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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fatima's Gradual Descent into Darkness – the Altar of the World has become a blasphemous mockery

Fatima's Gradual Descent into Darkness – the Altar of the World has become a blasphemous mockery 
Note: All opinions expressed are not necessarily views of TCK
May 13, 2017 marked the 100th Anniversary of the miraculous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children of Fatima, Portugal.

On that day, Pope Francis canonised two of the little seers, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, which makes them the youngest non-martyred saints of the Catholic Church.

However, what was supposed to be a joyous celebratory canonisation Mass was filled with sombre omens. (Image: AP Photo/Armando Franca)

The official canonisation pictures of the two children are dark, disturbingly so, and they are holding lamps, a reference to the parable of the wise virgins waiting for the Master to come, who will also “search Jerusalem with lamps” during a time of disbelief. (Sophonias 1:12) It is a passage of the coming Judgement. Is this a sign to be vigilant, a sign of Dark Days ahead when the Master visits the earth unexpected with His Justice? ( Right image: more official images for the canonisation 2017)

The statue of Our Lady above the altar on the Holy Rosary Basilica never gets blackened like the other statues, (since mould is a big problem in Portugal), but at the Mass, it was clear for all to see the top and outer edge of her right hand has turned black, (notice the close up),  while the rest of the statue was perfectly white. All my years in Fatima, I've never seen the statue like this, it always stays white especially as it was cleaned not too long ago for the Anniversary. As she has said to other visionaries and mystics of the Church, she is getting tired of holding up the arm of her Son from visiting the earth with His Justice. (Close up below, thank you to Tigga Wild on Twitter for use of the photo.)

The most shocking element is the new outdoor altar specially built for the occasion of the Anniversary: a huge black stone block surrounded by six black stone candle holders. The candles are set so low it appears as though black candles were burnt for the Mass. The 'Black Cube' altar is also startling, we cannot help but see a strange connection with the Illuminati 'Black Cube of Saturn' cult. Yes, occultists believe in such a thing. (Read more about it here.)

Pope Francis himself also wore a very dark pallium with black crosses, and this for the joyous occasion of the Fatima Anniversary and the canonisation of two children? The whole ceremony was so dark and sombre, compared with the outdoor canonisations that take place in Rome! (Image below: Paulo Novais/Pool Photo via AP)
The 'crucifix' above the altar has an ugly 'floating' modern figure of Christ completely detached from the cross as though He were 'resurrecting' or ascending already. Christ is not crucified on the cross, they have depicted Our Lord levitated in mid air away from the cross,  and as Bishop FultonJ. Sheen so ominously predicted, one of the signs of the last timeswill be the rise of a 'church without a cross', a false church emptied of all Divine content, Christ's sufferings will be eliminated. (Image below, notice again the black altar and the black candles down the sides. AP Photo/Armando Franca)

Interesting how all the votive Masses at the Chapel of the Apparitions in Fatima contain the 'Woman Clothed with the Sun' reading from the Apocalypse, and so did the Anniversary Mass. Right now, this exact sign is occurring in the sky, which foretells a time of punishment is coming. (Read more about that here in "The Lord Says: Look tot he Sky for the Signs of the Times".)
In all, it looked like a 'Black Mass' was being offered, or at the very least, a 'Death Mass' for the Church as we once knew it.

Other ominous signs in Fatima:
The Trinity 'Church' ~ the 'Bull Ring' as one local disgruntled vandal described it on a poster here in the parish church. You don't need me to tell you this building looks nothing like a Catholic church. It's one huge spiritless community hall without a Tabernacle, complete with blasphemous depictions of a fleshy Christ on the cross inside, and I think a statue of Our Lady, no one seems to know what it is. Outside, there is a huge, featureless 'matchstick Christ', while the traditional Penitential Pathway that pilgrims make on their knees was also cut exactly in half when this 'church' was built. Remember, Bishop Sheen warned of church without a suffering Cross or penance, a sign of the last days. (Picture of the 'Fleshy' Christ and the 'Match Stick' Christ.)

I bet most people don't know that the Sanctuary Committee had planned to knock down the original Holy Rosary Basilica after the Trinity Church monstrosity was built, but the people complained and that was dropped. They also had planned to move the children's bodies to a modern chapel underground at the Trinity Church, but the people also protested and this too was dropped for now.
The underground chapels connected with the Trinity Church are a scandal, completely devoid of edifying decorations save a tiny modern crucifix, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima (the only pretty holy object there), and a box in the corner for a Tabernacle. The walls are dead plain, these chapels are more clinical than a hospital ward, and let's not get into the horrible monstrance used in the Perpetual Adoration chapel ~ a steel square suspended from the ceiling, while the giant jewelled monstrance donated by the Irish is stuck in a museum along with all the other beautiful chalices and ornaments for the altar donated from around the world. They've all become museum pieces while the most plain insipid chalices I wouldn't stick on my kitchen table are used for all the Masses. (Image below: the steel square monstrance in the modern Adoration Chapel.)
 And here is the paganish plain silver modern monstrance that was used at the Blessing of the Sick and Benediction during the Canonisation Mass compared with the giant solid gold and jewelled Irish Monstrance now in a museum, (image below):
It seems they cannot find enough ways to introduce as much ugly modern art into the Sanctuary as they can, the perpetual Nativity scene is horrific, and so is the one they trot out for Christmas at the Trinity Church. (Image below, perpetual Nativity scene in the outdoor Sanctuary).
Another shocker, after the Holy Rosary Basilica was restored for the Anniversary, the beautiful mosaic Stations of the Cross were removed from inside, and they have not been returned. We have no idea where they are, or if they will be put back. The marble altar rails were also taken out last year and a red string was put in its place, not even a decent looking 'theatre rope' was used. The modern altar featuring the Last Supper was taken out, now there is nothing but another stone block. At least it's not black, but dark brown, close enough.  UPDATE: Thanks to Catholic Sat on Twitter who reminded me that two original altars of the fifteen dedicated to the Holy Rosary have been removed, also, in order to put new name plaques near the seers' burial places, they have covered over the CHI-RHO of Constantine on the old altars, those extra name plaques were not necessary as the graves already had clear markings right on them.  So yes, another set of traditional crosses removed!   (Images, the Holy Rosary Basilica before and after the restoration process.  The stations of the Cross are now missing.)
Elsewhere, the red Sanctuary lamps have been taken away, the red candle outside the Chapel of Apparitions has been gone for several years now. There is one inside where the Tabernacle is closed away, but nobody sees it, so there is no public indication the Blessed Sacrament is present at the Apparition Chapel. In the Holy Rosary Basilica, little white tea light candles are now next to the Tabernacle, but that is not a clear indicator to visitors that the Blessed Sacrament is present. This leaves the Sanctuary open to more blasphemous disrespect, which was bad enough to begin with. (See the Before and After pictures.)

People are no longer respectful in the Sanctuary grounds like they used to be way back in 1997 when I first visited Fatima. People were quiet once they entered the Sanctuary let alone one of the churches, but that is long gone. As I type this, I have been living here for fourteen years now, and things have steadily become much worse. Talking, yakking, shouting, walking about, even when Mass is going on the the Chapel of Apparitions. People answer a call on their mobile phones during Mass and run out! Others sit and send texts waiting for Mass. Prayer? What is that? I remember seeing a young woman reading the 'Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown during the Blessed Sacrament Procession. Yes. I did.
It is the same in the Holy Rosary Basilica and the Trinity Church, the complete lack of respect is appalling.
All the code of conduct signs around the Sanctuary are ignored. People dress half naked as though they were at the beach, or wear see-through or skin tight clothes, and no one corrects them or keeps them from entering like they do in Rome.
Rarely any genuflections before the Blessed Sacrament when people enter the church, they troop right on through. No calm or order when receiving Communion, people pile out of pews on top of each other like a cattle drive, which is a complete nightmare in the huge open air Masses, you have to elbow your way for Communion, and then pray you don't get skipped by the priests or that a Host is dropped.
Then, priests might skip you if you were kneeling for Communion in the Apparition Chapel, I've been denied Communion on several occasions, it still happens, which discourages anyone from kneeling for Communion.  Once, I even had to flag down the priest and keep him from passing me! This is how they treat Catholics, but have no problems letting Hindus come in that one infamous time May 2004 and dance around right in the Sanctuary of the Apparition Chapel, to 'honour' Our Lady as a manifestation of one of their goddesses. (Read more about that here. Note, I don't know who runs this site, I'm only sharing the news about the Hindu sacrilege / blasphemy.)
Visitors may not be able to see all the changes that have been done gradually bit by bit, but living here and watching as it happened these last fourteen years, it's one heartbreak after another.
The Austrian mystic Maria Simma, who allegedly had visitations from the souls of Purgatory, said they revealed to her that Heaven does not approve of modern images in churches for they are a mockery of what they're supposed to represent.
What an ominous warning. It appears Fatima, the Altar of the World, has become one giant blasphemous mockery, and as we all know, God will not be mocked.  Truly the lack of CATHOLIC celebration displayed for the canonisation and Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions in Fatima is a frightening revelation of the sign of our times.