"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 30, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Spread word of TradCatKnight to your friends, family and church members...


     I just listened to your interviews with E. Michael Jones and Spritz Springmeier. Also, your talk about Voris and Pseudo-Trads was right on.  Great stuff.   

     I read Springmeier's "Bloodlines" book several years ago.  It was a good primer on the NWO.  He may become a Catholic if he spends much more time on your show.  Interesting man.  I understand he was framed for a bank robbery and spent some time in the pokey.  He certainly does not sound like a hardened criminal.  Interesting points about Lincoln and Kennedy being Illuminati, but bucking the system.  Great points about CERN.  I tend to think we are already awash in demons, but maybe CERN will be the big show.

     I am in the middle of Jones' Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.  It's excellent.  He tried to convert David Duke with no success.  Sounds like Mr. Duke is a bit myopic to wider truth about Masonry and the One True Faith.

     Keep up the phenomenal work.  Thanks again for taking time out to talk yesterday.  I will spread the word about all the great work you are doing!

     Oh, the Tim Kennedy interview was pretty cool.  I get the feeling Mr. Kennedy may know more than he lets on.  I've been watching him since his Strikeforce days. (I'm a former Judoka with way too many broken toes/fingers.  I do BJJ when time allows.)  

     Frankie Edgar is a man I also really respect.  Too bad he could not get past Aldo.  I would love to see him fight McGregor  Fedor has always been awesome and really does deserve the "Last Emperor" title.  He is really cozy with Putin (They are both big Judoka and Fedor is Master of Sports in SAMBO)  Compare that to our effeminate/deviant Western Leadership and the world become even more polarized and weird.  I'm guessing Fedor has a much better understanding of geopolitical and spiritual issues than most Americans. 

God bless,

I spoke with Father Richard Voigt, and he says you are a really good man....Also, you and your Mom have been very gracious, kind and generous during his visit....I will pray for you and your Mom....Please remember me in your prayer, too.

Thank you for all that you have done....
Peter K
Hi Eric,

Thank you and God bless you for all that you have done and will do.

Joseph L R Vaz
Goa, India
Hey Eric! 
 I hate to waste your time because you must be SUPER busy with the awesome work you do, but if you get the chance, could you answer this question for me?
 So, I'm on this social "Christian" website. It's supposed to be for members of all denominations of Christianity(Even though there's only one true sect;) but there's mostly Protestants and people who I call "Pope Francis" Catholics. I'm sure you know what I mean by that. There's even Atheists and Jews there which I really don't get. 
 Anyways, I'd ask a priest this but unfortunately I don't have any trads in my area and I don't  know any personally online. So maybe you've talked to one or know the answer? But my question is this. 
 "Is it right to associate on a mostly Protestant website?" 
 I try to correct their errors wherever I can, and I never agree with their falsehoods. I also don't miss chances to write blogs about the Virgin Mary and how great she is. XD 
 But I still wonder if just being on that site is kinda ecumenical? 
 I don't know, I could really use some help on this. But if you're too busy to respond, I'll of course understand. 
 Keep up the awesome, man, and never give up the fight! 
Thanks, Little B.

I think God will send a CME that will turn off the lights permanently to all western and Asian nations.
We are doomed. But we deserve it.
My only goal in this life from here on out is to without exception stay in a continual state of grace. (period. Full stop.) 
Everything else is 100% noise.
When?  Way before I die of natural causes.
Sean M.
Hello Eric,
I hope you are feeling better.  Fr. Chad Ripperger (an American exorcist) 
mentioned a purple scapular in one of his talks that was on youtube.  It 
was shown to Marie-Julie Jahenny by Our Lady and part of the information 
is: "...  This first appearance of this scapular will be a new protection 
for the times of the chastisements, the calamities and the famines. ...  
any soul, any person who will possess this scapular, will see his family 
protected, his house will also be protected, firstly from conflagrations, 
which will never penetrate it. ..."  As you can imagine, I now have one in 
my house.
Another link, not about the chastisement but from a former Swiss banker, 
you may find interesting:  https://vimeo.com/136794177
Thanks for all your great work,
And how about that (secret?) Bergoglio/Napoleonic (Freemasonic) hand
across the chest!?1?

Well, they got some immediate feedback as Team Trump asked in text in real time,
 "What was you favorite moment in Pense's speech?"

(I don't have one because I never made it past the hand sign!)

From The Donald:
"It's been a great night! Mike Pence, our next VP, spoke about how we
will Make America First Again.
Reply back to tell me your favorite moment! - Donald"

My response back:
"Mike Pence flashed the Lucifer/Bathomet sign out to the audience
before his talk! Uh oh! "
Denise L
Hi there, 
Can you recommend a comprehensive video that talks about current events and Catholic prophecy(Fatima,Garabandal as mentioned by Malachi Martin, saints etc) as they relate to End times.  My friends and family are convinced I'm just a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist....I think they need to see a good all encompassing video that really connects the dots to open their eyes and hearts and get right with God before it's too late. It takes some souls time to convert and I feel there is not much of that left.   
Please help....
Thank you for all you do!

Lisa D.

Just exactly how much time to do we have before planet x ? Are there any 
communities in Arkansas. My aunt Betty Jean lives in McRae can she 
find a safe place?  What about Illinois?

Valerie B

Thankyou, Thank you, Thank you.  Our family left Immaculate Conception Church 
in Post Falls Idaho after my wife and I met with Pastor Fr. Vassal in a 
private meeting where he told us there were no heresies in the Vatican 2 
documents,  and when asked to return to the Concilliar Church by Pope 
Francis the SSPX would join that church formally.

George V

Hi Eric

Martin Aelred here a follower

Thanks for sharing the e mail contact

Lets stay connected as Im totally with you on Fatima and what's going on with such rapid fire now.

Stay safe... Martin

Eric I enjoyed your radio broadcast today. Good stuff! I am poor but  do have a lot of time on my hands. Could you use a researcher with the work on your book? Any type of help I could afford you would be forthcoming. What that would look like I don't know. I am pretty much computer illiterate. If nothing else do realize you have at least one Protestant in your corner. I do pray you will be able to keep up your great work. We do have a lot in common. An all fired burning desire for truth, and a back bone. With  Yehoshua , Jesus Christ as the rock upon which we stand. I had started a letter the other day in which the NEA and Clinton were the main focus. Next morning you had posted an essay by, about, Bishop Williamson. I poked at my story a bit then hit the send button. My plan for that bit of verbiage was to encompass two issues . Our education system , and the 501-C3 matter, with a heavy gollup of the Jewish influence thrown in. Yesterday I had written most of the letter sent to you this morning.  This morning your first posts were by King, and Makow. Both men I have held in high regard for some time. Sooo, again I poked at my words a bit ,then hit the send button. The point to this would be . After my Mother past" one of Christ's favorite's"  I found in the book she had been reading a marker, it is now in the book I am reading. On it are the words. Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.  For your consideration.  

Gary C 

Thank you for the concern you mentioned for Monsignor Perez & our chapel!
I'd like to clarify our location: we are NOT in Los Angeles County.  We are located right near Disneyland in Orange County, which is at least 45 miles south of the fire. Our Lady Help of Christians Chapel in Garden Grove/ Orange County. In fact, we are quite near the old Crystal Cathedral & Anaheim Stadium.
  We would be so pleased to have you visit whenever you are on California. God bless you & Mary keep you...

Kerri D 

Hi Eric!
I have listened to your new radio show from 24th of july. Good to hear that 
you are "spacing out" the shows and doing your own too. Thanks for the work 
and lyrical side on the show as well! I think you are doing fine - take 


Hello Eric I hope all is well. Eric I have a prayer request. My Mother 
Patricia Estrada passed away last year on july 29th. the 1 year anniversary 
of her passing is coming up this Friday. can you say some prayers for her 
on or around july 29th? hope to hear back from you. take care and God Bless!

Alex E

Eric, I'll give you some points from the eBook that stood out for me: (On E. Michael Jones exposing Voris)
  • Michael was sodomized by his father
  • Michael was quite effeminate as a child and teenager.
  • He got dismissed from the seminary for his homosexuality after two years.
  • He has always been bitter about being dismissed especially given that a fellow seminarian by the name of Peter Miqueli's, who became Fr Peter Miqueli, whom Voris reported about regarding a NY parish homosexual sex scandal, was not dismissed.
  • Jones writes, citing a psychologist, that Michael began his apostolate too early after quitting his former lifestyle. His reversion back to the faith should have been an extended process of healing and penance.
  • Jones describes Michael as "narcissistic" in his style especially of slamming bishops and anything to do with homosexuality with an aggressive determination.
  • Jones describes Michael as a conflicted person and the persona that Michael showed in, for example the Vortex, was merely a hero mask for his personal insecurities.
  • It briefly talks about Voris and his relationship with Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara saying that they were once on the same page but then Voris turned on them. It even mentions Steve Stojec and Louie Verrecchio in a similar fashion.
  • The crew at Church Militant, both management and co-owner Brammer, did not know anything about Voris's gay past until March or April of this year.
  • The Voris landslide all came down after his 2016 Retreat at Sea when he was confronted by all this after former gay friends were posting comments on Facebook.
  • Voris was asked to quietly leave CMTV to salvage what was left of it. He supposedly initially agreed but then back flipped, produced his coming-out Vortex in which he lied about the NY archdiocese expose being the reason for it
  • He even supposedly had  a meeting with the crew of CMTV and said that his mother was abusive. Ironic considering that he always spoke highly of his mother as being responsible for returning him to the faith. He apparently called her abusive because she knew of his fathers abuse but never did anything.
These are all the points I can remember off the top of my head. It was a really interesting, yet horrific read. Again, I don't know why Jones wrote it considering that he had done many programs with CMTV in the past and as recently as a few short months ago. I'm not sure how accurate Jones is and how true everything in the book is. In any case, I have been suspect of CMTV for a while now and haven't been a premium subscriber since last year, the tipping point being when they did their tirade on the SSPX and they wouldn't accept any reasoning through their comboxes, deleting all my comments. So there you have it. CMTV at the moment looks business as usual and there has been little reporting about Jones's book anywhere.


Hello, I found your channel tradcatknight last night on YouTube, and I would like to ask you for some advice and help if possible. I am a convert to Catholicism – 2010. I would like to learn traditional Catholicism because I don’t want to be doing the wrong thing. Is there some way that I can learn this information, and if so is there a specific site or books you would recommend?
Thank you,
Kimberlynn S

I'm trying to understand a timeline on the warning, chastisement, WW3, 
reign of the antichrist, and the three days of darkness.  Do you know the 
order in which these are supposed to happen?

Melanie C

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