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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, July 29, 2016

A Problem of Personnel at Catholic Relief Services

A Problem of Personnel at Catholic Relief Services

Weinhauer 01

Weinhauer has served as CRS’s Senior Health & HIV Technical advisor since 2010.  Prior to that, she served CRS in two other capacities.  From 2007-2009, she was CRS’s Health & HIV Program Manager and from 2002-2006, she was CRS’s HIV Technical Advisor / Health Program Specialist.
The first time Weinhauer’s name was mentioned amid the recent scandals at Catholic Relief Services was by a reporter at Red State.  The article, “Scandal Redux: Catholic Relief Services Edition” identified Weinhauer as one of two CRS technical advisors who reviewed a contraception-pushing document produced by the CORE group, an organization CRS happens to be a dues-paying member member of.  According to the Red State article:
Not only was this document produced through a project that CRS had direct oversight for, but the acknowledgements identify two CRS employees, Rolando Figueroa, Regional Technical Advisor for the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office and Kristin Weinhauer, HIV/AIDS Technical Advisor, as having reviewed the document.
A month later, Life Site News reported that Weinhauer helped produce a CRS operating manual that promoted condom use.
In both cases, CRS characterized the incidents as mere oversights that required some policy change in order to ensure that such doesn’t happen in the future.
And while CRS never mentioned Weinhauer specifically, it cannot be overlooked that she was mentioned in both documents which just happened to promote the use of contraception.  As has been indicated so many times before, “personnel is policy,” so when a pattern like this begins to emerge, it’s good to look for other patterns.  We did this, and here is what we found.
In 2016, Weinhauer contributed $500 to Socialist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and $500 to the Democratic political action group ACTBlue.

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It’s important to remember here that the platform for the Democratic Party Platform is dedicated to “Securing Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice,” meaning “every  woman  should  have  access to quality  reproductive  health  care services,  including  safe and legal  abortion.”  The platform even says, “We will  continue  to stand  up to Republican  efforts  to defund  Planned  Parenthood  health  centers.”  Regarding homosexuality, the platform says, “LGBT people—like  other  Americans—have  the  right  to marry  the person  they  love.”  In short, the platform of the Democratic Party is  antithetical to Catholic moral teaching.  So, Weinhauer’s donations to ACTBlue mean that she is donating directly to an organization that is fighting FOR abortion, FOR contraception, FOR Planned Parenthood, and FOR same-sex ‘marriage.

On Facebook, Weinhauer has listed among her “likes,” abortion activist Gloria Steinem, abortion-rights advocacy group National Organization for Women, abortion and homosexual rights activist Rachel Maddow, pro-abortion and pro-homosexual socialist Bernie Sanders, staunchly pro-abortion senator Elizabeth Warren, Obamacare, the most pro-abortion and pro-homosexual president in US history, Barack Obama, a facebook page devoted to a homosexual couple raising two children called “twogaypapas,” and psychic medium Deaconessense.

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In summarizing the situation, Kristin Weinhauer, an HIV advisor for Catholic Relief Services, is found connected to two documents that promote condom use; one produced by CRS and another reviewed by CRS staff.  Should this information stand alone, it might be understandable to believe CRS’s defense that her connection to those documents was nothing but an oversight and a lack of proper procedure.  But when you consider Weinhauer’s donations to the Sanders campaign and her “liking” some of the most pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-homosexual individuals and organizations in America on her facebook page, the issue of the CRS documents can no longer be viewed as an oversight, but an extension of her own personal philosophy.
This is just yet one more problem employee either currently working for CRS or having worked for CRS in the last 10 years.
Clearly, CRS has a personnel problem.  As we said in the beginning, reviewing old information often leads to the revelations of new patterns and new information.  As we can see, there is indeed a pattern at Catholic Relief Services, and the pattern reveals something that is clearly not Catholic.