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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Signs of the Times (July 19, 2016)

Signs of the Times  (July 19, 2016)
Here is the latest madness form the modern world. God forewarned us of these times.  Prepare your soul now for the chastisements.  God will not be mocked much longer...

Polyamory Becoming the New Norm in America

According to a shocking report from the Guardian, Portland, OR is known as the home to swingers’ clubs, the most strip bars per capita, and annual porn festivals – And apparently is a “welcoming mat” for Polyamory. There are claims that various Meetup groups boast a few thousand members each, while other Facebook groups have hundreds. So what is “Polyamory” anyway? The Guardian defines as:

Polyamory is the practice of intimate relationships involving more than two people with the consent of everyone involved.   Over the years, polyamory has worked it’s way into becoming a household term. Another shocking poll indicated that Researchers estimated that 4 to 5% of Americans practice some form of consensual non-monogamy. And a 2014 blog post by Psychology Today revealed that 9.8 million people have agreed to allow satellite lovers in their relationships, which includes poly couples, swinging couples and others practicing sexual non-monogamy.
One recent example of this was a recent interview with Mo’nique and her husband on the new program called “The Preachers” in which Mo’Nique was quite open about her “open marriage” with her husband Sidney Hicks. In which both agreed to consensual. And then there was a recent television program on Showtime called “Married and Dating” which depicted polyamorous families as they navigate the challenges presented by polyamory. The program ended up flopping but nevertheless it was a clear attempt to “normalize” this in homes across America. It’s no different that what they have accomplished with the show “Sister Wives” which is a series broadcast on TLC that began airing in 2010 and surprisingly became very popular depicting the life of a polygamist family, which includes patriarch Kody Brown, his four wives.
Back in 2011, ABC did a piece entitled “Polyamory on Rise Among Divorce-Disgusted Americans” which reported on multiple men and women who were hurt by previous divorces and relationships resulting in “Open Relationships”. The report indicated the practice was growing especially among younger Americans who have grown up with a high divorce rate. Again this was 5 years ago and things have not slowed down for sure.
Now let’s be clear on something here. We may give adultery a nice term or water it down all we want but in the end, it is still a sin in the eyes of the Lord. But the enemy does what he does best and distort and manipulate the truth until what was evil is now pleasant. We must be on guard for our marriages and households as the enemy is working overtime in this hour to “Normalize” what will ultimately end in our destruction!


Naked man Runs From Police in Italy shouting “Praise to Allah”

Reports of a naked man running through the streets of a town square shouting ‘praise to Allah’. has surfaced out of Italy.  According to the report, 3 police officers attempted to stop the streaker as he ran through a public space. Shocked onlookers recorded the bizarre scene as others out for a stroll stopped in their tracks as to see the chase between the police and the muslim streaker.
According to reports, The 22-year-old man from Tunisia and has not been named, The incident took place in the Pratto della Valle Square in the city of Padua in northern Italy. He was spotted by a passing police patrol and amused onlookers watched as a game of cat and mouse unfolded.


Schools Urged To Call Transgender Children ‘zie’ Rather Than ‘He’ or ‘She’

The Gender madness appears to be spreading outside of the united States and now Teachers in the UK are being urged to call transgender children ‘zierather than ‘he’ or ‘she’ to avoid offending others under new official guidelines.  According to the report, The Boarding Schools Association has told teachers they will be required to learn a ‘new language’ as part of official guidance which is aimed at ‘queering the education system’.
All of this is to help teachers navigate the ‘minefield’ of gender identity and deal with children and young adults who do not want to be identified as male or female pronouns. Teachers have been told to address children by their ‘pronoun of choice’.  Alex Thompson, deputy chief executive of the Boarding Schools’ Association, said the guidelines hope to help school staff who may be ‘in the dark’.


Shocking Poll Shows Most Americans Find Nothing Wrong With Changing Sexes

Most Americans see nothing morally wrong with gender change, LifeWay Research finds. Six in 10 Americans don’t think it’s wrong for people to identify with a gender different from their birth sex, according to the Nashville-based research organization. And more than half don’t think it’s wrong to switch genders by taking hormones or having surgery.
The findings indicate most Americans don’t see moral significance in being born male or female, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research. “A majority of Americans reject the view of a creator giving them a gender that shouldn’t be changed,” he said. “We freely change many things about ourselves—we have cosmetic surgery, we use teeth whitener, we dye our hair, we get tattoos. Many Americans view gender as one more thing on that list.” FULL REPORT


Death by Pokemon? Public safety fears mount as ‘Pokemon Go’ craze continues

From driving accidents to distracted pedestrians and dangerous trespassing, the phenomenal success of Nintendo’s “Pokemon Go” game is fueling public safety fears. “Death by Pokemon is coming,” warns Gerry Beyer, Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law at Texas Tech University School of Law. “Pokemon users will have all sorts of accidents as they use the program while walking, biking, driving, etc.”
Two men apparently playing the game had to be rescued after falling off a 90-foot ocean bluff in California Wednesday, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. The “Pokemon Go” phenomenon has driven extensive media coverage, but amid all the brouhaha, a number of reports have been identified as hoaxes. FULL REPORT


Man Who Identifies as Woman Arrested for Voyeurism at Idaho Target

Well that didn’t take long! How many didn’t see this coming soon or later? An Idaho man who identifies as a woman was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly recorded video footage of a teenager trying on a swimsuit in a Target fitting room.
Sean Patrick Smith, 46, who goes by Shauna Patricia Smith, was taken into custody and charged with one felony count of voyeurism following the incident. According to reports, the 18-year-old was trying on a swimsuit in the Ammon store’s unisex fitting room on Monday when she noticed someone holding a phone over the separator. READ MORE 


CBS Mocks ‘Ignorant’ Noah’s Ark Attraction, Wonders Why It Was Built

CBS This Morning reporter Mark Strassmann on Thursday offered a sneering, condescending look at a new biblical theme park attraction in Kentucky. Speaking of the gigantic Noah’s Ark Experience, Strassmann dismissed, “Nothing like it built before. But critics wonder why it was even built at all.”
Using the liberal reporter dodge of “critics say,” Strassmann attacked the man behind the modern ark, Ken Ham: “What do you say to critics saying this is not the truth? This is not scientifically based. This is promoting an ignorant view.” The Noah’s Ark Experience is a 500 foot replica of the biblical vessel. It will include displays, gift shops and entertainment for children. FULL REPORT


Now boys can wear skirts to school – as new ‘gender neutral’ uniforms introduced

Eighty state schools are allowing boys to wear skirts and girls to wear trousers under new government-funded “gender neutral” uniform policies. The schools have either dropped references to girls and boys in their dress codes or have rewritten their uniform policy to say that pupils as young as five can dress in the uniform in which they feel most comfortable.
It is part of a government-funded drive for schools to be more sensitive to “trans” children who are questioning their gender identity. Diversity campaigners have warned schools that current policies risk discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils (LGBT). READ MORE


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