"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Fr. Kramer 
The Salza and Siscoe "Sideshow" is a backbone for the pseudo traditionalist sellouts like Bishop Fellay

Fr. Kramer: It is unheard of in the Catholic Church that laymen pretending to be good Catholics would deliberately and publicly vilify a priest with slanderous lies and malicious misrepresentations; but this is exactly what John Salza and Robert Siscoe have done. The Church teaches, in its moral doctrine, that such a sin constitutes the crime of sacrilege.

 The supposed self acclaimed writer has websites that havent even reached the one million mark in regards to Alexa website ranking.  Only is his delusional mind is he in demand. 

In Catholic Moral Theology, it is explained that to vilify, slander, or insult a priest is properly the sin of sacrilege, because the priest is consecrated to God, and therefore such a sin is a direct offense against the person of Jesus Christ. "To vilify priests," Pope St. Pius X explains, "is a most grievous sin because the contempt and injury directed at priests falls upon Jesus Chrust Himself, who said to his Apostles, he who despises you despises me."*
When such a sacrilege is deliberate and public, the perpetrators incur canonical infamy; and obstinate perpetrators must be denied Holy Communion according to the prescription of canon 915 -- those who "obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion." **
In my four part Reply to Salza & Siscoe, I have amply refuted some of their principal errors agsinst Catholic doctrine. What is most noteworthy is that they repeatedly and falsely accuse me of denying the dogmas of faith, and defend their own grave errors against the Catholic faith with crude fallacies that patently manifest their own malice and theological incompetence.
What is most noticeable about Salza/Siscoe's "arguments", is that they are not really arguments at all: They state a conclusion based on the unstated premise that assumes my theological propositions to be false. Thus they openly manifest themselves to be malicious frauds and charlatans -- QUACK THEOLOGIANS with an ax to grind. They never actually attempt to refute what I have said, but only distort, falsify and caricaturize what I have said; and then they attack the caricature of their own making.

In Part I of their screed against me, Salza/Siscoe allege on my part a "rejection [of] Traditional Catholic Theology". As I have already shown in my replies, they simply assert, based on the gratuitous premise that my propositions (which they misrepresent) are false; and therefore I have (according to them) denied Catholic doctrine.
Typical of this sort of fraudulent trickery, Salza/Siscoe state: 《By claiming that the “visible entity” will become “apostate,” Fr. Kramer, in a single sentence, has just publicly denied the indefectibility of the Church, which is another of the perpetual attributes of the true Church!》No argument is presented, but only a quotation of Ludwig Ott, which is theologically not applicable to the point under discussion, since my propositions in no manner conflict with the doctrine stated in the quoted passage. They fraudulently attribute to me the Protestant doctrine of an invisible church known only to God; although I have nowhere ever proposed that notion of an invisible Church. I have already amply explained, based on the most eminent authorities, that the Church will become, for a time, (as Cardinal Manning explained), "invisible" and "as it were, swept from the face of the earth".
In The Church of Christ, An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise (Herder, St. Louis and London, 1927 & 1941.), Fr. E. Sylvester Berry D.D., a highly reputable theologian wrote: “The prophecies of the Apocalypse show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition to the Church of Christ." (p. 119) And Fr. Berry states further, “there seems to be no reason why a false Church might not become universal, even more universal than the true one, at least for a time.” (p.155)

Are Cardinal Manning and Fr. Berry correct in their opinions, or have they, in the words of Salza & Siscoe, "denied the indefectibility of the Church"? It is not a mere theologians' opinion, but the authentic magisterium of Pope Leo XIII which upholds the doctrine that the visible entity in Rome will become apostate. Antonio Socci (La Profezia Finale, pp. 82 - 84) relates the well known episode in the life of Pope Leo XIII, in which Pope Leo beheld in a vision the attack of Lucifer, unchained for 100 years, against the Church in the proximate future. The pope then wrote down an exorcism in Satanam et angelos apostaticos, which he inserted into the Rituale Romanum (which was removed some time later after his death); and in which there appears this mysterious formula:
《Ecco la Chiesa, Sposa dell’Agnello Immacolato, saturata di amarezza e abbeverata di veleno da nemici molto astuti; essi hanno posato le loro empie mani su tutto ciò che c’è di più sacro. Laddove fu istituita la sede del beato Pietro e la cattedra della Verità, là hanno posto il trono della loro abominazione nell’empietà; in modo che colpito il pastore, il gregge possa essere disperso.》
《Ecclesiam, Agni immaculati sponsam, faverrrimi hostes repleverunt amaritudinibus, inebriarunt absinthio; ad omnia desiderabilia ejus impias miserunt manus. Ubi sedes beatissimi Petri et Cathedra veritatis ad lucem gentium constituta est, ibi thronum posuerunt abominationis et impietatis suæ; ut percusso Pastore, et gregem disperdere valeant.》
English translation:
"Behold the Church, the Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, filled with bitterness and inebriated with gall by the most crafty enemies; who have laid impious hands on all that is most sacred. Where the See of the most blessed Peter and the Chair of the truth, was constituted as the light of the nations, there they have set up the throne of their abominable impiety, so that the shepherd being struck, the sheep may be dispersed."
According to the theological quackery of Salza & Siscoe, Pope Leo XIII denies the indefectibility of the Church in his official magisterium!

* San Pio X, Catechismo Maggiore, 1905; "823. È peccato disprezzare i sacerdoti? È peccato gravissimo, perché il disprezzo e le ingiurie che si rivolgono contro i sacerdoti, ricadono sopra Gesù Cristo stesso, il quale ha detto ai suoi Apostoli: chi disprezza voi, disprezza me."
** Can. 915 — Ad sacram communionem ne admittantur excommunicati et interdicti post irrogationem vel declarationem poenae aliique in manifesto gravi peccato obstinate perseverantes.
(to be continued)

"Sloppy Sellout Salza & His Sensational Spin-doctoring"