"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Signs of the Times

Boston St Court Rules Catholic School Must Hire ‘Gay’ Man

This blog is loaded with the latest madness from the modern world... 

The Church may have just changed as we know it! In an unprecedented ruling a Boston state court has issued a “first of its kind” ruling in an attempt to force a Catholic school to hire a homosexual man. According to reports from WND Superior Court Associate Justice Douglas Wilkins’ decision on Wednesday orders Catholic Girls School “Fontbonne Academy” to hire a “gay” man. The judge said Fontbonne discriminated against plaintiff Matthew Barrett when officials rescinded a food service director position in 2013. Barrett was denied the job after school administrators realized he was in a same-sex union. 

According to the report Via WND “On the undisputed facts, Barrett has shown he is a protected class, that he was qualified (and even received an offer) for the position of Food Service Director, that he suffered denial of employment, that the reason for the denial was his sexual orientation and that he suffered harm as a result,” the judge wrote. “This proves sexual-orientation discrimination as a matter of law on the undisputed facts.”


EXCLUSIVE: Patriot groups fighting to keep Oregon ranchers out of jail say calling forth 'militias' will be next move

(NaturalNews) Patriotic groups and others fighting to keep two Oregon ranchers – a father and son – out of federal prison because they believe the sentences are unconstitutional, have said that they may be forced to call in militias if local and state officials don't respond to their "redress of grievance" complaint.

"I don't see this deescalating until [their] rights are restored," one person familiar with the situation and the redress of grievance told Natural News.

As Natural News reported exclusively, Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son Steven Hammond, 46, were convicted in 2012 under a federal anti-terrorism statute, of committing arson on federal land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management. Both were charged in connection with a 2001 fire, and Steven in connection with another fire in 2006. Though the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 calls for a minimum sentence of five years in prison, U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan – now retired – gave them lighter sentences because he did not believe they had exhibited malicious intent.

Federal prosecutors appealed Hogan's three-month sentence for Dwight Hammond, and one-year sentence for Steven Hammond – which both had served – because they were far short of the minimum. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed and ordered them re-sentenced in October, which they duly were.

Redress, then demand, then ...

In response, concerned groups filed their redress with Sheriff David Ward, Commissioner Dan Nichols, Commissioner Pete Runnels, Justice of the Peace Donna Thomas, District Attorney Tim Colahan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Gov. Kate Brown.

"After extensive research on the Hammond case, We the People of these States United have reason to believe that Dwight and Steven Hammond were not afforded their rights to due process as protected by the United States Constitution," the document begins.

Should that prove futile, however – as many observers and those familiar with the Hammonds' case believe it will – supporters are prepared to up the ante in a bid to convince state officials to act. The officials were given five days to respond; as of this publication, none had done so.

Failing the redress, "we will do one more notice – a notice of demand – demanding that the Hammonds' rights be restored, and that will most likely be ignored as well," the source told Natural News.

"We will be calling people to assemble after that," the source continued.

When asked to further define what was meant by "assemble," the source said, "We're going to call militia groups, patriot groups, individuals from across the country to unite ... for the purpose of peacefully assembling – at first."

'We are exhausting all measures'

When pressed further about what reason people would be given to assemble, the source said, "We haven't gotten to that point yet. We hope we do not have to go to that measure. That's why we're exhausting all our prudent measures.

"But basically, if you want an answer to that question, it will be to restore the Constitution back to the people" of the county, the source continued, saying a meeting with locals was scheduled for this week to discuss next moves.

"We want everybody to see and hear the dialogue between what [federal] officials say happened and what really happened, and then the people can make their decision" regarding the Hammonds – who have said they did not commit arson, but instead attempted to burn off underbrush and, in 2006, light a backfire to contain a forest fire that started from a lightning strike, the source said.

According to the redress document, supporters of the Hammonds have a number of issues they want state officials to examine, including potential usurpations of the Constitution regarding their case.

Supporters insist that the mandatory minimum sentence of five years is a violation of the Eighth Amendment's protection against "cruel and unusual" punishment, and that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals violated the Fifth Amendment's protection against double jeopardy, by ordering the Hammonds re-sentenced for the same crime.

Gay couples ‘could have their own biological children carrying traits from both parents’

Surely the “Days of Noah and Lot” are now upon us! We are living in the era of genetic altering and playing God through scientific research and experiments. Such is the case that’s being reported from The Mirror, In which Gay couples could now one day have their own biological children carrying traits from both parents, according to new research. According to the report a reproductive technique yet to be tried on humans would be able to use sperm from two fathers, or eggs from two mothers, to create offspring related to them both.
This breakthrough could even lead to ‘multiplex parenting’ with groups of more than two, or children created by just one parent. This method is most advanced in mice but studies suggest, whilst not yet advanced enough on human cells, IVG for reproduction may one day be possible.
Matthew 24:37 – But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Bomb Threats Going Off Across America: Texas, California, New York, Arizona…

(Written By Lisa Haven) Bomb threats are breaking out all across America as multiple schools, malls, theaters, and other public areas are becoming targeted. Within the last week alone, multiple events have broken out and there has been a surge in such threats. Schools from Houston, Texas, to Los Angeles, California, to New York, to Muncie, Indiana, toMiami and Fort Lauderdale Florida, to Farmington, New Mexico to many others have been specifically targeted.
Additionally multiple malls were put on notice due to bomb threats made against them including the following malls: Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe Arizona, Largo Mall near Tampa, Florida, Shops at Riverside near Hackensack, New Jersey, Animas Valley Mall in Farmington, New Mexico, and others. This is just a small piece of what’s really going on. MORE 

26 yrs to life: CA woman who microwaved baby to death gets jail

A Sacramento mother who killed her six-week old daughter by placing her in a microwave has received a 26-years-to-life sentence for the crime. The woman says she had an epileptic seizure and did not realize what she was doing.
Ka Yang was convicted of first degree murder of her daughter Mirabelle Thao-Lo in November at a Sacramento court before being handed down a final sentence Friday.
In March 2011, Yang was left alone with her daughter at her family’s home in California for 11 minutes, when she placed the baby in a microwave for up to five minutes, according to the prosecutors. The child suffered “extensive thermal injuries” with burns to 60 percent to 80 percent of her body, some going as deep as her internal organs.
The thirty-four year old initially told detectives she passed out while sitting at a computer and then woke up to find her injured daughter beside her next to a space heater. Investigators later found the child’s pacifier in the microwave.
Yang’s story changed and over the course of the three-week trial, lawyers for Yang told the court the mother of three had had an epileptic seizure when the murder took place so was not aware of what she was doing at the time. Paramedics, however, did not find Yang disoriented when they arrived at the house.
"I never thought that with my seizure I will lose my little girl," Yang told CBS13 in 2012.
"She didn’t know what she was doing," Lao Paochoua Thao, a spokesman for the Yang family, told the Sacramento Bee.
Jurors rejected Yang’s claims and after a day of deliberation found Yang guilty of first degree murder.

Wake-up time in Europe: Time to get armed

Of all the countries in Europe being overrun with Islamic refugees, Sweden may be the most vulnerable.
Known as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance in a pre-manufactured multicultural society, Sweden is seeing the first signs of a culture breaking down.
Official law enforcement statistics show a significant surge in violence in Sweden even before the massive influx of 190,000 refugees in 2015. Sweden has been importing Muslim immigrants into its major cities for decades, and parts of Stockholm, Trelleborg and Malmo have taken on a new, distinctively Middle Eastern look and feel. Sexual assaults, killings and gang activity are all on the rise.
But the flood of new refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa in 2015 has been a wake-up call for many Swedes, who are now getting armed, reports Ingrid Carlqvist for Gatestone Institute.
Carlqvist says Sweden has become, not a police state, but a “nightwatchman state – every man is on his own.”
With the influx of 190,000 unskilled and unemployed migrants expected this year — equivalent to 2 percent of Sweden’s current population.
That number is as if 6.4 million Islamic migrants arrived in the U.S. in one year, as opposed to the roughly 200,000 that come to America annually.
“And the Swedes are preparing: demand for firearms licenses is increasing; more and more Swedes are joining shooting clubs and starting vigilante groups. … According to police statistics, there are 1,901,325 licensed guns, owned by 567,733 people, in Sweden.”
Add to this an unknown number of illegal weapons. To get a gun permit in Sweden, you need to be at least 18 years old, law-abiding, well-behaved, and have a hunting license or be a member of an approved shooting club. In 2014, 11,000 people got hunting licenses: 10 percent more than the year before. One out of five was a woman.
“There is also a high demand for alarm systems right now,” a salesman at one of the security companies told Carlqvist.
“It is largely due to the turbulence we are seeing around the country at the moment.” People have lost confidence in the state, he added.
Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, told WND he recently returned from a conference in Europe, where he learned that many countries are experiencing soaring weapon sales. WND reported Oct. 26 on one such country, Austria.
Obtaining a working firearm and ammunition in many European countries – such as Germany, Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands – is practically impossible for the average citizen.
Germany, for instance, requires a psychological evaluation, the purchase of liability insurance and verifiable compliance with strict firearms storage and safety rules. And self-defense is not even a valid reason to purchase a gun in these countries.
Sweden’s gun laws are also ultra-tight. It is illegal for a civilian in Sweden to carry a firearm, unless for a specific, legal purpose, such as hunting or attending shooting ranges, according to the website Sweden.org.
Guns must by law be stored in an approved safe. And to transport firearms, there are also rules. “The general regulations are that the gun must be unloaded, hidden and transported in a safe and secure way under supervision,” the website says.
But even with these restrictions, increasing numbers of people are willing to go through the red tape necessary to get a gun.
“In Sweden, gun and ammunition sales are up just like in other European countries due to the wave of immigrants from the Middle East and the increase in terrorism,” Gottlieb said. “People everywhere want the means to defend themselves. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.”
In Sweden, Carlqvist reported that residents are reporting longer response times from overburdened police. And sometimes, depending on the location, the cops don’t come at all.
She writes:
“Truck drivers say that when they see a thief emptying the fuel tank of their trucks, they run out with a baseball bat. It is no use calling the police, but if you hit the thief, you can at least prevent him from stealing more diesel. Many homeowners say the same thing: they sleep with a baseball bat under the bed. But this is risky: the police can then say you have been prepared to use force, and that might backfire on you.
“The salesman, who asked to remain anonymous, also spoke of Sweden’s many Facebook groups, in which people in different villages openly discuss how they intend to protect themselves: ‘Sometimes you get totally freaked out when you see what they are writing. But you have to understand that Swedes are really scared when an asylum house opens in their village. They can see what has happened in other places.’”
At another security company, a salesman said every time the state immigration authorities buy or rent a new housing center for refugees, his firm is swamped with calls.
“The next day, half the village calls and wants to buy alarm systems,” he told Gatestone.
Pamela Geller, the anti-Shariah activist and author of Stop the Islamization of America, said Sweden represents the future of Europe. And long term, it could easily be America if it continues to head down its current path.
“This is indeed the future of Europe,” she wrote in a recent blog. “By their irresponsible and short-sighted, suicidal immigration and refugee policies, Europe’s political and media elites have ensured a future of violence, bloodshed and chaos for their people.”
Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, said any Western society that is modeled on tolerance had better also be protective of citizens’ rights to defend their homes and their persons.
“In America, we say that a liberal who was mugged yesterday is a conservative today. It looks as if Sweden has a rapidly increasing conservative population that has either recently been mugged or has the fear of such imminent violence,” Pratt told WND. “The threat of terrorism in their famously tolerant country has convinced Swedes that firearms and tolerance may not be inconsistent. Tolerance, perhaps, but a gun for sure.”
Jerry Henry, executive director of GeorgiaCarry.org, said it would appear that Sweden and the U.S. have a lot in common.
“There are many parallels, in my opinion. Although citizens in both countries are purchasing firearms for self-protection, the U.S. is ahead in purchasing firearms as we have been doing that in a serious manner since 2008 and continue today,” Henry said.
“Sweden turned a blind eye to the coming refugee storm, and our present administration did its best to get our citizens to do the same thing,” he added. “Now Sweden finds themselves in need to protect themselves and are doing what we have been doing for quite some time.”
As in the U.S., women in Sweden represent one of fastest growing segments fueling the current gun-sale bonanza.
“I am amazed that a citizen in Sweden can be arrested for sleeping with a baseball bat under his bed for being prepared to use force. How ridiculous is that? This is very difficult for me and most U.S. citizens to believe while admitting we have many gun prohibitionists who would love to see such a move here.”
Henry said gun sales are up in all locations across his state, and the demand for concealed-carry permits skyrocketed after the San Bernardino, California, Islamic terrorist attack that killed 14 people at a Christmas party.
“One would expect this trend to continue for quite some time. Most people I know are either prepared for the worst or preparing for the worst,” he said.
“We also have a lot of sheriffs and law officers who are urging armed citizens to carry to protect themselves and others if necessary,” Henry continued. “This is a huge reversal from just a couple of years ago. This is especially gratifying when our president’s first thought after a mass murder is to discuss how he plans to implement gun control.”
“The Age of Aquarius was in the 1960s and 1970s, but the Age of Awakening may be appearing just over the horizon.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/12/wake-up-time-in-europe-time-to-get-armed/#RbXJRJiSBPdO4b0X.99

FDA Announces that ‘Gay’ men can now donate blood

(Cheryl Chumley) The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday the lifetime ban on “gay” men donating blood has been lifted. The ban was enacted years ago, when the AIDS crisis was in full swing. But now, in part to pressures from “gay” rights activists, the prohibition against “gay” male donations of blood has been overturned.
The FDA said the reversal was “backed by sound science and continues to protect our blood supply,” the Associated Press reported. Some regulations still exist, however. Officials have replaced the outright, life-long ban with a policy that prevents “gay” men who’ve had sex with another man in the last year from donating blood. AP reported Australia and the United Kingdom have similar restrictions to the new FDA policy. SOURCE 

New World Order Transhumanism

Humans 2.0: How the robot revolution is going to change how we see, feel, and talk

Robots aren't going to replace us, but by working hand in hand with us they will redefine what it means to be human.

The year is 2025. You're sitting in a surgery watching your doctor carefully insert the tips of her fingertips into black thimble-like actuators.
A screen in front of the doctor flashes with the image of a glistening tunnel of flesh and, as she huddles over the controls, you feel a stirring in your bowels.
The gelatinous mass you feel coming to life inside you found its way into your body 24 hours earlier, when you swallowed a pill that looked unremarkable, save for its bulk.
That pill was actually a package of edible electronics, a miniature robot that will allow the doctor to feel inside your body without making a single incision.
This is the coming world of augmented humans, where technology gifts people senses, skills, and strengths never before available.
The swallowable robot is only one scenario that researchers in Bristol in the west of England are working to make a reality, as part of research that seeks to use bots to enhance, rather than replace, people.

"Just as humans like you and I are not able to do everything and don't know about everything, robots will always have limitations."
Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
Other projects include work to allow surgeons to operate on people located miles away with superhuman precision, and managers to split their day between offices situated on opposite sides of the world.
The conversation about robots today so often revolves around fears of how they will replace us, rather than help us.
Yet as the research taking place at Bristol shows, robotics is "more about augmenting people than it is about making them obsolete," says Professor Anthony Pipe, deputy director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
He sees this research as reflecting a future where robots and humans enjoy a more symbiotic relationship—where robots work alongside people, enhancing their capabilities.
"There are lots of areas where robots could help humans do things," said Pipe. "That's really one of the big new areas. So as opposed to replacing humans, helping humans will be a large area for growth."
Pipe talks about "human-robot teams" working together. "We're not saying the robot suddenly becomes a simulacrum of a human being—it's still a robot doing the dumb things and being instructed by a human being—but it may be able to do more useful and skillful things than robots have been used to do so far."
He is not alone in his assessment that robots will routinely collaborate with people. In the US, professor Manuela Veloso of Carneige Mellon University has built CoBots, wheeled bots that automatically escort people through the university building but ask people for help when needed—or instance, to call the elevator for them.
Just as bots can help people, so they will likely always need humans, Veloso said—whether it's an automated car that needs a person to take the wheel during snowy weather or a robotic warehouse picker that can't get a grip on a slippery object.
"Just as humans like you and I are not able to do everything and don't know about everything, robots will always have limitations," said Veloso. "The thing would be to continue developing algorithms in which the robots themselves are useful but capable of asking for help."
The swallowable robot—called the MuBot—has been the focus of researcher Ben Winstone's work at Bristol Robotics Lab in the west of England.
In effect, the device would transplant the tips of the doctor's fingers onto its exterior, so when the robot pushes against the inside of the intestinal tract, the doctor would feel the sensation as if his or her own fingers were pressing the flesh. Using this device, doctors of the future could feel for the telltale outline of tumors and other cancerous growths in patients.
"Medical practitioners have spent years developing a highly enhanced sense of touch to allow them to carefully palpate tissue and recognise suspect lumps and bumps," said Winstone.
"If you could take their hands and put it inside the body without opening the body up, then they can start to feel around and have an idea what's going on," he said.
Allowing clinicians to feel at a distance required Winstone and his collaborators to build an electromechanical fingertip on the outside of the robot. Inside the bot are an array of pins that replicate the biological features found on the internal surface of human skin. It is these pins that stimulate the receptors responsible for letting our fingertips feel. When we detect the shapes of objects, we use the Meissner's Corpuscle, a mechanoreceptor that sits close to the surface of the skin and measures how it deforms when pressed. Similarly, when we detect how rough a surface is we rely on the Pacinian corpuscle, which acts a bit like a microphone in sensing the vibrations upon touch.


Winter solstice: Druids and pagans head to Stonehenge for annual rituals

Druids and pagans are expected to be among thousands of people travelling to Stonehenge on Tuesday morning to witness the sunrise on the shortest day of the year.
Last year, hundreds dressed in medieval clothing to celebrate the solstice, which marks the latest dawn and the point when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky.
The sun will rise over Stonehenge at 8.04am on Tuesday morning and a spokesman from English Heritage, which looks after the prehistoric monument, said they expect a similar number of people to travel to the Wiltshire site as last year, when around 5,000 people made their way to the south of England for the event.
The winter solstice is the annual event which marks the point where the North Pole is tilted 23.5 degrees away from the sun. As a result of the north of Earth leaning away from the Sun, Tuesday will see the fewest hours of sunlight in one day.

German church celebrates 'Star Wars' at a Sunday service

BERLIN (AP) — The force is strong in Berlin.
A church in the German capital invited "Star Wars" fans to attend a special service Sunday themed on the sci-fi blockbuster in an attempt to attract more young people into the pews.
About 500 people heeded the call and attended the service, some carrying light saber props or wearing Darth Vader masks. It was more than twice as many as usually come to Zion Church on a Sunday.
"We were very happy to see so many people in the church today," said Protestant pastor Lucas Ludewig said after the service. "It's great that there are subjects that people are interested in. They trust us to make them part of the church service without making it too Christian or too Star Wars, but to find a good compromise."

With the film's theme song — played on the church's organ — still echoing around the rafters, the 30-year-old said he came up with the idea of the "Star Wars" service while talking with fellow pastor Ulrike Garve, 29, about how much they were looking forward to the seventh instalment in the franchise "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," which opened Friday.
"'Star Wars' picks up religious images, including Christian images and maybe some from other religions," said Ludewig. "In doing so, it shows that the Bible and the Church are part of our culture that keeps being reworked and reinterpreted."
Churchgoer Jonathan Wonneberger, dressed as a Jawa trader, described the service as a welcome change from tradition.
"You don't have to take everything that's religious too seriously. Of course you have to treat it with respect, but when there's a global event like Star Wars, it's ok to jump on the bandwagon," he said.
Scott McGuire, sporting a Chewbacca costume, said he planned to go see the movie later.
"I think the whole question of God is very interesting, but getting up early on a Sunday is one of those things. But for something like this, I'll go," he said.

Support for Legal Abortion Rises To Highest Level in 2 Years

( Yahoo News) More than half of Americans say abortion should be legal in most or all cases, results of a new poll show. Support for legal abortion in the U.S. has edged up to its highest level in the past two years, with an Associated Press-GfK poll showing an apparent increase in support among Democrats and Republicans alike over the last year.
Nearly six in 10 Americans — 58 percent — now think abortion should be legal in most or all cases, up from 51 percent who said so at the beginning of the year, according to the AP-GfK survey. It was conducted after three people were killed last month in a shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado.
However, just over a third of Americans want laws on abortion to be stricter than they are now, the poll shows, while a quarter think they should be less strict. While support for legal abortion edged up to 40 percent among Republicans in this month’s poll, from 35 percent in January, the survey found that the GOP remains deeply divided on the issue: Seven in 10 conservative Republicans said they want abortion to be illegal in most or all cases; six in 10 moderate and liberal Republicans said the opposite. FULL REPORT

Virginia to stop recognizing concealed carry gun permits from 25 states

(The Washington Post) Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) announced Tuesday that Virginia will no longer recognize concealed carry handgun permits from 25 states that have reciprocity agreements with the commonwealth. Under the policy, Virginians with a history of stalking, drug dealing or inpatient mental-health treatment cannot obtain a permit in a state with comparatively lax laws and carry a handgun legally at home. Herring said severing the out-of-state agreements can prevent people who may be dangerous or irresponsible from carrying a concealed handgun.
“While you are here, you are subject to the commonwealth’s gun laws,” Herring said in a news conference. The change means Virginia’s standards for obtaining a concealed weapon are applied “evenly, consistently and fairly,” he said. The move is part of a broader effort by gun control advocates to tighten restrictions without going through GOP-controlled legislatures. Virginia Republicans reacted angrily to Herring’s action, accusing him of politicizing his office to erode Second Amendment gun rights. FULL REPORT

Meanwhile, In Hawaii...

On Sunday we noted that while Obama’s possible successor was busy laying out her (or his) ideological vision for the future of America, the President was busy playing 18 holes in Hawaii, where the First Family is enjoying their annual $4 million, taxpayer-funded Christmas in paradise.
Of course the President wants to make sure the press stays in the loop so he graciously allowed reporters to tag along as he wrapped up a round at the Mid Pacific Country Club on Monday.
While those in attendance didn't get anything notable from the commander in chief on foreign policy or anything else of geopolitical significance, they did get to witness this epic chip shot: 

Nearly 70% of Americans say big government is top problem for nation - poll 

A Gallup poll found that nearly 70 percent of Americans think big government is the country’s top problem. The poll results were released just days after President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill.
While 69 percent of the 824 Americans polled identified government as the biggest threat, 25 percent saw big business as the largest problem for the country and 6 percent were most concerned about big labor.

EXCLUSIVE: DHS placing patriots on domestic terror watch lists in unlawful attempt to escalate violent interactions with police

(NaturalNews) EXCLUSIVE: The Department of Homeland Security is intentionally placing local law enforcement in harm's way by knowing (and falsely) entering the license plates of patriot-oriented radio hosts in the federal "terror watch" database. The aim of this tactic is to intentionally cause escalations of high-tension interactions between local police and pro-gun patriots, knowing that local law enforcement will respond to terror watch list hits with an escalated engagement posture involving firearms being drawn and pointed at the suspects.

The DHS -- obviously at the command of an anti-American Obama regime that absolutely despises both patriots and police officers -- is hoping that either the patriot suspect opens fire on police or that overreacting police open fire on the patriot. Either way, this serves the agenda of the Obama regime and creates a powerful narrative that mainstream media can use to call for nationwide gun confiscation.

How do we know all this? Because Pete Santilli, the host of Off the Hook on TalkNetwork.com, was pulled over by a police officer in Cincinnatti just two days ago. His license plate was flagged by the federal "terror watch list," causing this police officer to respond with a very aggressive, high alert stance with his primary firearm drawn and pointed at Pete and his passenger (the terrorism "suspects").

This response by the police officer was entirely appropriate based on the intel he received from DHS. After all, thanks to open borders and insane refugee resettlement programs, the Obama regime is actively transplanting ISIS terrorists across the United States, readying them for being activated in a nationwide terror wave (see "Obama is a Sleeper Cell" to learn more). But what this police officer did not know is that he was being manipulated by DHS as part of a scheme that deliberately places police officers in harm's way by causing them to collide with "patriots" who are fraudulently placed on the government's terror watch list.

“Because I have political opponents that some of whom actually have access to the terror watch list," Pete told Fox 19. "I believe that what he saw was my name and my vehicle associated with someone on the terror watch list. Somebody who had access to that terror watch list wanted to use it as political intimidation."

Fortunately, both Pete Santilli and the police officer kept their cool. No shots were fired. Pete was arrested and then released less than a day later. Click here to see his "Free at last" video.

Most importantly, within 3-4 hours after his arrest, Pete was cleared of any link to domestic terrorism. He was told that the terror watch list was a "false hit."

DHS says he's a terrorist, then says he isn't

So wait a minute.

How can someone's license plate trigger a terror watch list "hit" and then, a few hours later, that same person is totally cleared by the DHS?

The answer is simple: DHS is intentionally placing patriots on the terror watch list to get them pulled over and hopefully shot to death by cops. Those who survive the interaction are then "cleared" by DHS, which deems to whole thing an "unfortunate mistake."

If someone happens to get shot during all this, so much the better for the Obama regime and the anti-gun political regime, all of whom absolutely LOVE to see more acts of gun violence so that they can exploit them to call for abolition of the Second Amendment.

As patriot radio hosts are being added to terror watch lists, the Obama administration is shutting down FBI investigations into ISIS groups

Keep in mind that all this is taking place at the same time the Obama administration is actively shutting down FBI investigations into people with ties to ISIS.

From BizPacReview.com:

In yet another example of political correctness trumping the safety and security of American citizens, a former Department of Homeland Security employee said the Obama administration shut down an investigation that could have prevented the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher reported that Philip Haney, the former DHS employee, was assigned to the department’s Intelligence Review Unit.

“His job was to investigate individuals with potential links to terrorism,” Gallagher told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File,” Thursday. “He noticed a trend of people with suspected radicalized ties coming into the United States.”

But a year later, the State Department and the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties shut the investigation down, claiming that tracking the individuals and groups was “problematic” because they were Islamic.

Among the 67 of Haney’s records that were deleted was “an investigation into an organization with ties to the mosque in Riverside [California] that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook attended,” Gallagher reported.

Several years ago, after Haney complained of the shutdown of his investigation to Congress, DHS reportedly revoked his security clearance and pulled him from his duties.

The same DHS that shut down the FBI on ISIS is now flagging patriots as terrorists

So the same DHS that revoked the security clearance of an FBI investigator who might have been able to stop the San Bernardino attacks is actively placing patriot radio hosts on the terror watch list.

This is how absurd (and dangerous) the Obama regime has become: Patriotic Americans who love the Constitution are now labeled domestic terrorists. But actual ISIS terrorists who commit mass murder are given a total pass by the federal government. Obama even intervenes in FBI investigations, shutting them down and making sure ISIS is free to operate in America!

So now, at a whole new level, the Obama regime government is actively targeting people who exercise their free speech in defense of the Constitution... the same Constitution that President Obama is sworn to uphold and defend!

That the Obama regime has now turned to this extremely unethical tactic of intimidation and oppression -- which places citizens and police officers in harm's way to achieve a political outcome -- is beyond unconscionable. It is criminal in its intent. This scheme, when honestly considered, is truly an act of government terrorism targeting American citizens. The Obama regime, in other words, is now committing state-sponsored terrorism against patriotic Americans, hoping to initiate violence that it can use to destroy the Second Amendment.

Man Sues Video Game Maker Claims Addiction to ‘Fallout 4’ Cost Marriage and Job

( Fox News Insider) A Russian man is reportedly suing the maker of a popular video game, saying he became so addicted that it cost him his marriage and his job. The man, only identified as a 28-year-old from the Siberian city Krasnoyarsk, claims that he played “Fallout 4” non stop on his computer for about three weeks.
He reportedly started to miss work, leading to his firing, and then his wife left him. In his lawsuit, which seeks $7,000 from Bethesda Game Studios and a Russian firm, the man claims his nonstop gaming caused his health to deteriorate because he was missing meals and losing sleep. His lawyer said it’s the first case of its kind in Russia. FULL REPORT

Muslim “Refugee” Says Main Goal is to “Islamize” Europeans.

A Syrian refugee interviewed by an Arabic television channel admits that his main goal is not to escape war or ISIS persecution, but to “Islamize” Europe by converting its citizens to Islam. “My main goal for leaving Syria is to lead people to the acceptance of Islam,” states the man as he jabs his finger in the air. The individual says that he is willing to “sell” his country and even his own parents in order to reach “paradise” by converting Europeans to Islam who in turn will then “Islamize others.”
“I swear by Allah I only came here for this one goal….I have observed that they are curious and willing to get to know Islam through us,” he adds. As Robert Spencer explains, the concept of Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is celebrated in the Qur’an as a meritorious means of spreading Islam to new territories.
“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” states the Qur’an (4:100). “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” FULL REPORT


The nation’s first state-sanctioned Satanic Ceremony performed at the Michigan Capitol

 While America’s court system is working overtime to rid America of God, prayer and Jesus while targeting Christians as “extremists.”we just experienced our first “state-sanctioned” Satanic Ceremony in history! On December 19th, 2015 the Satanic Temple of Detroit held a ceremony on the steps of the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, making it their first ever State Sanction Satanic ceremony. In the video you will witness Satanists themselves hail Satan, raise their blackened American flags, and vow to bring their Satanic practices into American Schools, businesses, and to the WhiteHouse!


Companies begin planting microchips under employees' skin


  (NaturalNews) The technology has been around for some years now, but the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips and other beneath-the-skin implants has only recently become more widespread.

A high-tech office complex in Sweden is now offering tenants' staff the option of having a small RFID chip implanted in one's wrist that allows certain functions in the building to be performed with a wave of the hand, such as opening doors and operating photocopiers.

Epicenter office block developers are in support of the implanting program, which is being made available through a Swedish bio-hacking group. The group promotes the use of bio-enhancement technology and predicts a future in which sophisticated implant systems will closely monitor a range of inputs from body sensors while interacting with the "internet of things."

In other words, we will soon have the option of being physically connected to the Internet as well as to an increasingly widespread network of smart devices.

For many, the idea of having an implant containing personal information inserted under the skin is not a welcome option. Not only is there maybe something creepy about the whole idea to begin with, but the fact is that a lot of us feel our privacy and autonomy has been compromised enough already, without voluntarily becoming walking transmitters of our personal data.

Some predict that one day it won't be a matter of choice, or that the use of implants and other types of bio-enhancement and connectivity will become so commonplace as to be expected, if not required. The fear is that we will lose our freedom and privacy in the process.

Others welcome the prospect of becoming physically connected to the internet of things, such as the bio-hacking group responsible for the office block's RFID program.

A BBC News feature profiled Hannes Sjoblad, a bio-hacker who organizes "implant parties" where volunteers are implanted:

He is starting small, aiming to get 100 volunteers signed up in the coming few months, with 50 people already implanted. But his vision is much bigger.

Then will be a 1,000, then 10,000. I am convinced that this technology is here to stay and we will think it nothing strange to have an implant in their hand.

Although the RFID chips being used now are capable of little more than opening doors and operating copiers, the potential is far greater. RFID chips will likely evolve into ever-more sophisticated devices, capable of a wide range of interactions.

Already companies are developing technologies that will go a step beyond the already-familiar "wearable" gadgets -- examples include a digital tattoo that can be stamped onto skin and can monitor body functions.

It's certainly easy to imagine that within a few years there will be dramatic advances regarding what this type of technology can do. And since various types of bodily enhancement -- bionic limbs, pacemakers and cosmetic surgery -- are already commonplace, it stands to reason that many people will have few if any qualms about implants and other bio-hacking tech.

On the other hand, the idea of a central authority having the advantage of direct connections and access to an individual's physical body with the potential of monitoring GPS position, heart rate, perhaps even brain waves, is frightening to contemplate.

Most of us have embraced the revolutionary technological advances of the past few decades. We're more connected than ever before, and even if we don't all agree that this is necessarily a good thing, very few of us would willingly give up our smartphones at this point.

But perhaps we should be extremely careful about making the leap to cyborg status. Is this truly an inevitable and potentially useful tech advancement or is it a step too far?

The time for debate is now, because the technology is already entering the mainstream. And as with most technological revolutions, once it has happened there is little hope of turning back.


DAYS OF LOT – Cross-Dressing Men May Use Ladies’ Lavatories in New York

(Breitbart) In a series of new regulations, New York City human rights officials have threatened sanctions to landlords, employers, and businesses who prevent cross-dressing men from using the ladies’ room, under provisions against trnsgender discrimination.
Yet knowing who is cross-dressing and who is not has also become more complicated, since the same new guidelines also ban the gender “discrimination” of dress codes that require men to wear ties and women to wear skirts to the workplace. The newest attempt to enforce gender fluidity also forbids those in positions of authority from using a male pronoun such as “him” or “he” for a man who prefers to be thought of as a woman.
An article in the January/February issue of The Atlantic alleges that as a nation, America now believes by large margins that people should “get to define their own gender, irrespective of biology.” The only fact the article offers to back up this monumental claim is that a survey at the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law found that between two-thirds and three-quarters of Americans support barring discrimination against transgender people—which is a far cry from believing that gender is a subjective construct. READ MORE


ABC Developing Gay Rights Mini-series Chronicling ‘Triumphs’ of LGBT Movement

(Breitbart) Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and director Gus Van Sant are developing an eight-hour miniseries for ABC, which will chronicle the history of the gay rights movement. Black and Van Sant helmed the 2008 Harvey Milk biopic Milk, which won Academy Awards for Best Writing (Black) and Best Actor (Sean Penn).
Van Sant was nominated for Best Director. TheWrap reports Van Sant, who is an executive producer on the upcoming ABC Studios project, will direct the first two-hour episode of the series. When We Rise will reportedly cover the history of the movement, beginning with the Stonewall Riots of 1969:
[The miniseries] chronicles the personal and political struggles, setbacks and triumphs of a diverse family of LGBT men and women who helped pioneer one of the last legs of the U.S. Civil Rights movement from its turbulent infancy in the 20th century to the once unfathomable successes of today. READ MORE


This Is Canada's Depression: Surging Crime, Soaring Suicides, Overwhelmed Food Banks "And The Worst Is Yet To Come"

Back in March, we brought you “Drugs, Prostitution, Violence Plague Oil Boom Towns Gone Bust,” in which we detailed the plight of towns like Sidney and Bainville, Montana, where the slump in oil revenue has made it all but impossible for local authorities to cope with surging crime rates that some attribute to the influx of oil workers the communities experienced in the good old days of high crude prices.
The problem, apparently, was that despite the dramatic slump in oil, companies hadn’t yet begun to cut jobs or slash capex and so, officials were left with less money to put towards policing their growing populations.
As dangerous as it may be for small towns to experience exponential growth in what The Washington Post described as “highly paid oil workers living in sprawling ‘man camps’ with limited spending opportunities,” what’s even more dangerous is the prospect that suddenly, the majority of those workers will be jobless. That is, if there’s anything that’s more conducive to raising the crime rate than legions of highly paid young men living in small towns with “limited spending opportunities,” it’s legions of formerly highly paid young men stuck in small towns with limited job opportunities.
With that in mind, America can look north to Calgary for a preview of what’s in store for America’s oil boom towns.
Although Alberta’s largest city bares little resemblance to Sidney and Bainville, the three do have one thing in common: oil. "Calgary boasted one of the lowest jobless rates in Canada as crude prices rose over $100 a barrel [but] it’s now reeling after a global glut pushed prices down by two-thirds,” Bloomberg notes.



Firearms Top American Christmas Lists

'Dear Santa, please bring me a gun'

Gun sales are soaring once again in the US, with shoppers taking advantage of the holiday season to allay their fears of terrorism and potential gun control measures.

Figures for November show that the FBI carried out some 2.2 million background checks on potential sales of guns.
The figure constitutes a 24 percent increase on figures recorded this time last year, and is the seventh consecutive month to see a record number of checks.
As we previously noted, on Black Friday, a record 185,345 background checks were processed by the FBI.
In October, the FBI carried out 1,976,759 Instant Background Checks.
While the figures do not represent a one to one calculation for gun sales, they are considered a reliable indicator of overall gun sales. Sales between private parties are not subject to background checks.
FBI stats also show that almost 20 million firearms related checks have been carried out in 2015, with one month still to be calculated, the overall figure should surpass 2013’s record of 21,09,273 checks.
Gun sales and concealed carry permit applications in the US have continued to spike in the days following the terror attacks in Paris, and San Bernardino, according to gun store owners.
“Ever since the Paris attacks, we’ve had a lot of customers coming in,” Eric Wallace, manager of Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia told TODAY.
“Buying first guns, buying guns to protect their homes, their families, and themselves.”
“Like any good husband, I asked for the list of Christmas items that you’d like to have and one of the items was a firearm,” gun owner Louis Cole told reporters, adding “Above jewelry was a firearm.”
In addition to the terrorist threat, President Obama has not tried to hide the fact that he intends to introduce gun control legislation via executive fiat. There can be no doubt that this is driving higher gun sales.
Last week, White House communications director Jen Psaki told Bloomberg that within a matter of “weeks, not months” Obama will review recommendations for executive orders provide to him at request by the Department of Justice.
The DOJ continues to work on options to allow Obama skirt around Congress on the issue and effectively counter lawsuits that pro-Second Amendment rights groups have prepared.
According to Psaki, Obama is planning a “range of steps that can be taken as it relates to the people who have access to guns [and] how people gain access to guns,” and that he “will not be satisfied” unless some kind of action is taken on firearms before the end of his term.
In an effort to protect Second Amendment rights, GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul has introduced legislation intended to block any effort by the incumbent president to enforce gun control by executive action.

Marc Andreessen: 'In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it'

Star venture capitalist Andreessen's new $25m bet heralds the dawn of Internet of Things 2.0 

The hype around the Internet of Things has been rising steadily over the past five years. In tech analyst Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report in 2015, the IoT is at the peak of "inflated expectations", particularly for areas like the smart home, which involve controlling your lights, thermostat or TV using your mobile phone.
But the era of sensors has only just dawned, according to renowned technology investor and internet pioneer Marc Andreessen. In 10 years, he predicts mobile phones themselves could disappear.

"The idea that we have a single piece of glowing display is too limiting. By then, every table, every wall, every surface will have a screen or can project," he told the Telegraph. "Hypothetically you walk upto a wall, sit at a table and [talk to] an earpiece or eyeglasses to make a call. The term is ambient or ubiquitous computing."

The end state is obvious - every light, every doorknob will be connected to the internet.
Marc Andreessen
Which is why he has invested $25m into Californian startup Samsara, which is the first of a new generation of "internet of things" devices that solves huge industrial problems, rather than turning your fridge or your toothbrush into a portal to the web.
"This second wave of companies, they don’t want to just do "internet of things"," Andreessen said. "They are showing up three years later, saying ok I know exactly how this is going to get used. It’s for real businesses in industrial environments."
Gartner backs this claim - it predicts that businesses alone will double spending on internet of things units by 2020, going from $767 billion to more than $1.4 trillion.


What happens when facial recognition tools are available to everyone

Chances are, you’re already familiar with facial recognition software, even if you’ve never spent time in an artificial intelligence lab. The algorithm that Facebook uses for tagging photos, for example, is a version of facial recognition software that can identify faces with a 97.25 percent accuracy.
The problem with most of today’s facial recognition software, however, is that it’s computationally very intensive and difficult to use for more than just matching simple photos. If you could speed up the process of recognizing faces, add the ability to track facial features and make it so easy to use that it could be used as a smartphone app by anyone – then it might open up a number of important new opportunities.
That’s the goal of AI researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Sensing Laboratory. Starting in Feb. 2016, they will make available their advanced software facial image analysis software to fellow researchers. The software, known as IntraFace, is fast and efficient enough that it can be installed as a smartphone app.

For now, in order to give a preview of what to expect, the researchers have made available free demonstration smartphone apps, which show how IntraFace can identify facial features and detect emotions. These can be downloaded from the website for the Human Sensing Laboratory, from Apple’s App Store, or from Google Play.
The project’s lead researcher, Fernando De la Torre, associate research professor in the robotics department of Carnegie Mellon University, says that he is already starting to see enormous interest within the AI field for IntraFace. “Now it’s time to develop new applications for this technology. We have a few of our own, but we believe there are lots of people who may have even better ideas once they get their hands on it.”
Duke medical researchers, for example, are using IntraFace as part of an advanced tool to screen for autism. Doctors and clinicians might be able to monitor or detect a number of pathologies, including depression or anxiety, just by checking out facial expressions of patients.

 Warmest Christmas Eve on record to unfold across eastern US

Any hopes of a white Christmas that the weekend chill brought will be dashed in the eastern United States, with this Christmas Eve shaping up to be the warmest on record in many communities.
According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines, "On Christmas Eve, parts of the mid-Atlantic and New England could be just as warm as they were on the Fourth of July."
Record high temperatures, including some record warm minimum temperatures, are likely to be set from Florida to Maine.
New York City already racked their Christmas Eve record at 1:00 a.m., surpassing the old record of 63 degrees at a balmy 67. Temperatures for the afternoon will reach the middle 70s.

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