was pervasive even in coffee and donuts time.  I even had a talk with Pseudo trad Michael Sestak (see below) in regards to some of his public comments about Bishop Williamson and the Resistance.  After ten minutes he hung up because he did not want to admit the facts of the case.   He ran to same argument that we are "insane".  In this case, not very "lawyerish for the supposed "ex mason".  This is how the pseudo trad operates.  But hey folks....books and conferences have to sell...such it is with Salza & Siscoe show.... 

 Pseudo Traditionalism= It really is a Circus
When was John Salza ever respected by those serious in theology?  Answer, never.