"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fr. Voigt, "Worldwide Dilemma"

Fr. Voigt, "Worldwide Dilemma"

An Eternal Dilemma has shaped the future of each person that walks on the face of the earth and no one has the courage to face it and claim the truth it forces upon us.
Is it right to give tribute to the political order?  The Pharisees conspire with their opponents, the Herodians in a quest to destroy the One who has given us everything: life, talents, funds, invitation to eternal happiness.  The conspirators are the same today as then.  They wield the same weapons of the tongue as then.  So let us analyze the conspiracy, the conspirators and the dilemma they pose to a world in wonder. 

First, the conspirators:  Pharisees represent the religious hierarchy of their day and they had ill feelings concerning their subjection to the Romans.  They would not take it well if one of their religious family would accept to give Herod and his company a tribute.  So Jesus had better not shake the boat and run contrary to the Jewish belief that they should be exempted from the tax.  On the other hand they joined with the Herodians who favored the empire and demanded that all pay tribute to the power that kept the peace in that region.  So if our Lord were to side with the Pharisees then the Herodians would arrest this seditionist and call for his death.  Conspirators plot together in order to destroy together the truth they would rather not face.

Second, the weapon:  It is called a dilemma in the subject of logic.  It is characterized by a bull with two horns.  If one seeks to grab the one horn then the other horn will gore that person to death. You must attack it by striking the head of the bull.  In this case only one with the divine wisdom could find the answer within the question that would put both conspirators in the cage of their self-imposed silence.  

Third, the conspiracy:  Every conspiracy finds its origin in the Jewish womb.  Yesterday, today and until the end of this futile world the Jew will be behind the destruction of the Truth.  The Jew has chosen to reject the divine and to seek the human.  They want nothing of a world to come but they will put the bank accounts upon this world and controlling those within this world.  They will unite with all those whose purpose it is to "kill the presence of Christ".  They may be called Masons, Communists, Gays, Feminists but they all fall under the leadership of the Jews.  What is the purpose of the conspiracy:  simply death to all but themselves.  This death may take place through the government that they control; or through the cancer syndrome that they direct through the medical field; or through the usurpation of the hierarchy of their sworn enemy, the Catholic Church.
What does this conspiracy use to "dupe" the people?  First, they count on the sheep being unaware of the bigger picture that Truth offers them.  Hence they feed off of our ignorance in the political field, the financial field, the medical field and the religious field.  Our ignorance of their methodology is their advantage.  Second, they will manipulate the half truths to their advantage.
Consider how the "big lie" is used in the political field.  It is so big that the logic books tell us that people can't believe anyone could tell such a lie.  So we believe it.  The same in the medical field when they tell us that cancer can only be treated with the poison of chemotherapy.  What a crazy word which tells us that poison is a therapy?  Poison is poison and its effects are summed up in 
death.  The pattern is the same in our faith.  With Vatican II we have a mystical monster created out of the familiar Mystical Body.  We have the change in the priority of the family to bear children.
We have the false notion that everyone serves the same God but under different names:  i.e. Allah, Yahweh, the Catholic God (the holy Trinity).  

With all this conspiracy surrounding us and begging satan to bring about a third world war to massacre the majority of sheep, what are we to do?  Bring me the coin of the realm.  Whose inscription is this?  Caesar they replied.  Then give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.  Caesar has been made a puppet and is used now in the USA to lift up sin in all its shapes:  contraception reigns, abortion is a right, sexual orientation is optional, stealing through inflation bails out those banks that cannot fail.  These errors of the children of the devil are enveloping a world in confusion.  Simple people want only to serve God and to save their souls They are the "goyim" (beasts) that must come to serve or be destroyed.  

Do we give in, give up, or fight?  Our Lord teaches us to fight error with the truth.  God alone has the right to be glorified in His creation and by His creation.  He alone has purchased our souls for the kingdom of heaven.  His Son has ransomed us by His Precious Blood and only through that Blood will we find the power to resist the Synagogue of Satan.  Through His Immaculate Mother the conspiracy will be crushed; the conspirator will be banished and the humble will be exalted in the glory of God Himself.  So brothers and sisters know thy enemy, love thy God and resist with the knowledge of Truth Itself.  

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

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