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Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Video! 7 Disturbing Facts McDonald’s Patrons Will Wish Weren’t True

New Video! 7 Disturbing Facts McDonald’s Patrons Will Wish Weren’t True
Step away from the clown.
As the most popular fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s has become more than just an American staple. With locations all over the world, people can get a Big Mac and fries everywhere from Canada to Australia and numerous countries in between. While McDonald’s has been able to branch out to reach a LOT of different cultures, closer inspection of its menu items has caused many to rethink their McDonald’s obsession….and then again…there are some people that just don’t give a rats fat behind.  Welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order, Yeah, gimme one heart attack on a fake bun, an order of forever fried and a battery corrosion eating coke…oh…and don’t forget to super-size that…momma bought me a cemetery plot on top of a mountain under a shade tree and I’m just dying to get there.

Every few years McDonald’s has tried new ways to help maintain its popularity among diners, with everything from new menu items to novelty Happy Meal toys. Yet the rise of other popular food chains that use all-natural ingredients, like Panera Bread, and Chipotle have definitely impacted the fast food industry.

Here are a couple of quick facts you probably need to consider before you or your loved ones shovel down any more Mickey D’s.  Because, apparently the only people that are really “Lovin’ the fact that you eat there are healthcare providers, casket makers and undertakers.
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