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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, April 17, 2017

Still Finding It Difficult To Call Benedict XVI The True Pope?

Still Finding It Difficult To Call Benedict XVI The True Pope?
By: Eric Gajewski

I have run into a few more individuals following this apostolate who finally agree that Benedict XVI is the true Pope.  I was even surprised to hear from one lady who attends the FSSP, that, they don’t even have a picture of Francis up in the Church.  The priest apparently agrees that Benedict XVI is the true Pope.  I have said this for a while but this trend will continue.  Recently, Benedict XVI celebrated his 90th birthday which calls into question just how much longer does he have to live and how much more can the Church endure Antipope Francis.  The answer to both questions is as along as God Wills.  There is no need to feel out of place by stating what you believe publicly.  No one could call you a protestant or a heretic for doing so.  Having said that, let us be reminded that Benedict XVI played a key role in the destruction (objectively speaking) of the Church, however, he never fell into formal heresy.  This, in my opinion, where the sedevacantists are wrong.  What they will suggest as formal heresy truly is not.  How much more evidence must come out to show forth that Benedict XVI was run out by the St. Gallen Mafia? There are still to many “traditionalists” turning a blind eye or just retorting by saying it is all “conspiracy”.  No my friends this is the reality.

The Sodomites taking over the Vatican?  It seems as much talk as there is about expelling the sodomites and gay lobby from the Vatican, there is greater evidence to suggest otherwise.  Recently Archbishop Ganswein welcomed two more sodomites into the Vatican.  Francis himself has been all but overly joyous to accept the fags into Rome.  What can I say?  Our Lord warned that in these endtimes it would be the Days of Lot all over again.  The normalization of sodomy continues on as God continues to rear back His hand in the soon tribulation to come.

Homosexual Infiltration of the Catholic Church  

What cardinal’s will actually flee with Benedict XVI.  I honestly do not know.  It doesn’t do much to try and prognosticate, although, the “conservative” types seem to be the leading candidate but even then I’m not sure.  So much could change between now and then.  The world is very volatile and churchmen are no different.  What we do know from Catholic prophecy is that it will be a minority of the cardinals.  One prophecy even suggests it will be only four cardinals.  That is truly terrible to think about but then again churchmen and laity, in general, continue on in error so it would not surprise me.  The first thing that must happen is the economic collapse here in the West.  Once this occurs we know the season is very ripe.  I have also said that Antichrist Maitreya’s star sign in 2022 might be that sign for when Benedict XVI flees.  That would put him at the age of 95 and would certainly fit the prophecy of a Pope who could barely keep his head upright due to his age.

Benedict XVI was not a formal heretic.  As horrible as some of his teachings were he was not a formal heretic.  The common opinion amongst esteemed theologians was that a material heretic would still be Pope.  This is precisely my opinion.  So please don’t think I am suggesting Benedict 16th was “traditionalist” friendly.  We could say he was a lesser of two evils without losing his office.  Archbishop Lefebvre even had some words for Ratzinger back in the day.  “I said to him [Cardinal Ratzinger—who became Pope Benedict XVI] ‘Even if you grant us a bishop, even if you grant us some autonomy from the bishops, even if you grant us the 1962 Liturgy, even if you allow us to continue running our seminaries in the manner we doing right now —we cannot work together! It is impossible! Impossible! Because we are working in diametrically opposing directions. You are working to de-Christianize society, the human person and the Church, and we are working to Christianize them. We cannot get along together!’  "The current Pope (at that time BXVI)  and bishops no longer hand down Our Lord Jesus Christ, but rather a sentimental, superficial, charismatic religiosity, through which, as a general rule, the true grace of the Holy Ghost no longer passes. This new religion is not the Catholic religion; it is sterile, incapable of sanctifying society and the family." (Spiritual Journey, p.9)

 “The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts very new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute. First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that Rome shall apostatize from the Faith, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. ...Then the Church shall be scattered, driven into the wilderness, and shall be for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible; hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church.”- Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, London: Burns and Lambert, pp. 88-90) 

To those who would put forth the argument that the Catholic Church is the “Roman Catholic Church” and that Catholicism is inseparable from Rome, I refer them to an allocution given by Pope Pius XII in 1949:

“If there should ever come a day – We say this as a matter of pure hypothesis – when the physical reality of Rome were to crumble; if ever this Vatican Basilica, the symbol of the one, invincible, and victorious Catholic Church, were to bury beneath its ruins the historical treasures and the sacred tombs it enshrines, even then the Church would not, by that fact, be overthrown or undermined; the promise of Christ to Peter would always remain true, the Papacy would continue unchanged, as well as the one, indestructible Church founded on the Pope alive at that time.”
“Thus it is: Rome the Eternal in the supernatural and Christian sense, is superior to the Rome of history. Her supernatural and eternal truth are superior to and independent of the historic City.”

The gates of Hell Will Not Prevail.  You see this Scripture used by the Vatican II heretics to suggest that if we say there is an apostasy then the enemy has won.  This is beyond silly.  The Church has been through very serious crises before in her history.  However, this is the CLIMATIC crisis which will induce the False Prophet and Antichrist.  Vatican II fulfills 2 Thess 2:3, that is, the revolt before the End.  The question, “Where is the Church” will be asked by Catholics once Beneidct XVI flees and it will seem like the Church has faded away.  You will notice how I said “seem”.  Just as it seemed over to the early Apostles after Christs death when only FEW believed that He would rise again.  It will be the same way for Catholics of our times.  How many will fall away thinking, “it is over”.  Yet, an eagle keeps in Faith and Hope and the glorious restoration will still be on the horizon.  The modernists will either take the mark of the beast still calling themselves Catholic or they might fall away from the Faith by saying “it is over”.  In either case I don’t see too many of them eventually adopting the position I take due to pride.  Pride is the killer sin of our times which has blinded so many Popes, prelates, priests and laity alike.  In the end we must step up our daily rosaries and daily sacrifice’s to God.  Go above and beyond what the Church would ask and if you find yourself suffering (in a state of grace) it is because God Himself is trying to suffer His way into your heart!  The gates of hell wont prevail, Ave Maria!

TradCatKnight: Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail