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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Jim Rizoli "HoloHoax: Greatest Hoax Ever!"

TradCatKnight Radio, Jim Rizoli "HoloHoax: Greatest Hoax Ever!"
Talk given 7-18-16       (aprx. 30 mins)

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Jim Rizoli is Cofounder, producer/interviewer (Fred Leuchter and Assistant, Diane King) of the Series, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS.  This also entails seeking out UNSUNG HEROES and German survivors of Allied atrocities - The German Story, The German Way.   


Hard core historical revisionist, Jim and, his brother, Joe moved from combating the illegal immigrant hordes in their cable shows to dealing with the fundamental and pervading issue of the holocaust. Their immigrant battles led them to the plight of Ernst Zundel in Canada, being prosecuted for having reprinted *Did 6 Million Really Die*! Thus Jim and Joe's efforts and cable shows also turned toward the issue of the holocaust.  That's when their troubles accelerated. In 2002 - 2003 they began producing numerous (1000s of videos) dealing with many issues and 100s of videos about the holocaust. Consequently, YouTube videos (700) under the name of Jim Rizoli were banned. His name was banned on Facebook. In 2010, their cable shows were suspended. They returned and then were permanently removed in 2014. We are back to provide a venue of/freedom of, telling the story for tried-and-true revisionists and Germans throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Website: http://ccfiile.com/

Topics included in this talk:  Revisionism, against the Jewish narrative, upcoming elections, gas chambers?, 6 million number?, mainstream censorship, demonization of revisionists, Jew hand in everything, German account of the holocaust and Much more....

 TradCatKnight Radio, Jim Rizoli "HoloHoax: Greatest Hoax Ever!"