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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, May 4, 2017

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone
By: Eric Gajewski
Matthew 28:20 “…and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”
Sometimes it is helpful to just meditate upon one Scripture a day rather than a chapter.  The Scripture I have provided above is a one sentence powerhouse of Truth!  Simplicity is a good thing.  One of the greatest tricks is for the devil to convince you that “you are alone” and that your suffering merits nothing.  Suffering without God is indeed hell but with God it is transformative.  You are not alone.  Meditate upon this when you “feel” the whole world is against you and it seems you have been the latest loving target for a heavy cross.  Christ reminds us today that HE SAID He would be with us ALL DAYS not some days.  He said He would be with us unto the consummation of the world.  Unfortunately, this does not mean we won’t suffer because Love suffers.  To suffer does not mean you are alone (in the state of grace).  We must advance in His Way leaving behind our way which requires self-denial and the Cross.  God is not with just you Monday and Tuesday then somehow “leaves your soul” to go on vacation only to return on the weekend.  We may have family members who do this to us but not God.  Let us talk further.

You are alone says the devil.  The devil attempts to trick the faithful into thinking “you are alone” so that you might fall into despair and abandon God and Religion altogether.  He will twist the love of the Cross into making it seem as though God doesn’t love you.  You’re mind, body and soul might be afflicted on every level but it is preparatory for the Fire and Light to come within.  I say it like this.  God is trying to suffer His Way into your soul that He might alone occupy it.  We often feel must lonely because when some go within it is nothing but darkness.  It is in this suffering that we prepare the way for Him.  I liken it to St. John of the Cross being “abandoned” by his fellow “friends” and being thrown into the attic of darkness.  He got well acquainted with himself in so that He could have the Living Fire dwell in Him.  The devil says you are alone!  Perhaps, on the surface but God IS ALWAYS with you!  Tell those wretches in return that God is preparing you for something great because He is.  You need to learn how to defend firmly.  Do not let the devil’s “anxiety and doubting attacks” keep you from keeping in Faith and Hope.  We must be on guard always these attacks might come very well in the middle of the night as I have been accustom to especially as of late.  Fight back with Scripture and quotes from the Saints.  Remember this war is real and it is 24/7.  The devil doesn’t take vacations folks!

Suffering without Christ is hell.  I look back when God was trying to get the message across to me in my past sufferings.  Sadly, it never registered right away.  I had no such intention of conversion and I truly suffered hell within on all levels.  Yet, with Christ it is a totally different ballgame.  Not that suffering still doesn’t hurt because carrying a cross will always cause pain on some level.  But somehow through His grace He can turn that suffering into “power”.  I have found in the heavier crosses carried the more secure I felt with Christ and the more “filled” I was in grace.  Remember Christ carried the Cross and not the other way around.  Love is greater than the trial.  We must keep in Faith and Hope during our own trials and not give into the deceits of the devil.  There are GREAT trials ahead for all and we must remember this. 

God is preparing souls for the next life and for some Saints to enter into the glorious age of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart/Universal Reign of Christ.  At first this transformation will be “scary” because self would have you still “hold on” to how you are THEN.  Yet, God is transforming you now for the future.  The heavier the Cross the greater the grace.  With each Cross carried nobly for Christ we do gain merit.  Think of the poor souls suffering in Purgatory and in hell this day and you will find that your cross in relation to that reality is “not so bad”.  We are all “train-wrecks” who need God’s mercy and grace every second of the day, therefore, get in the habit of emptying yourself out in daily. Brother humility will soon show.  The more Christ lives in you the more Christ can do through you.  Have you ever thought of that?  You are not alone ponder this today that Love never leaves us even in those times when heavy crosses seem to be weighing down on us. If this has not sunk in just yet perhaps one more Scripture will suffice.  Fear not, for I am with thee: turn not aside, for I am thy God: I have strengthened thee, and have helped thee, and the right hand of my just one hath upheld thee.”  Isaiah 41:10

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