"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prelude to Final Disaster: Rockefeller´s Depopulation Programme

Prelude to Final Disaster: Rockefeller´s Depopulation Programme


UK´s Prince Philip,  printed in the American Almanac 25 Aug, 1997:“ In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation“Such a cynical attitude of the elite must be seen as a very serious warning to us.
For a long time during my internet Odyssees, I have run into the concept of New World Order depopulation. Time and again I found it so bizarre that I immediately went on to another topic. However, of late – in particular in the context of the “swineflu pandemic” declared by the WHO I ran into such remarkable evidence that I cannot ignore this threat any longer.

The Center for American Progress is sponsored by The Rockefeller Brothers´Fund, by George Soros i.a.archglobalists. It cooperates closely with the EU-infiltrating communist Common Purpose.
Today I saw this video where Historian Anton Chaitkin tells a panel including  Ezekiel Emmanuel (right), the brother of White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, that Pres. Obama has put in place a revival of Hitler´s euthanasia programme. Chaitkin says the programme will deprive the old, chronically ill and lives not worthy to be lived  of medical care – Dr. Emmanuel being responsible. Purpose: to save 2–3 bn dollars. Dr Emmanuel is told to be a fellow of the Hastings Center for euthanasia propaganda to shape public opinion as well as the opinion of doctors towards a death culture, saying the Hippocratic oath of doctors is to be “junked”. Dr. Chaitkin points out that Hitler said exactly the same things – and that was the beginning of his euthanasia programme. In Oct. 2008 Dr. Emmauel wrote that a major crisis, war etc. would make the scared public accept Obama´s health programme. “You think you are being protected by powerful financiers. But the spotlight is now on you”. Now one would expect a forceful rejection by Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel. But instead he shortly states that he has always written against euthanasia. Then he rises to his feet and walk out – in order not to have to answer unpleasant questions. Which to me seems like a confirmation of Anton Chaitkin´s terrible accusations.Now, according to the very well informed LaRouche Committee, “the Rockefeller, Ford and New World Foundations paid for Hastings Center to carefully revive and popularize euthanasia, which the Nazi German “Action T4” killing center had carried out against “useless eaters” three decades earlier, and for which the U.S. had punished the Nazi perpetrators in the Nuremberg Trials only 23 years before Hastings was set up.”OverbefolkningThe Times 24 may 2009  has a remarkable story: “Bill Gates gathers his billionaire friends of the “Good Club” including David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey. These members have given away more than £45 billion since 1996 to causes ranging from health programmes in developing countries to ghetto schools nearer to home.
A consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat. “This is something so nightmarish that everyone in this group agreed it needs big-brain answers,” said the guest. “They need to be independent of government agencies, which are unable to head off the disaster we all see looming.”
Why all the secrecy? “They wanted to speak rich to rich without worrying anything they said would end up in the newspapers, painting them as an alternative world government,” he said.”
 Here is an Alex Jones video reporting on the insane imaginations of the people just mentioned – how they donate billions and billions of dollars for the purpose of population reduction. 

Their tool in world governance, the
FAO, is about to introduce the Codex Alimentarius dictating us  to eat food which has been irradiated, intoxicated with antibiotics and previously forbidden chemicals (chemtrails) and probably also Rockefeller´s gene modified, toxic food and here. See this video with Rima Laibow, who maintains to have documentation for this insanity. This is to be implemented on 31 December 2009 and is expected to kill 3 bn people (which I strongly doubt!). This Codex Alimentarius is a continuation of the Rockefeller concept behind “Bill” Rockefeller´s (father of J.D. Rockefeller I) sale of crude oil as “Nujol” against cancer and constipation for 2 dollars a phial of 30 g Standard Oil crude – leading to grave avitaminotic diseases – whereupon the Rockefellers added carotene. This was the start of the pharma industry! In 1939 John D. Rockefeller bought 15% of IG Farbens shares – later to become its biggest shareholder (producer of Zyklon B gas for Auschwitz). The Wall Street financed IG Farben´s work and genocidal slave work in Auschwitz during WW2.  Rockefeller´s Standard Oil thereby earned enormously on a licence to produce synthetic rubber for war planes and petrol from coal. But this was also the place, where Rockefellers´ruthless grip on the pharma industry began. Rockefellers  funded the top war criminal, eugenicist Josef Mengele.
Russo_rfeller_smAaron Russo and Nicholas (“Nick”) Rockefeller
Here is another video, where Alex Jones interviews the now deceased film maker Aaron Russo, who was a personal friend of Nick Rockefeller´s. Russo tells that for his criticism of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the New World Order, Nick Rockefeller tried to recruit him to join the CFR. Russo declined.   Rockefeller also told Russo 11 months before 9/11 that he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and that there would be an “Endless war on terror where there’s no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax,” so that “the government could take over the American people,” according to Russo, who said that Rockefeller was cynically laughing and joking as he made the astounding prediction. Nick Rockefeller said  that “the best society is one where we buy people to control everything.”

David-rockefeller-jr.Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women’s lib, one because before women’s lib the bankers couldn’t tax half the population and two because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model.
Rockefeller was often keen to stress his idea that “the people have to be ruled” by an elite and that one of the tools of such power was population reduction, that there were “too many people in the world,” and world population numbers should be reduced by at least half.Rockefeller said the aim was to supply every one with a (brain) “chip” in order to have the bankers lead them. He means this  video on the “Age of Transition, Transhumanim and Posthumanism,” of which eugenics is an integrating element. The elite want to create a totally new man without a free will – designed to be their slave – by means of a chip.
David Rockefeller Jr.Rockefeller´s Population Council becomes interesting: All very idealistic, of course: Main aim is said to be to secure worldwide “reproductive health” in a much too overpopulated world.                                                                                                                   
In 1974, Rockefeller´s trusty crony and New World Order High Priest, co-bilderberger, trilateral commissionist and CFR, Henry Kissinger, demanded food supplies to be reduced to starve countries not complying with the birthrate reduction demanded by the US illuminist government (to have fewer potentially rebellious youngsters against the policies of the US)  – to starve to death! Which became US policy under Pres. gerald Ford. Rockefeller´s Club of Rome  and here has also proposed drastic reductions uf the US population.

The Rockefellers were involved in the WHO vaccination scandal in the 1990es in Mexico, Nicaragua and Mexico when a tetanus vaccine to be given exclusively to women between 15 and 45 years of age turned out to contain human choriogonadotropin causing miscarriage, i.e. regular birth control.
The WHO polio-vaccination attempts in Nigeria 2004 were  turned down for fear of a US-depopulation campaign. Anyway, China´s enforced 1–child policy seems ideal to the illuminists .
Just a few months ago, the illuminist Danish Prime Minister, Fogh Rasmussen, was telling us that our industry was crying for labour, so immigration were so important! Thanks to the Rockefeller Mental Hygiene now annually about 15.000 Danish Embryos are being expelled – about the number missing on the labour market!
CNN founder Ted Turner thinks 1. we have global warming 2. and that is due to us being too many, so we should only have 1–2 children (he has 5 himself!).

At this stage
Now birthrate control is one thing. Quite another thing is killing born people. In this respect the Rockefellers have been very active through their Mental Hygiene movement
The Rockefellers were behind the Eugenic Movement long before Hitler – even helped Hitler shape his eugenecist paranoia – and made big money on Hitler¨s Holocaust :
1925. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munic, directed by Dr. Ernst Rüdin.  It continued to sponsor the Institute and its Nazi leader throughout the devastating holocaust of World Ward II.
1934 (February). A Rockefeller “progress report” (by one of the division heads) asks, “Can we develop so sound and extensive a genetics that we can hope to breed, in the future, superior men?
1930-33. Hitler came to power and delegated Rüdin to direct the Racial Hygiene Society, which called for sterilization or death of people considered “racially impure.” The Rockefeller Foundation funded an anthropological survey of the eugenically correct population by Nazi eugenicists Rüdin and others.
 1940s. “In the early 1940s, a large factory was built “at Auschwitz… to utilize the Standard Oil IG Farben patents with concentration camp slave labour to make gasoline from coal.  The SS guarded the Jewish and other inmates and selected for killing those who were unfit for IG Farben slave labour…. Standard Oil and German President Emil Heilfeck testified after the war at the Nuremberg Trial that Standard Oil funds helped pay for the SS guards at Auschwitz.”

In 2005 Dennis Cuddy wrote: For the elite, human life is not something precious that should be preserved. Human beings are to be bred and managed just like any other useful animal. (after  Darwins´s cousin, Francis Galton) This is why a leading Fabian Socialist like Harold Laski could write a letter on May 7, 1927, to U. S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (who had just written the eugenic Buck v. Bell decision) saying, “Sterilize all the unfit, among whom I include all fundamentalists.” In THE FINAL DAYS” by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, they wrote that “in (General Alexander) Haig’s presence, (Henry) Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.” The elitist mental hygienics see free abortion as central.
Here is a UN demographic report from 2005: The population of the most developed countries will remain virtually unchanged at 1.2 billion until 2050. Fifty-one countries — including Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia should have smaller populations in 45 years.
The world’s population will rise from 6.5 billion to 9.1 billion by 2050. The growth will take place in the least developed countries. Nine countries will account for half of the 2.6 billion increase: India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, the DRC, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia and the United States.
In the mad new world order with its nearly unlimited migration, this is indeed a dangerous bomb.
 New World Order elitist for the final solution to the “population problem” (2005 :
Postulated Reasons for a “solution”
•Planet sustainability: Pollution problems related to population growth and ozone layer depletion
•Planet resource depletion
•Belief systems and ideology
global warming
•Reduced world population pays more for corporate goods and services
Illuminat-bunkersA limited nuclear war may be considered feasible by the NWO as another option for reducing population levels and to limit future population growth over the long-term. This may explain the significant recent expansion of underground base construction and new installations designed to protect the Illuminati to the exclusion of all others. While the Illuminati declares the threat of nuclear war to be a number one menace, their recent work on underground installations and bases in the United States and elsewhere may lead to a general conclusion that the Illuminati are preparing for a nuclear strike.
We know that the United States military establishment has developed – and continues to develop – germ and chemical agents. Likewise there is no doubt that a future “controlled” outbreak of a deadly virus may be a probable event in line with the Illuminati’s plans for reduction of global populations. In part this may explain the underground bases and installations designed to filter environments to the microbe-level, and shield the illuminati in their bunkers from outside contaminants.”
There may be much truth in this latter remark. The Independent 30 June, 2009 : “Shanta Zimmer and Donald Burke from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania said: “We cannot actually pinpoint which lab had it or accidentally released it, but the re-emergence of H1N1 in 1977 made it potentially a man-made pandemic. The identical virus in the current pandemic would not have occurred because a component of it comes from the H1N1 strain of 1977.”.
This makes one think of Baxter´s wilful contamination of seasonal flu vaccine with deadly bird flu virus in 2009 – and of the wilful contamination of thousands of hemophilic children by Bayer, an IG Farben daughter.
And one thinks of the ardour of the WHO not to isolate the swine flu, when it occurred locally in Mexiko “By no means border closing, quarantine or limitations of travel activity” , said WHOs ChanThey wanted this pandemic!!
I shall also refer to “Albert Pike´s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini“, the Mafia boss, about the inferno of WW3.

Osiris - Horus  Eye Pyramid
This is end time scenario – being planned by the deadliest  enemies of mankind this globe has ever seen – the criminals of the New World Order financing and instigating the French and Russian Revolutions, as well as Hitler They are the Rothschilds and, most vsual, their right arm, the Rockefellers. They feel entitled to take God´s role to decide over our lives and deaths. It does seem they are implementing the biblical apocalyptic scenarios. This is probably not coincidental, the Rothschilds being Pharisaics, Talmud Jews, the enemies of Christ, most Jews (Auschwitz) and all mankind except their own diabolical elitist kind.
They are not doing this to serve God – but Lucifer, since they are Luciferians, and here, as even shown in their illuminist symbol delivered by Mayer Amschel Rothschild to the New World´s order, immediately after the freemason-illuminati had founded the USA. This criminal Rothschild influence has since been haunting the US incredibly: video.
Novus Ordo Seclorum means: The New World Order.
I think of the backside of the Great Seal of the USA – shown on every 1–dollar bill as a reminder to complete the building of the world state. The capstone shows Lucifer´s all-seeing eye.
This bodes us all evil events in the near future, since they are now being so insolent and certain of success for their world government plans as to not even concealing them nor its/Rockefeller´s inherent dramatic population reduction.
Our politicians and media should know that in keeping these criminal makings secret from us – even promoting them, bought by the Rockefellers, as Nick Rockefeller said to Aaron Russo – they are accomplices of the biggest crime the world has ever seen. And this crime is going to be amplified as they promote their depopulation through war a la Albert Pike.

And themselves? These Luciferians seem to believe in reincarnation – and think they can limit a nuclear war.  Scums!
Source: http://euro-med.dk/?p=9390

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The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies

 The elite agenda for global population control is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is on the record and documented

by Paul Joseph Watson
First Published: Jun. 26, 2009 – Prison Planet
There are still large numbers of people amongst the general public, in academia, and especially those who work for the corporate media, who are still in denial about the on-the-record stated agenda for global population reduction, as well as the consequences of this program that we already see unfolding.
We have compiled a compendium of evidence to prove that the elite have been obsessed with eugenics and its modern day incarnation, population control, for well over 100 years and that goal of global population reduction is still in full force to this day.
The World’s Elite Are Discussing Population Reduction
As was reported only last month by the London Times, a “secret billionaire club” meeting in early May which took place in New York and was attended by David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others was focused around “how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population”.
We questioned establishment media spin which portrayed the attendees as kind-hearted and concerned philanthropists by pointing out that Ted Turner has publicly advocated shocking population reduction programs that would cull the human population by a staggering 95%. He has also called for a Communist-style one child policy to be mandated by governments in the west. In China, the one child policy is enforced by means of taxes on each subsequent child, allied to an intimidation program which includes secret police and “family planning” authorities kidnapping pregnant women from their homes and performing forced abortions.
Of course, Turner completely fails to follow his own rules on how everyone else should live their lives, having five children and owning no less than 2 million acres of land.
In the third world, Turner has contributed literally billions to population reduction, namely through United Nations programs, leading the way for the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet (Gates’ father has long been a leading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist).
The notion that these elitists merely want to slow population growth in order to improve health is a complete misnomer. Slowing the growth of the world’s population while also improving its health are two irreconcilable concepts to the elite. Stabilizing world population is a natural byproduct of higher living standards, as has been proven by the stabilization of the white population in the west. Elitists like David Rockefeller have no interest in “slowing the growth of world population” by natural methods, their agenda is firmly rooted in the pseudo-science of eugenics, which is all about “culling” the surplus population via draconian methods.
David Rockefeller’s legacy is not derived from a well-meaning “philanthropic” urge to improve health in third world countries, it is born out of a Malthusian drive to eliminate the poor and those deemed racially inferior, using the justification of social Darwinism.
As is documented in Alex Jones’ seminal film Endgame, Rockefeller’s father, John D. Rockefeller, exported eugenics to Germany from its origins in Britain by bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which later would form a central pillar in the Third Reich’s ideology of the Nazi super race. After the fall of the Nazis, top German eugenicists were protected by the allies as the victorious parties fought over who would enjoy their “expertise” in the post-war world.
As Dr. Len Horowitz writes, “In the 1950s, the Rockefellers reorganized the U.S. eugenics movement in their own family offices, with spinoff population-control and abortion groups. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Society for the Study of Social Biology, its current name.”
“The Rockefeller Foundation had long financed the eugenics movement in England, apparently repaying Britain for the fact that British capital and an Englishman-partner had started old John D. Rockefeller out in his Oil Trust. In the 1960s, the Eugenics Society of England adopted what they called Crypto-eugenics, stating in their official reports that they would do eugenics through means and instruments not labeled as eugenics.”
“With support from the Rockefellers, the Eugenics Society (England) set up a sub-committee called the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which for 12 years had no other address than the Eugenics Society. This, then, is the private, international apparatus which has set the world up for a global holocaust, under the UN flag.”
In the latter half of the 20th century, eugenics merely changed its face to become known as “population control”. This was crystallized in National Security Study Memorandum 200, a 1974 geopolitical strategy document prepared by Rockefeller’s intimate friend and fellow Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger, which targeted thirteen countries for massive population reduction by means of creating food scarcity, sterilization and war.
The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies 210907kissingerba9
Henry Kissinger: In the now declassified 1974 document, National Security Memorandum 200, Kissinger outlines the plan to use food scarcity as a weapon in order to achieve population reduction in lesser-developed countries.
The document, declassified in 1989, identified 13 countries that were of special interest to U.S. geopolitical objectives and outlined why population growth, and particularly that of young people who were seen as a revolutionary threat to U.S. corporations, was a potential roadblock to achieving these objectives. The countries named were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.
The study outlined how civil disturbances affecting the “smooth flow of needed materials” would be less likely to occur “under conditions of slow or zero population growth.”
“Development of a worldwide political and popular commitment to population stabilization is fundamental to any effective strategy. This requires the support and commitment of key LDC leaders. This will only take place if they clearly see the negative impact of unrestricted population growth and believe it is possible to deal with this question through governmental action,” states the document.
The document called for integrating “family planning” (otherwise known as abortion) with routine health services for the purposes of “curbing the numbers of LDC people,” (lesser-developed countries).
The report shockingly outlines how withholding food could be used as a means of punishment for lesser-developed countries who do not act to reduce their population, essentially using food as a weapon for a political agenda by creating mass starvation in under-developed countries.
“The allocation of scarce PL480 (food) resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control as well as food production,” states the document.
Later in the document, the idea of enforcing “mandatory programs” by using food as “an instrument of national power” is presented.
The document states that the program will be administered through the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), thereby “avoiding the danger that some LDC leaders will see developed-country pressures for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a serious backlash.”
As Jean Guilfoyle writes, “NSSM 200 was a statement composed after the fact. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the U.S. had worked diligently behind the scenes to advance the population-control agenda at the United Nations, contributing the initial funding of $1 million.
A Department of State telegram, dated July 1969, reported the support of John D. Rockefeller III, among others, for the appointment of Rafael Salas of the Philippines as senior officer to co-ordinate and administer the UN population program. The administrator of the UN Development Program reported confidentially that he preferred someone such as Salas who had the “advantage of color, religion (Catholic) and conviction.”
 A comprehensive outline of what is contained in the National Security Memorandum document can be read at http://www.theinterim.com/july98/20nssm.html
Evidence of the actual consequences of this program can be found with the link between vaccines and sterilization, as well as other diseases such as cancer, in both the west and the third world.

Further evidence of the link between vaccinations, birth control, cancer and other diseases can be researched here.
In the 21st century, the eugenics movement has changed its stripes once again, manifesting itself through the global carbon tax agenda and the notion that having too many children or enjoying a reasonably high standard of living is destroying the planet through global warming, creating the pretext for further regulation and control over every facet of our lives.
As we have tirelessly documented, the elite’s drive for population control is not based around a benign philanthropic urge to improve living standards, it is firmly routed in eugenics, racial hygiene and fascist thinking.
The London Times reports that the secret billionaire cabal, with its interest in population reduction, has been dubbed ‘The Good Club’ by insiders. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone who takes the time to properly research the origins of the “population control” movement will come to understand that the Rockefeller-Turner-Gates agenda for drastic population reduction, which is now clearly manifesting itself through real environmental crises like chemtrails, genetically modified food, tainted vaccines and other skyrocketing diseases such as cancer, has its origins in the age-old malevolent elitist agenda to cull the human “chattel” as one would do to rodents or any other species deemed a nuisance by the central planning authorities.
Sterilization And Eugenics Returns In Popular Culture
We are now seeing the return of last century’s eugenicist movement through the popular promotion of sterilization as a method of birth control.
A popular women’s magazine in the UK recently featured an article entitled, Young, Single and Sterilized, in which women in their 20’s discussed why they had undergone an operation to prevent them from ever having children. The article is little more than PR for a “women’s charity” called Marie Stopes International, an organization that carries out abortions and sterilizations and was founded by a Nazi eugenicist who advocated compulsory sterilization of non-whites and “those of bad character”.
In the article, sterilization is lauded as an “excellent method of birth control” by Dr. Patricia Lohr of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.
The article includes an advertisement that encourages women to seek “more information about sterilization” by contacting Marie Stopes International. We read that, “Over the past year, a quarter of the women who booked a sterilisation consultation with women’s charity Marie Stopes were aged 30 or under.”
Marie Stopes was a feminist who opened the first birth control clinic in Britain in 1921 as well as being Nazi sympathizer and a eugenicist who advocated that non-whites and the poor be sterilized.
Stopes, a racist and an anti-Semite, campaigned for selective breeding to achieve racial purity, a passion she shared with Adolf Hitler in adoring letters and poems that she sent the leader of the Third Reich.
Stopes also attended the Nazi congress on population science in Berlin in 1935, while calling for the “compulsory sterilization of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character.” Stopes acted on her appalling theories by concentrating her abortion clinics in poor areas so as to reduce the birth rate of the lower classes.
Stopes left most of her estate to the Eugenics Society, an organization that shared her passion for racial purity and still exists today under the new name The Galton Institute. The society has included members such as Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of the evolutionist), Julian Huxley and Margaret Sanger.
The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies a mariestopes%5B1%5D
Marie Stopes, the Nazi and pioneering eugenicist who sent love letters to Hitler, honored recently by the Royal Mail.
Ominously, The Galton Institute website promotes its support and funding initiative for “the practical delivery of family planning facilities, especially in developing countries.” In other words, the same organization that once advocated sterilizing black people to achieve racial purity in the same vein as the Nazis is now bankrolling abortions of black babies in the third world.
While the issue of abortion is an entirely different argument, most would agree that no matter how extreme it sounds, a woman has the right to sterilize herself if she so chooses, just as a man has the right to a vasectomy.
But when a magazine aimed primarily at young women all but encourages girls as young as 20 to have their fallopian tubes tied in order to prevent the “irritation” of children entering their lives and then advertises an organization founded by a Nazi eugenicist that can perform the operation, something has to be amiss.
Even more shocking than this is the fact that the majority of people in the UK routinely express their support for society’s “undesirables” to be forcibly sterilized by the state, harking back to a time when such a thing was commonplace right up to the 1970’s in some areas of America and Europe.
As we highlighted at the time, respondents to a Daily Mail article about Royal Mail honoring Marie Stopes by using her image on a commemorative stamp were not disgusted at Royal Mail for paying homage to a racist Nazi eugenicist, but were merely keen to express their full agreement that those deemed not to be of pure genetic stock or of the approved character should be forcibly sterilized and prevented from having children.
“A lot of people should be sterilized, IMO. It’s still true today,” wrote one.
“Just imagine what a stable, well-ordered society we’d have if compulsory sterilisation had been adopted years ago for the socially undesirable,” states another respondent, calling for a “satellite-carried sterilisation ray” to be installed in space to zap the undesirables.
Shockingly, another compares sterilization and genocide of those deemed inferior to the breeding and culling of farmyard animals, and says that such a move is necessary to fight overpopulation and global warming. Here is the comment in full from “Karen” in Wales;
We breed farm animals to produce the best possible stock and kill them when they have fulfilled their purpose. We inter-breed pedigree animals to produce extremes that leave them open to ill-health and early death. It is only religion that says humans are not animals. The reality is that we are simply intelligent, mammalian primates.
The world population of humans has increased from 2 billion to 6.5 billion in the last 50 years. This planet can support 2 billion humans comfortably. 6.5 billion humans use too many resources and leads to global warming, climate change and a very uncertain future for all of us – humans and all other life sharing this planet with us.
Marie Stopes believed in population control and in breeding the best possible humans. So did Hitler. Neither of the aims are bad in themselves. It is how they are achieved that is the problem. The fact that we still remember Marie Stopes is an achievement in itself.
The nature of these comments is so fundamentally sick and twisted that one is tempted to dismiss them as a joke – but these people are deadly serious. Presumably they would also agree with China’s one child policy, which is routinely enforced by intimidation as young pregnant women are grabbed off the streets by state goons and taken to hospitals where forced abortions are carried out.
Now with popular women’s magazines advising women in their 20’s where they can go to be sterilized and ensure a lifetime of partying and carefree sex, it’s no surprise that experts predict that by 2010 one in four western women will be child free for life.
The yearning to have children is the most beautiful, natural and innate emotion either a man or a woman can possibly experience. That is not to say that it’s always wrong for some people not to have children – extreme circumstances can justify such a decision. But to have yourself sterilized because you find children to be an “irritant” and want to live a life free of responsibility or consequences is an awful message to send to young women, especially in the sex-saturated entertainment culture that we are now forced to endure.
Furthermore, the outright promotion of Marie Stopes International as ‘the place to go’ to get sterilized if you’re under 30 is stomach-churning considering the fact that the origins of this organization can be found in Nazi ideology, racist and backward early 20th century eugenics and a long-standing agenda to cull the population of undesirables, an abhorrent belief still held by elites across the planet today.
Genocidal Population Reduction Programs Embraced By Academia
One such individual who embraces the notion that humans are a virus that should be wiped out en masse for the good of mother earth is Dr. Eric R. Pianka, an American biologist based at the University of Texas in Austin.
The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies 020406professor
Dr Erik Pianka, the American biologist who advocated the mass genocide of 90% of the human race and was applauded by his peers.
During a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in March 2006, Pianka advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the world’s population through the airborne ebola virus. The reaction from scores of top scientists and professors in attendance was not one of shock or revulsion – they stood and applauded Pianka’s call for mass genocide.
Pianka’s speech was ordered to be kept off the record before it began as cameras were turned away and hundreds of students, scientists and professors sat in attendance.
Saying the public was not ready to hear the information presented, Pianka began by exclaiming, “We’re no better than bacteria!”, as he jumped into a doomsday malthusian rant about overpopulation destroying the earth.
Standing in front of a slide of human skulls, Pianka gleefully advocated airborne ebola as his preferred method of exterminating the necessary 90% of humans, choosing it over AIDS because of its faster kill period. Ebola victims suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable as the virus kills by liquefying the internal organs. The body literally dissolves as the victim writhes in pain bleeding from every orifice.

Pianka then cited the Peak Oil fraud as another reason to initiate global genocide. “And the fossil fuels are running out,” he said, “so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.”
Later, the scientist welcomed the potential devastation of the avian flu virus and spoke glowingly of China’s enforced one child policy, before zestfully commenting, “We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth.”
At the end of Pianka’s speech the audience erupted not to a chorus of boos and hisses but to a raucous reception of applause and cheers as audience members clambered to get close to the scientist to ask him follow up questions. Pianka was later presented with a distinguished scientist award by the Academy. Pianka is no crackpot. He has given lectures to prestigious universities worldwide.
Indeed, the notion that the earth’s population needs to be drastically reduced is a belief shared almost unanimously by academics across the western hemisphere.
In 2002, The Melbourne Age reported on newly uncovered documents detailing Nobel Peace Prize winning microbiologist Sir Macfarlane Burnet’s plan to help the Australian government develop biological weapons for use against Indonesia and other “overpopulated” countries of South-East Asia.
From the article;
Sir Macfarlane recommended in a secret report in 1947 that biological and chemical weapons should be developed to target food crops and spread infectious diseases. His key advisory role on biological warfare was uncovered by Canberra historian Philip Dorling in the National Archives in 1998.
“Specifically to the Australian situation, the most effective counter-offensive to threatened invasion by overpopulated Asiatic countries would be directed towards the destruction by biological or chemical means of tropical food crops and the dissemination of infectious disease capable of spreading in tropical but not under Australian conditions,” Sir Macfarlane said.
The Victorian-born immunologist, who headed the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, won the Nobel prize for medicine in 1960. He died in 1985 but his theories on immunity and “clonal selection” provided the basis for modern biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Controversy surrounding the comments of another darling of scientific academia, geneticist James Watson, who told a Sunday Times newspaper interviewer that black people are inherently less intelligent than whites, should come as no surprise to those who are aware of Watson’s role in pushing the dark pseudo-science of eugenics.
Watson told the interviewer that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”.
Watson was the Head of the Human Genome Project until 1992 and is best known for his contribution to the discovery of DNA, an achievement that won him the Nobel Peace prize in 1962.
But what most people are unaware of is the fact that Watson has played an integral role in advancing the legitimacy of the eugenics/population reduction movement for decades.
Watson is a strong proponent of genetic screening, a test to determine whether a couple is at increased risk of having a baby with a hereditary genetic disorder.
Since such screening obviously increases the rate of abortions of babies considered “imperfect,” many have slammed its introduction as nothing more than a camouflage for eugenics or “voluntary eugenics” as British philosophy professor Philip Kitcher labeled it.
Watson’s advocacy of genetic engineering stretched to his call for the “really stupid” bottom 10% of people to be “cured”.
Watson even urged woman to be given carte blanche to abort babies should tests determine that they are likely to be homosexual, despite the vast body of evidence indicating homosexuality is a result of environment rather than genetic code.
The geneticist has gone so far as to promote the idea of creating a kind of Nazi super-race, where the attractive and physically strong are genetically manufactured under laboratory conditions.
“People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great,” said Watson.
Dr. Erik Pianka’s doomsday warning of the population bomb, for which he presented no evidence whatsoever, is complete pseudo-science. Populations in developed countries are declining and only in third world countries are they expanding dramatically. Industrialization itself levels out population trends and aside from this, world population models routinely show that the earth’s population will level out at 9 billion in 2050 and slowly decline after that. “The population of the most developed countries will remain virtually unchanged at 1.2 billion until 2050,” states a United Nations report. Conservation International’s own study revealed that 46% of the earth’s surface was an untouched wilderness, that is land areas not including sea.
Think about the magnitude of Pianka’s statements. He wants to kill nine out of every ten members of your family and he wants to kill them in one of the most painful and agonizing ways imaginable.
If Pianka, or ‘The Lizard Man’ as he likes to be called, is so vehement in embracing the necessity of culling the human population will he step forward to be the first one in line? Will he sacrifice his children for the so-called greater good of the planet? We somehow doubt it.
Will the students and other top academics who so enthusiastically greeted his ideas go home and kill themselves for the cause if it is so righteous?
It was noted how Pianka presented his argument with the kind of glee that you would see in a demented serial killer before dispatching his victim. This is an attitude we have encountered again and again. To discuss killing 90% of the world’s population via a horrific plague is sick enough within itself but you would at least expect its advocates to be serious and sober in their approach to the subject. The opposite seems to be the case, where the subject is aired in a context of lighthearted lip-smacking and hand-rubbing as if the individual was about to sink his teeth into a T-bone steak.
This window gives us a clear view of exactly why these deranged bastards encompass this ideology. They love death and their lives are motivated by dark influences very different to you or I.
Throughout history, elites have invented justifications for barbaric practices as a cover for their true agenda of absolute power and control over populations.
More Examples Of Population Reduction & Eugenics
From 1932 until 1972, the Tuskegee Study Group (pictured below) deliberately infected poor black communities in Alabama with syphilis without their consent and withheld treatment as the diseased rampaged through the town killing families.
In 1951 the Israeli government used US government provided technology to irradiate 100,000 Jewish children in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths used as guinea pigs. 6,000 died immediately after the experiments and the rest suffered for the rest of their lives with debilitating illnesses and cancer.

As we have documented, members of the elite are quite open in their feverish lust to commit mass murder and ethnic cleansing. In the foreword to his biography If I Were An Animal, Prince Philip, another closet Nazi, wrote, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”
This is just one of many on the record statements where Prince Philip has advocated his desire to “cull” the surplus human population. In another speech, he even lambasted the fact that lives were saved in Sri Lanka through Malaria treatments because it meant there were three times as many mouths to feed.
One of the most chilling admissions of the elitists’ deadly intent to forcibly commit genocide to reduce global population came from the lips of the late Jacques Cousteau, the sainted environmental icon. In an interview with the UNESCO Courier for November 1991 the famed oceanographer said:
“The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics — it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangaladeshes. The damage is directly linked to consumption. Our society is turning toward more and needless consumption. It is a vicious circle that I compare to cancer….”
“This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.”
It is important to stress that this essay merely scratches the surface of both the stated goals of global population reduction from elitists and insiders, along with concrete examples of these programs being carried out. We could not possibly list them all in one article because this would take a book the length of an encyclopedia.