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Monday, July 25, 2016

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Quote on The Vatican II New Religion

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Quote on The Vatican II New Religion
Here is a great quote coming from Archbishop Lefebvre on exactly what we are up against. 

Last Word
"Now they are guided by other principles, by what is a truly other religion, absolutely.  And that is much more grave, again because, there where the faith diminishes, one can hope to be able to revive it, to restore life, but when one replaces one religion with another religion, then it is much worse:  in that case there are considerable consequences.  And it is to that that we currently assist. [...]  I invite you to read a substantial article at the back of Si Si No No which was released today; it is on Cardinal Ratzinger.  ["They Think They've Have Won!," part 5 August 1994 - Trans.]  The author of the article,  I don't know who because they always use the corporate name so one cannot know, but finally, in any case, the article is very well documented.  He concludes here: Cardinal Ratzinger is a heretic!  ... What is so grave with Cardinal Ratzinger is that he put in doubt the very truth of the Magisterium of the Church.  He puts in doubt that there could be a Magisterium which would be permanent and definitive in the Church.  This is not possible.  He attacks the very root of the teaching of the Church, of the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church.  There are no longer any permanent truths in the Church, truths of the faith, and consequently no longer any dogmas in the Church.  That is radical; needless to say, it is heretical!  It is ghastly, but there it is!  Then one can see the faith going away, disappearing, and they say it in a more and more obvious manner, more and more clearly.  Then, in that case, it is we who are not Catholic and they who are Catholic!  Why? Because they have the bishoprics ... this is not the reason! ...   As St. Athanasius said,  "You have the church, we have the faith!...  THEY have the episcopal sees,  WE have he faith!  It is we who are Catholic,  but that is obvious!"
(Before the last spiritual conference for the seminarians at Econe before his death,  11 February 1991)