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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Secret Meeting Between Bishop Fellay and Francis?

Secret Meeting Between Bishop Fellay and Francis?
This is being reported I am not the source
Supposedly this meeting took place on January 17th...
Father Girouard reports:


Dear faithful,

1. Monsignor Fellay did not stay at the Casa del Distrito Italiano, located in Albano, about 45 min. Of Rome. He stayed at Casa Santa Marta, where the Pope lives.

2. Ms Fellay asked the Mother General of the FSSPX Sisters to be present at the meeting. She was, but stayed in Albano and not in Santa Marta.

3. Mons. De Galarreta was also present at the meeting with the Pope.

4. Fr. Alain Nély, Assistant General, was also there. He took advantage of his stay in Rome to conclude the purchase of a large house with chapel in Rome. It is believed that there will be the headquarters of the future personal prelature of the SSPX. The purchase was facilitated by the direct intervention of Bishop Guido Pozzo, head of the Ecclesia Dei Commission.

These events preceded Bishop Fellay's interviews in Paris on January 27 and 29 for a few days. In these interviews Bishop Fellay basically repeated what he said on August 24th in Australia: the SSPX and Rome agree on which class Structure would be acceptable to the SSPX if there was a "regularization". Only minor details are missing. Rome is still modernist, but more and more bishops are reacting against evil things, and they encourage the SSPX to continue the fight. Rome no longer asks the SSPX to accept Vatican II as part of Catholic dogma. The SSPX just wants to make sure that Rome will allow them to "stay the way they are." On January 29, Bishop Fellay concluded the interview by saying that for the agreement to go ahead, all that was needed was to put the rubber bell.

Of course, none of us are surprised by these events. In fact they are the only logical conclusion of the general chapter of 2012 that rejected the resolution of the chapter of 2006: "No to the practical agreement with Rome unless it becomes" .
Almost five years have passed since then. Five years during which Bishop Fellay expelled all the members of the SSPX who spoke aloud against his change of policy. Five years during which he and his accomplices have preached the "cold and hot" to convince the disgruntled members that they would do a better job for the Fraternity if they "resisted from within." (Which is basically what Mons Fellay believes the FSSPX should do about Rome).

Now, after these five long years, it seems the road is clear for the "rubber stamp" ceremony. The only question is this: will they do it in 2017 (centennial of Fatima), or will they wait until 2018 (scheduled general chapter that will carry out the election of the Superior General and his two assistants)?

Time will tell.

Let us pray for the Fraternity so that it may awaken. And so that we can remain faithful and strong.

God bless you,

P. Girouard
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