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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Holy Rosary Meditated at the School of St. Padre Pio

The Holy Rosary meditated at the school of St. Padre Pio 
First mystery. The agony of Jesus in the garden of olives.

Always follow public prosecutor's office and in everything to the will of God, in any event, and fear not. This conformity is the sure path to get to the sky. (Epista. III, 448)

Here's the conditions with which we must give ourselves to God: that from here on he face his will on us and destroy our to his pleasure. Oh how happy they are those who God handling according to his will, and who has, or with the tribulation or with the consolation. The True servants of God have always respected the more adversity, like longer conforms to the road that traversed our boss, who wrought our salvation in the middle of the cross and of the abominations. (Epista. IV, 148)

Second mystery painful. The flagellation of Christ at the column.

... in the hours of combat especially, colour your faith in the truth of the Christian doctrine, and so unique colour the faith in the promises of eternal life that the sweet Lord does to those who will fight with strength and courage. It's worth to honour and courage to comfort you knowing that you are not alone in suffering, that all the followers of the Nazarene. It's all over the world, suffer the same things: they too are exposed to the tribulations.
(letters I, p. II, 248)

Know then suffer all Christian and do not fear, that no pain, no matter how low is your reason, will remain without merit for eternal life. Put your trust and hope in the merits of Jesus, and so also the humble clay will become fine gold to shine in the palace of the monarch of the heavens. (Epista. II, 473)

Third mystery painful. The Crown of thorns.

"in your patience, he says the son of God, you possess your soul". So it is by means of it, that we possederemo our soul; and to the extent that she will be perfect, the possession of the soul, our whole will be excellent. Patience is the most perfect, when it is less mixed of sollecitudini and disturbances. I lusingo that God wants to free you from these last two wheels.
... not much to badar road that beat, always have your eyes fixed on him who guides you on the heavenly homeland, to which he leads you. What you need to treat you, if it will be for the deserts or for the fields that you you, as long as God is always with you, and that you get to the possession of the blessed eternity?... Everything is done with calm and be patient in waiting for the steadfast love of the Lord. (Epista. III, 829-830)

Fourth mystery painful. The journey to the Calvary of Jesus load of the cross.

Oh how sweet it is sublime and the sweet call of the divine master: "who wants to come back to me, I shall deny himself, and take his cross and follow me"! Was this invitation that it brought out Santa Teresa in that prayer towards the groom divine: "or suffer or die". It was also this invitation that was exclaim Santa Maria Maddalena de ' Pazzi: "always suffer and don't die". It was pure to this invitation that kidnapped in ecstasy the seraphic father st. Francis would exclaim: "is so good that I expect, that every sentence is my beloved".
Far be it from us the complain of how many afflictions and infirmities will like to send us Jesus. We follow the divine master for the erta of Calvary loads of our cross; and when he'll like to put on the cross, that is, to keep us in bed with the disability, give that man and let's keep lucky of much honor to us did, knowing that the being on the cross with Jesus Is the most perfect act most of the other one to contemplate only Jesus on the cross. (Epista. II, 249)

Fifth mystery painful. The crucifixion and death of Jesus.

Consulate! Everything passes; Jesus introduces you to a cross... Yes, but don't lose heart: the cross of Jesus was much heavier; fear not; he is very close to you; and he looks at you; is there to ease the pain and you incredible potential inhouse is in danger, both in prosperous things. (Epista. IV, 696)

Deh! So, my son, he loves more than star on the cross that at the foot of it, she loves more agonize with Jesus in the garden, that compassionarlo because the more you look like the divine prototype. In what circumstances can you do acts of invariable union of your heart, of your holy spirit to the will of God, of the mortification of I, and the love of your crucifixion, if not for the bitter and rigorous assaults that you are motivated by our enemies? But, my dearest son, I didn't I often it instilled in critics of everything that is not God, to put your clothes back on of our crucified Lord?
(letters I, p. IV, 493)



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