"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fatima Miracle of the Sun Anniversary: What Will See October 13th?

Fatima Miracle of the Sun Anniversary:  What Will See October 13th?
By:  Eric Gajewski

Here we are again.  Many Catholics are anxiously awaiting October 13th much like they did September 23rd.  September 23rd came and went but will October 13th play out the same?  Will the world be different after this day?  Fatima foretold of the apostasy in the Church and the coming chastisements and yet her message is still largely ignored or even scoffed at.  Will many more non-Catholics begin to investigate this all-important visitation which boldly foretold of future wars, the scourge of Russia’s errors and even annihilation of nations soon to come?  Will anything significant happen in the Church specifically that might be a sign from the Blessed Virgin Mary?  There have been some astute in Prophecy to suggest that maybe Pope Benedict XVI will flee Rome then but so much has to happen before then (including the economic collapse, worldwide revolutions).  Without question Catholics around the world are praying extra rosaries but will God show His hand as a sign of Justice on this day?  Will we see more celestial signs in the skies specifically the sun?  Will there be a false flag nuclear attack?  Will the economy collapse?  We must remember our Lord said “be anxious not” and it certainly applies to this day as well.  Having said that, there is no question that this simply not another day but in this article, I break down the likelihood, of potential events that seem to be on the horizon. 

Asteroid?  First off, we will be having an asteroid buzz by “dangerously close” according to the scientific community.  Is this all a setup by Masonic/Satanic NASA?  I have been asked this question a lot lately.  Perhaps.  What we must understand though is that a comet or asteroid hitting us is recorded in both Catholic Prophecy (St Hildegard- http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2014/10/st-hildegard-america-in-catholic.html) and the Apocalypse (Wormwood).  In Australia they have an observatory site setup called Project Wormwood.  I kid you not (http://www.sws.bom.gov.au/IPSHosted/neo/index.html) Furthermore, I have seen some suggest that Wormwood is Planet X.  It is not.  The Planet X system as it continues to get closer will be kicking in all kinds of “space debris” including comets and asteroids.  But the question is will this one hit?  I don’t think there is any chance of this occurring on the 12th   Regardless this is another sign for humanity to get its act together.

False flag attack?  I covered this same area in the September 23rd article and again if anything does happen I would put this high up on the list.  We have already seen the whole Las Vegas false flag play out and try to link it to ISIS as most of us thought.  The question is if it does happen where will it happen?  Will it be some obscure town in the middle of nowhere?  No, the likely candidates for some event like this are, of course, major cities.  Pay attention to your local news.  If you start seeing government agencies including the Red Cross or FEMA come into town then you know something is fishy.  The New World Order wants you to be paranoid.  So don’t be.  Live your life but just be aware of your immediate surroundings and going-ons.  Have a family plan in place now before something does happen.  Chicago, New York, L.A, Boston, Miami are all in play for this potential event.  What is coming my friends will make everyone forget Las Vegas very quickly.  Remember now the New World Order needs to solidify the “police state” and also drag us into world war 3.

Sun chastisement.  Given some of the latest updates from our friends over at spaceweather.com and the suspicious observers youtube channel I think this is highly unlikely.  Although we have seen recently some sun diving comets and other anomalies I haven’t seen any STRONG evidence to suggest October 13th being any different than the previous day.  There is currently a geomagnetic storm which may produce some large quakes.  However, we are dealing with God who is in control, therefore, we shall wait patiently and see.  Maybe God will give another sign to the world to get its act together before it is too late. Our Lady told Blessed Aiello (1950’s/60’s) that these celestial signs and “weird weather” patterns were all warnings to mankind before world war 3 will commence.  Eventually, in accordance with the Apocalypse and the message of Akita (1973) the earth will be largely burnt up and the survivors will find themselves so desolate they will envy the dead but it wont be October 13th.

Big Quake?  This seems like the most likely event out of everything I will speak about in this article.  We have seen some relatively big quakes in recent weeks including a near 7.0 in Alaska recently.  Yellowstone continues to swarm with smaller quakes.  Even the New Madrid area is beginning to pick up some.  So if there is a big quake where will it occur?  The Ring of Fire area is the most likely target.  I have been warning people to get off of coastlines and out of major cities for some time now.  Many scoffed.  The people in Houston and in Florida are now not laughing at these warnings.  The whole west coast was recently put on mega-quake watch by FEMA.  Do they know something we don’t?  again, this is the most likely event to occur this day in my opinion if anything happens at all.

Economic collapse?  Ron Paul amongst others has warned that the “collapse” or “reset” might occur in October.  I would still not rule it out at this point.  The New World Order has been talking about an event to come which will cause “despair” amongst the nations.  In my vast knowledge on their agendas it is without question this area of economic collapse.  Would our Lady be sending a message to humanity by way of their “pockets”?  When so many are ruled by money it makes one wonder.  I would say the collapse is not out of the question but highly unlikely.  Our Lady wants us to be prepared first spiritually but assuredly “prepping” is still biblical.  Our Lord said to pay attention to these signs to identify the “season” we are in.  The collapsing of the economy would surely change the world as the New World Order could now pitch their socialist agenda (including microchip system) even harder.  Get off the grid.

Stronger devotion to our Lady? I hope and pray so.  Those who have strong devotion to our Lady will have special protection.  I encourage you all to buy the purple Scapular of Marie Julie Jahenny which grants special graces and holds certain promises attached to it.  It is an endtimes Scapular which many Catholics are not aware of at all.  Stay close to our Lady for it is her mantle which covers us from the Divine Justice to come.  As far as something happening in the Church all eyes will be on Francis.  Given that he seems to say something absurd or even heretical daily would it really be that much of a surprise if he were to say or do something against the Faith (yet again!).  October 13th will come and go like September 23rd but will the world be more evangelized as it relates to Fatima and this all-important message for humanity?  Some saints have spoken so intimately about how the Blessed Virgin Mary and her intercession would be pivotal in these volatile times.  She even told St. Dominic that through her intercession the world would be spared, that is, from complete destruction.  Hence why we must pray for a Pope to consecrate Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the bishops.  It won’t be Antipope Francis who is not even the real Pope.  Look for Pope Benedict XVI’s successor to do so after he flees and is killed.  Remember, our Lady said the consecration would be done late implying the nations would already be at each other’s throats.  Now is the time to turn our Mother and ask for protection for our own souls, families, communities and nations.  Keep spreading the devotion to the Immaculate and Sacred Heart and get your home ready now.  In the end nothing is probably going to happen but that doesn’t mean that the message of Fatima is dead.

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