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Friday, April 21, 2017

POLICE STATE: Sports stadiums spy on everyone's instant messages, Tweets and sentiments

POLICE STATE: Sports stadiums spy on everyone's instant messages, Tweets and sentiments
A recent article in Motherboard reveals how sports stadiums are spying on everyone's instant messages, Tweets and sentiments. (I couldn't find any pictures of a U.S. sport stadium security room, so I posted one of a 2014 World Cup security room.)

Sports stadiums across the country are using 'Babel Street' and 'Babel X' to spy on fan's sentiments and social media accounts.

Babel X has the ability to spy on 25 social media websites and can surveil millions of url's.

Below, is a list of social media spying companies that sports stadiums and police use:
Last year the ACLU, revealed how police use these companies to spy on everyone's social media and a 2014 Lexis Nexis report, revealed the tools police use to spy on social media. A year ago, 'The Intercept' warned everyone that the CIA is investing in firms like Geofeedia to help law enforcement spy on social media. (Click here to see how the North Charleston Police spy on social media.)
Sports stadiums and police use 'sentiment analysis' to spy on fans

image credit: Babel Street
"Babel Street possesses the most sophisticated sentiment analysis tool on the market. Derived from collaboration with top university linguistic programs, Babel Street boasts the ability to evaluate sentiment in 19 languages..."

Last year, I warned everyone that police would begin arresting people based on their 'sentiments'

People being arrested because of their sentiments, what could possibly go wrong?
Let's say, you're a NY Yankees fan jeering and booing Boston Red Sox players and you Tweet  the Red Sox suck or something similar. When out of nowhere you're surrounded by police and security and kicked out of the ballpark. The police inform you that you're being charged with 'inciting a riot or terrorism.'

Congratulations, you're life's been ruined by corporate/police spying sentiment analysis.
Sports stadiums use biometrics to spy on fans

Last year, CLEAR a biometrics company installed 'fastlane' fingerprint lines at Marlins Park in Florida.

In 2016, CLEAR announced they've partnered with Amazon, American Express and U.S. Customs to help expand their reach and it seems to be working. Currently, CLEAR is being used in 18 cities across the country.

Soon CLEAR, will be in every sports stadium in America if DHS has its way.

Amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Orlando are also using facial biometrics to spy on their guests.

'Enhanced searches' don't begin to show how Police, DHS and private corporations are destroying our rights.
image credit: UnitexDirect

Where does the police state end?

To find out more about sport stadium security click herehere & here.
Cheryl Chumley "Police State USA: Orwell's Nightmare"