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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, February 17, 2017

(1 Macc 3: 18-19) “God Deliver’s The Few”

1 Macc 3: 18-19 “God Deliver’s The Few”
By:  Eric Gajewski

Amidst the uncertainty of our times we hear a Voice from on High say “Trust in Me”.  God has a Plan both for your own life but also for His Church.  Can anyone question that the world and churchmen need to be purified? Quite frankly I am at a loss for words as to how merciful God truly is.  He could have, quite frankly, wiped us all out but now but the Way of Selfless Love has indicated to us that we must endure the great test coming.  Catholics these days resisting the New Religion of Vatican II are falling into the trap of thinking “we can do this” when in reality we cannot.  We must do our part and stay proactive but ultimately this deliverance coming is from His Hands alone through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God will stand behind the just whether they be a large army or simply a remnant of a few faithful who are unwilling to bend to the “times”.  We have reassurance from Scripture and from various approved private revelations that the Rainbow will one day come on the other side of this Storm.  Therefore, do  not fear do not quit the Faith because of the blind hierarchy who simply cant see straight.  Hold your own and be ready to have yourself counted as worthy before our King.

For the success of war is not in the multitude of the army, but strength cometh from heaven. (1 Macc 3:19)  It is revealed through Blessed Anna Emmerick that Our Lady will be accompanied by a few faithful Soldier’s in this final Passover.  The majority will flee in cowardice.  Our lady is suited up and ready for battle but we are found on the couch lathered up in Cheeto dust and pizza grease.  Generally speaking, we are not at all ready for what is about to ensue.  Our strength is not our own it is rather Divine.  In order for us to be plugged into the Source we must have that intent to stay engaged.  Then, once there, we must ask ourselves Do I really want to persevere.  We truly have it easy and none of us should brag about our sufferings in light of the martyrs who have gone before us.  God is ready to test the hearts of men to see whose side are your r really on.  Right now due to Vatican II MANY are confused, however, this will change when it becomes blatantly obvious that we have been setup all along for this One World Religion wherein ALL will have to receive the mark of the beast (or at least I hope!!)

Fight for our lives and laws (1 Macc 3:21). We must fight it is not option.  To be silent or to remain off in the distance may just cost you your salvation.  There are no benchwarmers or cheerleaders in this fight.  We must be ready to step up to the front lines with St. Michael and Our Lady.  We fight first as Catholics for the Faith but we have great opportunity here in America for a conversion of a whole nation to the true Faith!  With each passing day the laws become more godless and immoral as our future seems to be more and more bleak. Still then we must press onward as Soldier’s in the Divine Army!

The Lord Himself will overthrow His enemies which are ours (1 Macc 3:22).  At the last second when all seems to be lost we shall have the victory in Christ.  Just as the early disciples ponder upon whether or not Christ would arise again so will we.  Will the Church seemingly come back or “rise from the dead” like Christ?  The answer is yes and we have God’s Word on it.  It is not up for debate.  In the 3 days of darkness when all seems lost God eradicates all of His enemies and thus provides us with a fresh start so to speak.  He will be showing His enemies just who is in charge and at the same time showing His own how to fly in Faith and Hope as an eagle!

Fight for our Sanctuary (1 Macc 3:43).  How much are you willing to give up in this fight for the Faith?  Will you personally fight for the priests?  For the Church in general?  Your local Sanctuary?  We are not ready at this point even for the daily battles within our own soul as a whole let alone the actual enemies coming for our heads.  There is no good leader in any army who does not do his homework before the battle commences.  There is no good leader who does not first know his enemy inside out.  But what happens in this John Lennon type culture where everyone is just considered equal and there are no enemies of God?  You have your worship of Fruit Loops and he has his worship of the one eye speckled owl.  Let us not forget the pagans who recently “blessed” Francis.  Nobody wants to fight and this is the perfect disposition that Antichrist Maitreya wants the world to have.  For he is the ultimate pacifist.  No fight?  No salvation it is that simple!

Pride in these endtimes.  Pride abounds everywhere wherein all opinions must now be considered “good”.  Churchmen have lost their minds as the darkness of error grows over uponst the lands.  There are a minority faithful at this point.  We must remember that truth is not democracy nor does it always rest in the majority.  You need not fear what your neighbor says.  You need not worry you are displeasing Jesus by turning away from those churches who are teaching the new religion of Vatican II.  You very much please God.  You stand out as a shining jewel before heaven!.  God sees that you will not bow down to human respect nor are you filled with much love for self that you care about human opinions.  Churchmen have been wrong in the past and they are certainly are wrong now.  It is true he who does hear Peter does not hear Christ but what happens when Peter no longer hears Christ through Tradition?  When he abandons Christ at the Cross and runs away due to worldly influences.  I would say that is more than a fair assessment of most prelates and priests since Vatican II.  Having said that continue to pray for them.

Remedies.  Pray, sacrifice, fast and implore God’s mercy and compassion.  We are going to need every bit of it in the days ahead.  When days are most hard take time out to serve.  This will help to take focus off of the self and allow you to do a good works of mercy in the process.  We are going to go through (the Church as a whole) a vast purification.  We do not need to look down the road and become overly curious as to whether we think we will make it or not.  We need to stay focused in on the day and all of its concerns.  We need to do vast penances for our sins.  We need to spend more time in silence and solitude so that we can make the necessary changes even before any type of “Warning” occurs.  That maybe soon by the way perhaps before the year 2022 is up.  The remedy for our hearts is Christ’s.  This is not overly complex but it is for an overly complex world.  We have Our Lady to cling to.  We have the Scapular and Rosary.  We have the Word ready at hand we are ready as eagles or we should be.

Cry out.  When all else fails cry out.  When the Mother of the child hears her infant crying in the middle of the night she immediately gets and runs to see what is the concern.  It is no different with Our Lady who hears the cries of Christ’s true faithful.  We ought not be afraid to cry at times but never over self.  Never cry on the account of not getting your way.  Cry out AND IMPLORE God when all else fails.  For some of you this maybe the only prayer of the day as sad as that sounds.  We cry because we realize we cannot do on our own and sadly this is exactly why God will allow us to go through the dark night of the Church.

Better to fight than to see evil overrun us (1 Macc 3:59).  There is heated debate amongst Catholics today who are divided over whether or not to fight or be killed (be a martyr).  For me there is no laying down if the enemy wants to come he must know we will have a fight.  This hour is meant for fighting not for taking the backseat.  It would seem much easier to simply allow the evils in our country as well as into our own churches but it takes a certain grace to be able to point fingers and admonish.  The angels do not stand down to the devils and neither should we.  If some want to choose the path of just getting in the way of the tornado and being marked as a martyr so be it.  This is not me.  This is not what it means to be an eagle.  For to be an eagle is about power and might.  Our might you ask?  No, through the grace of Our lord Jesus Christ we are a mighty force to be reckon with and the devils know this.  This is why he tries to cause so much division so that we may remain forever divided.  Yet, the eagles must land and gather and come to the understanding that what we are fighting for (the Church) is truly something bigger than ourselves.  Whom we are fighting for (Christ) is certainly worth it.  Most husbands would certainly law down their life in defense of the wives and children but what about God your Salvation?  Will you lay down and flee to the Mountains as a sparrow?  Or will you spread your wings in Faith and Hope and stare right back at the demons and the enemies of Christ.  We are the Church therefore we are Divine in Christ although we may be drastically reduced as the early church fathers attested to, we, certainly, will survive until our Beloved comes back to His nest.  Amen

An Eagle's Message: "Teach My Fingers To Fight"