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Monday, July 25, 2016

Traditional Catholic Church OR Novus Ordo Church?

 Traditional Catholic Church OR Novus Ordo Church?
Can you believe it? (!) This SSPX chapel is 90% Novus Ordo!!! All it needs is a free standing altar or table, and voilà -- you're ready for guitars, "liturgical dancers", and scantily dressed eucharistic "ministerettes" to distribute Holy Communion.
 Dedication scheduled for July 25

In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the Society of St. Pius X spent the last few years building a new church. The building has now been completed, and the solemn dedication ceremony is scheduled for this coming Monday, July 25, which coincides with the parish’s titular feast, for the church is dedicated to St. James the Greater, Apostle. 

Normally, none of this would be news, for the SSPX builds new parish churches around the globe all the time. The case of St. James the Apostle Church in Madrid, however, is different, because the exterior of the now-completed building is so hideous that it might as well be a Novus Ordo church. One may also easily mistake it for an office building, a library, or worse.

Bp. Alfonso de Galarreta is the District Superior for Spain and Portugal and will presumably be the celebrant for the dedication on July 25. No doubt we will get plenty more photos in a few days.

 odd-looking statue at the top of the building
No eyes, no mouth, and just a hideous overall appearance. How much this must have cost? Or perhaps it was a gift from the local Masonic Lodge?