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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fr. Voigt- On the Way they were cured?

Fr. Voigt- On the Way they were cured?

Only St. Luke tells this story of the ten lepers who cry out to the Lord for "mercy" and our Lord sends them "en ton oudon" on their way to the priests.  Every soul alive St. Luke tells us is "on their way."  We are either on our way to the kingdom of God or we are on our way to the hell we create.  Today let us reflect on how we are sanctifying the journey through this world to the kingdom of God or on our way to hell.  There are no other options in this life of ours.

Are we on our way to heaven?  Ten is a representative number indicating the totality.  We find that God gave us ten commandments to guide us to heaven.  There were ten virgins: five were foolish and five were wise. So now we have our Lord telling the ten lepers to go show themselves to the priests.  On their way to fulfill this law of the land they are cured.  One realizing the wonder of the cure returns and prostrates himself before the Lord in adoration and gratitude.  Two elements separate this Samaritan from the Jews.  Gratitude and praise mark the soul that is on the way to heaven.  When one takes for granted that heaven is due to us then the pride of life dominates and captures only hell.

Now when all ten were lepers they were united in their suffering but when that cross is removed only one recognizes that God did it.  Friendship wrapped in suffering levels the playing field but when the suffering is removed then the pride of nationality separates the Jew from the hated Samaritan.  Yet the Samaritan is living up to his title for he is the "guardian" of the true relationship we should all have toward God.  Praise and gratitude
are the marks of the humble man for God owes us nothing but has given us everything in His only begotten Son.

All treasures in heaven and on earth come to us through the holy Son of God.  He turns the tables and exalts the humble while humbling the proud.  "Where are the other nine, were not ten made whole?"  Certainly ten were cured of the physical disease of leprosy which is the sickness in each soul.  Sin is the leprosy in all of us.  It is cured by our return to Jesus;  in this act humble gratitude and praise lift up the soul to God.  In the meantime those who
failed in gratitude returned to the pride that would lead them to an existence far worse than physical leprosy.  

Today we live with leprosy as if nothing could be finer.  We love our pride which subjects God to little non-significant man.
We turn out in droves for the sensual pleasures of night club life, sporting events, and rallies of protest.  In the meantime the holy sacrifice of the Mass is the least of all our duties.  We might assist once a month if God is lucky.  We play the tune of security while nature rebels against us in proportion to our rebellion against God and His natural law. It seems as though the entire world has chosen to go "on its way" to hell.  Leprosy is contagious and so our friendships with the world are leading us to deny God and His Presence in our work a day world.  

Make no mistake about this:  "Bad companions corrupt good morals."  Birds of a feather flock together.  Saints beget saints; thieves beget other thieves; perverts find other perverts.  Each is "on their way" to their own place.  As Judas went to his own place, so they who wallow in their sinful lives find themselves rushing headlong into hell and there is little that we can do but what our Lady asked us to do:  Pray and sacrifice for these souls.  What an eternity if we lose our immortal soul.  What a heaven awaits those who seek to love God more and more daily.  Let us face the world with courage and seek the friends that are holy and desire to serve God.  



In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Voigt