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Monday, June 13, 2016

Signs of the Times (June 13, 2016)

 Signs of the Times  (June 13, 2016)
Here is the latest madness form the modern world.  
Warning: Sensitive Material

Woman Grows Full Beard and has never been happier

An Oregon woman discovered the hairiest secret yet to self-confidence: growing her beard out.
Rose Geil, 39, spent her teen years trying to bust her beard, shaving her stubbly mug every day.

Geil tried everything to get rid of her facial hair before deciding to grow out her beard.Photo: Barcroft Media
“It was exhausting trying to keep it hidden,” she said.
At one point, her mom took her to the doctor, who put her on birth control in an effort to stabilize hormones that may be triggering the hair growth.
She even invested in laser removal procedures, which can cost thousands of dollars to zap out the hairs, but her whiskers just kept coming back.
“I was emotionally drained from trying to hide my beard every day and feeling like I was failing miserably,” Geil said.
But about eight months ago, she ditched her razor — and sported a large beard in just six weeks.
“I definitely feel womanly, sexy and sensuous,” she told Barcroft Media. “I feel more feminine and it has very little to do with my appearance, it comes from my attitude and giving myself the freedom to be who I am.”

Rose Geil feels prettier than ever since she grew out her beard.Photo: Barcroft Media
“People on the street do look at me and do a double take, but their reactions are either positive or neutral,” she said. “I have had people approach me in public and wanted to meet me and shake my hand and tell me I’m brave and courageous and even an inspiration.”
Now, she opts to wear low-cut shirts that show off her shaggy chest and has been hitting it off with men, who have tried to propose and sent her sexual pics.
“I feel pretty with my beard and I never felt pretty before,” Geil said. “Growing my beard has made me more confident.”

Woman’s Beard Makes Her Feel "Sexy" 



Canada’s Supreme Court rules some bestiality legal

While bestiality is a criminal offense in Canada, the top court ruled the legal definition is much more limited than how it has been interpreted for decades. It all goes back to the 1800s Church of England trying to ban any sex acts that were seen as unnatural.
Over the years the Criminal Code of Canada changed but the definition of bestiality was never explicitly expanded. The court found in a 7-1 ruling Thursday that there needs to be penetration involved for an act with an animal to be a criminal offence. READ MORE 


Jozi Cats: Africa's first gay rugby team tackles homophobia

(CNN)Queen. Fairy. Pansy. Pillow Biter.
In the macho world of sports, it's not easy to be openly gay -- and insults like these make it difficult to come out in the locker room.
But one fledgling rugby team is using such stereotypes to not only create awareness of homophobia, but to promote itself as a safe haven for those who don't feel comfortable with the game's culture.
Formed this year, Johannesburg-based Jozi Cats is Africa's first gay rugby team -- and its provocative marketing campaign has had a greater impact than its members ever dreamed possible.
"The feedback has been phenomenal. I can't believe how quickly it's gone global. Our behind-the-scenes video has been seen in 126 countries, the support has been incredible," Chris Verrijdt, who devised the campaign, tells CNN.

Africa's first gay rugby club shatters stereotypes

Africa's first gay rugby club shatters stereotypes 01:23
Homosexuality is outlawed in many African countries, but that is not the case in South Africa. However, an Amnesty International report pointed to at least seven murders in what appeared to be homophobic attacks between June and November 2012. Five of the victims were lesbians.
"We said let's do something that takes gay stereotypes and turns them on their heads, and ask the question, like 'Are you or aren't you?' We don't actually mind if you are or you're not, we just need players," Verrijdt adds.
"We had to use words -- traditional gay slurs -- which didn't need translation to the broader straight community, which people would get without too much explanation. So that's why we went to our six gay stereotypes."
Behind the scenes at the team's photo shoot.
The club's main goal was to recruit new players, its chairman Teveshan Kuni says, but the campaign ended up creating something much more powerful.
"It's started a conversation about homophobia in sport, more specifically homophobia in rugby," says Kuni, who portrayed "Pillow Biter" in the photo shoot.
"Quite a lot of the players at our club said they wouldn't feel 100% comfortable in the organized club structure setup. They couldn't be their authentic selves if they were there.
"We've also got a few players who aren't out yet, so we make a safe space for them to play. There's also quite a big gay rugby scene globally that we want to put teams together for, because South Africa is not represented there at all."
Verrijdt, who works for a PR agency, says the inspiration for the campaign came from one of his work colleagues as they brainstormed ways to promote the team on a limited budget.
"He said what do my players look like? So we looked at them, and he said 'But they don't even look gay.' I said that's the whole point."
Kuni says South African rugby "shares all the traits of football in the U.S. -- it is the ultimate macho game."
Both sports have had more top-level "out" athletes than soccer, golf or tennis, but the numbers are still low.
"It's great to have started the conversation -- and that conversation is, 'Why do we even need to have a gay rugby team?'" Verrijdt says.
"Why are we still having conversations, 22 years since the start of our democracy, about inclusion in sport? This for me is a no-brainer, it should've already happened."
Verrijdt is wary of condemning rugby as a homophobic sport, and says education can create wider awareness.
"A lot of homophobic slurs have a certain jocular humor to it, so I often think it's unconscious and it's not even meant in the way it comes out," he says.
"But it can be hurtful, absolutely, and that's why we use the payoff line, 'Rugby, that's so gay,' because I've been out with straight friends -- as friendly and inclusive as they are -- and even with them it slips out, and you have to catch yourself.
"What we're doing is to make people aware of what you say, and how it can affect. Yes, it may be water off a duck's back for me, but there are other guys out there that they just shut down and then they'll walk away. That's not what we want."
Verrijdt says the club's campaign was a delicate balance of being out and proud, and protecting the players.
"One of the guys, Chris, he hadn't even come out to his friends and family, so this was like his coming-out parade, in a way," he says.
"We were very conscious of the sensitivities surrounding everything. Once you get your face on a poster, you put a title above it, and get on the internet, it's going to be on there forever. "
Kuni hopes the club -- which mainly plays touch rugby for now -- will one day take part in international events such as the Gay Games, Out Games and Bingham Cup.
Ben Ryan: Fiji's secret weapon

"We're one of 70 of our type throughout the world and the only one in Africa," he says.
"Everyone who speaks to us says, 'Why is there not an African team, and specifically why not a South African team, in these formats of rugby?'"
The response has been largely positive so far. Verrijdt says club membership has grown from single figures to over 40, with another 30 expressing interest in joining.
"The only time we've seen any kind of slurring, or anything like that, has been in mainstream sports publications in South Africa, but again it's that jocular humor," he says.
"They're saying stuff to be funny but to those who are perhaps a little bit less secure, it's very offensive. That for me was a big surprise, but hopefully this is what this campaign is about -- people will just check themselves."


Doctor to Start End-of-Life Practice in Berkeley as State Law Set to Take Effect

As California's right-to-die law goes into effect Thursday, a Berkeley-based doctor will open one of the first practices in the state that specializes in end-of-life options.
"I think it's an important right for the patient to have at the end of their life to control the way they die," says Dr. Lonny Shavelson.
The new law will allow terminally ill patients who meet certain criteria to ask their doctor for a prescription for life-ending medication. But in the event the patient's doctor declines to participate, Shavelson will step in. He already has several appointments with patients to evaluate their situations.
"This needs to be a well thought out, carefully planned," he says. "It's not something you call on Tuesday and say, 'Doctor, I'm suffering,' and on Wednesday we give you a prescription."
The Legislature passed Senate Bill 128 after the widely publicized case of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, an East Bay woman who had a terminal brain tumor and had to move to Oregon to legally end her life. Shavelson, who has written a book on the issue, says it's about time patients have the option to end their suffering.
Maynard's husband, Dan Diaz, is grateful terminally ill Californians will now have the option to die on their own terms.
"I think Brittany would feel a great sense of pride we were able to accomplish what we did," Diaz says. "In this day of modern medicine, a person shouldn't feel they should have to suffer like that their final few days on this green earth."
Says Shavelson: "If this is done well, it is a good way to provide one more option to patients who are dying."


Scientists grow human organs in pigs

Scientists in the United States are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. They have injected human stem cells into pig embryos to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras. The embryos are part of research aimed at overcoming the worldwide shortage of transplant organs. The team from University of California, Davis says they should look and behave like normal pigs except that one organ will be composed of human cells.
The human-pig chimeric embryos are being allowed to develop in the sows for 28 days before the pregnancies are terminated and the tissue removed for analysis. The BBC’s Panorama was given exclusive access to the research for Medicine’s Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes. FULL REPORT




American Bishop Explains How Religion Is ‘Made Up’ & Used To Control People

Below is a video of Jon Shelby Sponge, a retired American bishop of the Episcopal Church, discussing these problems. He argues that religion is a business and it is used as a control mechanism (and he’s not the first insider to do so).
In the video, Sponge affirms that “religion is always in the control business, and that’s something people don’t really understand. It’s in the guilt producing control business.”

Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear 



WA State to Teach Kindergartners about Transgenderism

By fall 2017 Washington state public schools will begin teaching gender expression to kindergarteners under newly-approved health education learning standards that designate sexual health a “core idea” of public K-12 education. While some aspects of sexual health aren’t taught K-12 (HIV prevention begins in fourth grade), one component of sexual health titled “Self-Identity” begins in kindergarten, where students will be expected to “Understand there are many ways to express gender.”
The state’s health education glossary defines gender as “A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex.” Gender expression, meanwhile, is defined as “The way someone outwardly expresses their gender.” These definitions differ from the state’s definition of “biological sex”: “Based on chromosomes, hormones, and internal and external anatomy.” FULL REPORT




Amsterdam sex robot BROTHEL 'will help prevent human trafficking and spread of STDs'?

Experts say robot sex workers will change the face of the industry
Experts say sex robot prostitutes are just around the corner - and will help fight people trafficking and the spread of sexual diseases.
According to a bizarre paper in an academic journal, red-light districts will be transformed by 2050 with the introduction of the robotic sex workers.
Ian Yeoman, a scientist specialising in futurology, and Michelle Mars, a sexologist at the University of Wellington, co-authored a paper entitled "Robots, Men and Sex Tourism".
Read more: Road worker backflipped down road after scooping £1MILLION
In the paper, they imagine an Amsterdam brothel in 2050.

Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars have imagined what an Amsterdam brothel will be like in the year 2050
They base it on Yub-Yum, which closed in 2008 but was once considered one of Amsterdam's most exclusive brothels.
The paper reads: "Yub-Yum is modern and gleaming with about 100 scantily clad blondes and brunettes parading around in exotic G-strings and lingerie .
"Entry costs $10,000 for an all inclusive service. The club offers a full range of sexual services from massages, lap dancing and intercourse in plush surroundings.
"The Yub-Yum is a unique bordello licensed by the city council, staffed not by humans but by androids."
Yeoman and Mars go on to describe how the futuristic brothel came about because of a spoke in human trafficking in the sex industry in the 2040s.
They also predict a growing problem with incurable Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), particularly HIV, which they say will mutate and become resistant to vaccines.
Th pair claim Yub-Yum will feature robots of all ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features. But the most popular, they say, is tall, blonde, Russian android 'Irina', who is a particular favourite of Middle Eastern businessmen.

It continues: "The tourists who use the services of Yub-Yum are guaranteed a wonderful and thrilling experience, as all the androids are programmed to perform every service and satisfy every desire.
"All androids are made of bacteria resistant fiber and are flushed for human fluids, therefore guaranteeing no Sexual Transmitted Diseases are transferred between consumers."
However, according to Yeoman and Mars, while the club will help 'the sex industry alleviate all health and human trafficking problems', human sex workers will be put out of business, unable to compete on price and quality of service.
"Robots, Men and Sex Tourism" appeared in an issue of Futures , an academic journal.


Israeli Christian wins first "Miss Trans Israel" pageant

TEL AVIV, Israel -- An Israeli from a Catholic Arab family has been crowned the winner of the country's first transgender pageant.

Ta'alin Abu Hanna, 21, from the northern city of Nazareth wore a white bridal dress as she was declared the first "Miss Trans Israel" on Friday at HaBima, Israel's national theater, in Tel Aviv.
She describes her victory as "historic" and says it promotes equality.
She will represent Israel at the Miss Trans Star International pageant in Spain in August.
Israel is generally tolerant of gay people, and Tel Aviv has emerged as one of the world's most gay-friendly destinations.
The Israeli city stands in sharp contrast to many parts of the Middle East, where gay people are often persecuted. But homosexuality is commonly shunned in religiously observant Jewish and Muslim communities.


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