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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Novus Or “Do” OR “Don’t”

Novus Or “Do” OR “Don’t”
By: Eric Gajewski

I get this question asked just about every day.  Should I still be going to a latin mass than follows Vatican II?  I have covered this topic repeatedly but for the sake of those new let us briefly talk about this matter again.  In my estimation, the Novus Ordo (Vatican II itself) is an entirely different religion “cloaked” as Catholic.  What does that mean?  It means what is being sold from the Vatican for over the past 50 years is not the Catholic Faith but the “faith of man” or the cult of man as Pope Paul the 6th called Vatican II.  Catholics can have nothing to do with these churches teaching/following such evil principles.  If we do we are complicit in the evil.  What has taken place since Vatican II is not an organic development of the same faith (as some say).  No, rather, it is an entirely different construct, of which, “Catholics” can have their share in (is implied).  But why would you if its not Catholic overall to begin with?  Since Vatican II Archbishop Lefebvre and Father Hesse rightly identified that the Conciliar Church (those following Vatican II) was both materially heretical and in a material schism.  This means, once again, that what the Conciliarists think to be Catholic, is not, and in many cases already (these principles) has been already infallibly condemned.  There is no formal schism yet as the sedevacanstists suggest nor will we ever agree with them on that point.  However, we now see even the "conservative" Novus ordites saying a formal schism is close.  Thus, it is asked once again, “Can I go to the nearest church that resembles “Catholicism”?  You know has a nice latin mass and everybody loves each other?  Let me talk further on the matter.


Faith first.  If there was no Novus ordo mass to speak of could you attend a latin mass which was teaching the novus ordo principles?  The answer is no because of that dreaded “H” word.  This word, of course, is heresy and there is plenty of it in the second Vatican Council and coming from the Popes of Vatican II.  Our Lady was warning in the real third secret of Fatima of this ongoing apostasy which would start at the top.  Very simply stated, where there is heresy material or formal, a Catholic cannot be.  Heresy displeases Jesus.  It is evil.  There need not be any proclamation by Popes, priests or prelates dring this ongoing crisis as was demonstrated during the Arian crisis.  How do heretics call themselves out on heresy when still unconverted or unrepentant of their heresies?  This is illogical.  St. Athanasius spoke loudly against the majority claiming to be Catholic at his time and he had no jurisdiction over the entire Church.  He was right and was never condemned for standing up during that crisis.  The same can be said for Archbishop Lefebvre and individual’s such as myself who do not need to have jurisdiction to point out heresy.  The false traditionalist's (of which there are far too many to elaborate upon) would have you to believe these “heresies” are just error’s or mistakes.  They are completely wrong and in fact it is worse.  These evil principles (religious liberty, liberty of conscience, Americanism, ecumenism, just to name a few) construct an entirely different system, structure or religion.   

Fr Hesse: Vatican II in Two Minutes  

Lefebvre and Bl. Anna Emmerick spoke the same opinion.  “I never…I don’t accept the Council! Because you are destroying the Catholic State in the name of the Council! It is sure! It is evident!…This Council gives the same rights to error as to Truth! That is impossible…This new faith, it is a new religion. It is a protestant religion. That is a fact! How is it possible that the Pope gives the authorization to this change? How it is possible that the pope can sign this constitution (on liturgical change)? It is a deep mystery…If I take the position of the Council, I am betraying my Mother Church.” (Archbishop Lefebvre, conference, 1976)  “I saw again the strange big church that was being built there (in Rome). There was nothing holy in it. I saw this just as I saw a movement led by Ecclesiastics to which contributed angels, saints and other Christians. But there (in the strange big church) all the work was being done mechanically (i.e., according to set rules and formula). Everything was being done, according to human reason. I saw all sorts of people, things, doctrines, and opinions. There was something proud, presumptuous, and violent about it, and they seemed to be very successful. I did not see a single Angel nor a single saint helping in the work.  Blessed Anna Emmerick

Fr. Hesse explains why Vatican II is Not A Council of the Church 

It is valid therefore I can go.  Not a chance.  I hear this argument all the time yet there is nothing theologically sound about it.  The Russian and Greek Orthodox churches have “valid” masses too yet why does the Church tell us we cant go there?  Because they are heretics and schismatics thus it is displeasing to go there.  They consecrate illicitly (mortal sin).  The same can be said of Vatican II NewChurch, which, although is not in formal schism teaches too many material heresies to keep up with.  It is displeasing to Jesus all the same.  If we take heresy seriously than we avoid all such masses which now limits our opportunities greatly to get to a proper mass.  This is true but are we not in a spiritual chastisement?  We deserve it do we not?  Please keep in mind you will get graces through the Church itself and through Holy Mother Mary too.  This is Church teaching not Eric’s opinion.  Having said that you must still sanctify the Sunday.  This is not being “fundamentalist” or unrealistic this is being faithful to Christ and the Church at this point.  The bad news is the Church is going underground soon as the formal schism in Rome is on the horizon thus it will only get worse. 

Fr Hesse: Is the New Mass Catholic  
Fr Hesse: Cardinal Stickler says new Mass is Protestant  

We pray as we believe.  The Novus ordo is an illicit and schismatic Mass.  It is a protestant construct.  It was trying to please the heretics and was made by a known Freemason Bugnini.  Material heretic Paul 6th signed off on it.  The New Mass was forewarned of by Our lady and Lord in the early 1900’s!  They respectively told esteemed (approved) mystic Marie Julie that this New mass coming was displeasing to God and was constructed by the Kabalistic Jews.  What is even more striking is how Our Lord warned that the Novus Ordo in general was preparing the way for the new messiah (Antichrist Maitreya).  My implication that the antichrist is just around the corner doesn’t seem so foolish now doesn’t it?  Who says the New Mass? Answer the material heretics following Vatican II.  That solves that one real quick.  Cant go where the Faith is not.  The Faith is not housed in Vatican II buildings even the ones saying the latin mass.

Father Hesse: The New Mass is Reflection of Modernist's New Faith  

What do I do?  The only thing close to me is a novus ordo church offering the latin mass.  It is quite simple.  You stay home and please Jesus by doing so.  Please don’t let any heretic tell you that you have left the church.  These sad individuals cant even figure out what they are following isn’t Catholic.  Surround yourself who are like minded!  Have you joined my new facebook group “traditional catholic”?  This is a good opportunity to stay in contact with those “few” who see clearly in this apostasy.  Don’t despair God has a plan.  He will still work in your soul as He sees you heroically taking a stand whereas others just give in.  Please Jesus or self?  You wont please Jesus by going into heretical building calling itself Catholic.  We must continue to pray to God that the Novus Ordo will vanish from His sight.  The tribulation is proof Gods not happy perhaps the Novus ordites will get the message sooner rather than later?  Only time will tell.  So to answer the fundamental question of this short article.  The Novus ordo receives a big “Don’t” dare do it” label by clear thinking Catholics.  We are few and far between remember that next time you feel isolated.  There is nothing heroic about following the way of man in the Novus ordo.  Perhaps you might only get to a proper mass every few months but such is the times we live in.  This means there a few proper masses to get to even out of those supposed "traditionalist" priests out there.  Do not let the devil nor the ignorant persuade you into believing you are sinning when in reality you are being faithful.

Fr. Kramer: Freemasonry & the New Mass ( London Conference)