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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, July 23, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....
Here is some of the latest coming thru my inbox...

The NEA endorses Clinton! Why , how? The National Education Association endorses Clinton! Huum. This clears up a lot of questions I have as to why our country is in such trouble. Now I know why. Ignorance, pure unadulterated brain dead stupidity exemplified by those that have been indoctrinating our kids, and passing them selves off as educators. A person that would cast a vote for Hillary is beyond hopelessly lost. A nation that has a large enough percentage of fools too make her a viable candidate is done. As a nation we are done;cooked past done, soon to burn. Get ready people. Those of you with the cognitive ability to understand the above must know that our ship of state is going down. Hillary would do even more damage to our country than that crack smoking Kenyan born sodomite who was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, Barry Soetoro. AKA Barack Obama. What say you? Look it up. If one doesn't  know who and what Barry Soetoro is how could they have a good guess as to what Clinton is? Pitiful , truly pitiful! A mass murdering war criminal . Destroyer of nations. Libya, Syria, Egypt come to mind. These leaders Gaddafi, Assad and Mubarik would not tolerate any militant jihad crap. The U.S. has  savaged there countries and in so doing we  jerked the lid off this jihad powder keg and we continue to throw matches. Erdogan of Turkey was her boy, now he is off the reservation; hope he doesn't take a bunch of our nukes with him. Let us not forget the drug running and money laundering, nor the reams of classified documents she lost. This is a huge security risk to our country because of her having used an unencrypted private server as Secretary of State to conduct business on behalf of her and Billy's foundation. An FBI insider has leaked that the reason she wasn't indited is because the corruption in our government goes so deep that to start the proceedings would bring down the entire United States Government. She and her fellow idiots, traitors, are still playing with matches, here in our country also. I smell sulphur.   Garry C.

Hello Eric - why the TCK Blog "radio silence"?  Hope your voice is not being silenced in the great apostasy!

Christus Regnat!
LKC Texas
Patrick C

Hi Eric,

Hope you're feeling better. Nice job on the show last night I checked in 5 mins before so just in time to tune in, although couldn't listen to the whole thing because of a call. You sounded very clear and concise about everything...really doing a great job. 
Also, surely you saw today's news that Francis is now messing with contemplative nuns?   Dawn

These loud explosions people are hearing are real. Last november around 
thankgiving in the evening. I was outside under the breeze way. when I 
heard one so loud I thought the pipeline station across the street blew up. 
you could feel the concussion roll by. my son and I went everywhere looking 
for a fire or damage at local businesses,nothing. the chat for our area 
said people heard it in many surrounding towns

Hi, Eric. I hope this finds you well. I just looked at a series of photos of the stars, etc. on CNN. When I got to photo #35, I yelped. It's being described on CNN as a "supernova."

Here's a link to the photo series. See what you think.... Carole Q

Very interesting content.  I listened to the Zagami interview.  Do you 
think he is correct about Benedict and the young boy found in his car?
What is your take on the Jesuits?  Do you believe Loyola was a Crypto Jew?
Do you think that the Sedevacantist position has any validity at all?  Do 
you believe that the "recognize and resist" camp ultimately has to find its 
way to the Sedevacantist camp?
What do you say to people who do not have a Tridentine Mass available to 
them?  Do they still avoid the Novus Ordo?

Thanks,  Mark 
 Dear Eric,

I have been listening to all your interviews on YouTube  each day, and I'd really like to hear from Hugh Akins.

I have a copy of the Summer 2015 edition of Opportet Christum Regnare, put out by The League of Christ the King, and given to me by one of the Catholic Resistance priests. 

I did read his book Synagogue Rising in its entirety! What an incredible book.  I'd love to hear what he has to say regarding recent events within Tradition.

We have Fr Edward MacDonald (based in Ireland) staying with us tonight with Mass in the evening. The other group have managed to get Fr Pfeiffer out here again, and he will be here this weekend with Mass and a conference.

We continue to pray for you and this apostolate and will make a donation this week (pay day tomorrow).

With God's blessings,
Mrs Marianne Y
I maintain that there is no use for Pokémon Go as it has been my observation that just about everyone is already living in an augmented reality of Jewish construct.
Mike B
Keep doing what your doing and keep me in your prayers.  I'm here in Southern California just trying to get by day to day.  Glad you have Monsignor Perez on from time to time, he's a great priest and does a lot for us out here in So Cal.   Anyways keep it up and don't stop, we need more Catholics doing what your doing, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Take Care and God Bless,

Matt E

Dear TradCatKnight,

I thought that I would pass this story to you re polyamory. My son attends a private school in Wellington, New Zealand and my wife and I met a wealthy couple from Fiji through the school. We attended their young son's birthday party on the beach with fish and chips which is a Fijian tradition. Anyway, as we were chatting on the beach, she mentioned that there is a private island in Fiji entirely devoted to swingers holidays for people from the Anglosphere. A whole island? She started asking more questions and I said that I did not want to know anymore. I don't know if she and her husband were involved or not. Anyway, but for grace of God go I.

Kind regards,
Good Morning Mr. Gajewski,

I am not really sure how to word this email so please forgive me. 

I have visited TradCatKnight for a little over a year now after a friend I met in college pointed me toward Traditional and True Catholicism.  I wont waste your time with my story right now... perhaps later.

I wanted to send this email and Thank you for what you are doing. ~Crowned Hussar
Hello Eric, how does someone use the Hawthorne as a medicine after boiling 
it in water for 14 minutes? Do you wait for it to cool down to drink it, or 
do you breathe the steam? Also I know a friend of the family, who is a 
retired priest, that has this disease as The Blessed Lady described.

Dominic D
Thanks Eric: Leo Zagami's interview was cut off just at the most 
interesting part inculpating that witch KilleryHillary & her link with 
Gulen ! I'm sure 'they' were listening in as all Zagami's interviews are 
interrupted. Thanks & I hope you speak to him again & soon.

Walter M
Hi Eric,

I listen to your videos and follow you on Facebook every day. I love the “fire in your belly” . . . for taking a fierce stand where others fall short of the mark.

I especially look forward to your update regarding Francis’ flight from Rome whenever it happens. It is my understanding that “Warning Day”, WWW3 and Nibiru will all follow shortly in this sequence thereafter without a long period in between these events.

I have no fear of death. I have chosen a relatively safe place to live, but nuclear war and Nibiru will affect us all. As you are so well aware, our Earth needs a cleansing and humanity needs a long-delayed final chastisement so that they once again learn to honor God and His Will.

I stand behind you 100%. There is no other website on the Internet that provides such detailed Truth regarding God’s Word and God’s Will.

I honor you for the Knight that you are and for valiantly and dauntlessly calling out everything that is an abomination on this planet.

I know you must get tired and feel like giving up at times, but please be assured that there are many silent ones like me who listen to you every day and are inspired by the Truth that you convey with such balance, integrity, and steadfastness. You are a rarity, truly the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your profound devotion to our Lord and constancy to your Mission.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Absolutely no need to respond to this. Rather, please spend your time on your wonderful research, presentations, and keeping us all attuned to the rapidly changing end times that we are now witnessing.

May God bless you and hold you continually in His heart, Eric!

Alice D
 Hi Eric, i've listened to most of Fr. Heese's talks you have on your 
youtube channel and I find it strange that on one talk he criticizes Fr. 
Malachi Martin while in another smaller interview he calls him a friend and 
has nothing  bad to say about him. Do you know of the 2 videos I'm talking 
about and why the change in his opinion of him? Can we trust what Fr. 
Malachi Martin spoke?

Gabriel A





Regards, TOM S


Hello Eric,
Thanks so much for your blog, it's fantastic.
I was driving to Mass last Monday evening and this thought flashed into my 
mind:  Amos 5:17.  It reads "And in all vineyards there shall be wailing, 
for I will pass through the midst of you," says the Lord".  Going though a 
divorce after 30 years (not of my making) I thought it related to that but 
reading the next sentence, "Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord!  Why 
would you have the day of the Lord? It is darkness, and not light;"  Read 
the rest of Amos 5, not fun times ahead.
God bless



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