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Monday, August 29, 2016

Charlotte Iserbyt: Dumbing Down of Amerika

 Charlotte Iserbyt: Dumbing Down of Amerika
Charlotte emailed me yesterday asking if I could get this interview recirculated. Charlotte is former Department Head of Education under Ronald Reagan 
Charlotte also doesnt follow Vatican II and is Resistance
This You Tube interview from year 2000, which unfortunately only has 600 hits, is in my opinion, the most comprehensive interview I have ever done, and I've done hundreds of interviews over the past twenty years, some of which have had hundreds of thousands of hits. 

In retrospect, I  should have just stopped doing interviews after I did this one.  That is how important I find this interview to be.    For example, interview proves how important Maine has been in education restructuring, having found in print on a 1989 Common Core booklet that "Maine's Common Core was being used in NINE FOREIGN COUNTRIES"!!!!!!
Yes, folks, 1989!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview is a jaw dropper.  In fact, and I am not kidding,  I sat and listened, very depressed,  with my jaw dropped for minutes at a time.

Although everything discussed in this interview is now a "done deal", it is important that as many people as possible, including those in the UK (28 min. 31 sec), watch it. 

Donald Trump should watch/listen to this interview.  Hillary doesn't have to since she and Bill have been involved in the education restructuring for many,many years.  Remember The Arkansas Governor's School?

Is it any wonder the media never, never, never discusses education? 

God bless America!

P.S.  Please make this You Tube video go viral.  Twitter, Facebook, all social media outlets.

Here is my talk with Charlotte 
Charlotte Iserbyt, "Dumbing Down of Amerika"