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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

God-Like Status?

God-Like Status?
By: Eric Gajewski

We find people in society who want to achieve “god-like” status who seek this label by “gaining but gaining what?  They try to become the most knowledgeable.  They try to become the most wealthy or the most popular and yet this does not constitute being “divine”.  We pursue and pursue until we exhaust ourselves.  This is misdirected and disordered.  Christ is our Center and Focus.  Without Christ we have no life.  Without His grace we have ZERO HOPE of being divine like.  Yet how can we achieve this when the world is trying to run Christ out of every sector and area of life?  The enemy in the Vatican is preparing a plot which involves the arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist.  They believe that we can become “gods” without the aide of Christ and grace.  Heck, we have Antipope Francis now saying the “super bowl” is a sign of peace for humanity!  No mention of Christ or the Catholic Faith.

Press play and enjoy some godly music...

God finds the humble.  To be God like is more about what you are willing to give up rather than what we are to gain.  For what will it profit a man if he is to gain the WHOLE WORLD and lose his own soul because he did not have Christ and the proper norm of Faith.  How can we become God like when our very supposed own say that trying to convert someone is nonsense.  The only nonsense outside of these heretics is the people who actually follow this garbage since Vatican II.  The true Saints of our times ae HEROICALLY standing up and shouting.  We are going against the grain because all hell has raised up against Christ and His Faith.  God and specifically our Lady is still finding the humble to convey heavens message and to put churchmen on notice.  God is seeking those who could care less about what their local bishop has to say about them.  The Saints of our times are not trying to be recognized by the heretics in Rome trying to propagate their New Religion (which will get a formal stamp soon).  These false traditionalists talking about “justice” being owed to the SSPX are completely blind.  They are exactly the type of people Archbishop Lefebvre said to avoid lest you poison your own Faith.  As we prepare for Lent let us be reminded that God chooses the humble to get his work done and those who consistently want to persist in novelty are not humble.  They are full of themselves.

 FreeMason Francis is "cool" yea that will get me to heaven!

Celebs and other godless TV personalities.  Rather than pray we engage in distraction.  Rather than turn to Christ and Our Lady we turn to the TV.  We are restless and unsettled.  We do not want to deny ourselves and be empty to achieve this god like status in Christ.  No, we need more and more distraction.  We need our cup full of the latest filth to seem “normal”.  We turn to our neighbors to see what they are doing rather than to the Saints.  We look everywhere else EXCEPT for that truly which we should be locked in on.  Get yourself a portrait of the Face of Christ and just remain. Sit there awhile…force yourself if necessary.  Surround yourself in some Gregorian chant and just be.  You will grow in wisdom as you begin to examine your conscience.  Read the bible daily.  Read a chapter or two out of the Imitation of Christ.  Get some structure in your life outside of setting the DVR for the next episode of CSI or the Simpsons.  Worldly people never achieve god like status (in the Catholic sense).

Be careful what you ask for.  I lived the American Dream also known as the American Nightmare.  The pursuit of “happiness” ultimately ends in the pursuit of self.  Have you ever thought that perhaps this life was not about gratifying yourself but rather making God happy?  Yep, that same One who died brutally upon the Cross for you?  You ask for “things” you truly don’t need and when God sends you a blessing of silence you often complain.  We are truly miserable creatures.  We need to pray and stay in prayer continually within.  We need to be prepared for any sort of formal “Warning” by warning ourselves daily that we are sinners and need to stay connected to heaven’s internet line.  The latest fashions and gidgets and gadgets wont get you into heaven.  St. Peter is not standing at the gate awaiting the next lady with the 500$ Gucci purse.  We need to get refocused quickly before the Great storm comes.  How many will come even to me at the last second say “I am ready now teach me the way” and like the Days of Lot the doors of Salvation will be shut and sadly many will despair.  Now is the time for salvation and not when you see an Asteroid plummeting toward your house in the future.

You say you want to be god like.  But what are you doing about it?  Are you following the blueprint left behind by Our Lady and Lord or are you following Lady GuGu and Tupac?  Do you even want to be virtuous?  Do you want to truly be a Soldier of Christ in this last hour?  Then run to Our Lady for She is the Woman of this Fortress of the Soul who knows every inch of this Palace!  She knows the Sacred Heart of Christ very intimately and will train you as a knight or handmaid in this fight against self.  They will show that to be god like is not anything like the world is trying to promote.  Who can argue modern man’s golden calf is the TV itself.  Let’s get it together brethren.  Gird up your loins quit worrying about what others say about you and press onward.  A Soldier does not stop to “dialogue” with the enemy.  No, he comes to conquer without converging.  The new John Lennon Religion of Vatican Ii is the biggest sham this world has ever known and thus we must speak up and be god like and call out the enemy of our times which now resides in Rome.  In the end the reason why so many stay trapped in the Conciliar Church is because they are so worldly and because they watch too much Bill O'Reilly.  Be brave break free….Ave Maria!

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