"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year, Same Ol’ Self?

New Year, Same Ol’ Self?
By: Eric Gajewski 

They say God laughs at those who plan and to a certain extent this is true.  I call to mind my previous self which was swept away by the world, the flesh and the devil which would always plan but according to what I wanted.  Over time the heart begins to realize that happiness is not dictated upon that which I receive from what was originally asked.  No, rather, happiness arrives the day the heart is fully united to His and the soul becomes One with the Beloved.  In truth, I no longer ask, for I truly do not know what is best for me only He does.  When will modern man break from the busyness of the “goings on” and settle himself in silence and solitude long enough to understand this thru the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ? Will this be the year man breaks from self and runs to the Sacred Heart?

As modern man becomes more and more “advanced” we are (generally speaking) becoming more and more distant from His Sacred Heart.  He is withdrawing His grace significantly because of man’s tepidity and laxity toward Religion. Modern man strives to have one foot in the world and one foot in the next life but in by doing so he shall forfeit the latter. Thus, men become more and more blind yet thinking they are wise.  To further prove this we now have a new religion upon the earth called the “Novus Ordo” which is being called Catholic and the sheeple simply follow along in false obedience. What shall happen when men no longer listen to the warnings of Heaven including the church men (no matter what position of authority)?  The only solution from heaven and the Father is chastisement.  The only way hearts will turn and grace to eventually return to those who have “lost it” is the Rod of Correction itself.  

In this New Year shall it be the beginning of the new man? Shall the majority now turn to God in humility and realize that without Him, His Catholic truth (not Vatican 2) and Church, the world will go completely chaotic and dark? Party time is nearly over my friends.  This New Years Eve as the many shall gather to celebrate a new year they ought ask themselves, “what ought I be really celebrating?”  Another day to make a buck, to win more awards and honors, to pursue the goods of this world, to get drunk and have as much sexual pleasure as my body can tolerate?  The constant chase after self is harsh and the majority do not realize that they are servants or sons of the devil rather than of the true God.  Where is the penance? Where is the reparation for a life of self so dedicated to the nonsense of this life? Our Lord warned that this evil and blind generation would carry on “eating and drinking” all the way up unto the “first domino” falls.  For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noe entered into the ark..” Matthew 24:38  Smiles are about to be erased on the surface of the sons of self and it shall be replaced with the grins of a life’s worth of sins.

To serve the self is to live tyrannically.  There is no authority which can choose this for you.  The choice of the Sacred Heart over the self is up to each individual.  You yourself can only choose to live so lowly in the sight of God.  No, Obama, Hillary, or even local authority can impose this upon the soul.  Food, homes and guns may be taken away in the year 2016 but what will you choose interiorly?  Will you continue on in self? Or will you rather decide to give your whole heart to Christ and choose to live for Him and His only Catholic Church alone? Eagles were meant fly but they too must learn to fly by trial and error.  We make mistakes yesterday so that we can improve this day so that in the long run we can stay flying in the skies of which we were destined for. What is there so “gitty” to be about for 2016?  More unlawful laws? More ISIS/false flags? A soon economic collapse? More saturation of self in pornography, immodesty, the further putting of “self” up on the throne. Man sinking further into the quick sand of sin due to self.

On the verge of world war 3, economic collapse, martial law and Planet X's incoming, instead of dressing in sackcloth and ashes, (in this sorrowful hour) we dress up in the latest and finest fashions get drunk and act like idiots. Americans (and the the majority of the world) are blind as a bat. So the only question remains this day outside of how many cheese balls you are going to eat is this, “When will I decide something is intrinsically disordered in my life”  When will I recognize my belief structure is tainted?  How much longer can I sustain and until the harsh reality of my sins is presented to my soul's very eye which shall frighten me to death.  Yea, I said it....its not all about you....yea, it is a New Year but will it be the same ol’ self that stinks of "doo-doo"….

Self's Throne...
Tis' a new year
And all is well
Pass me another beer
What care ought I have 
Why on earth should I fear?
Yay, I will dance this night away
And another day tomorrow shalst be here
I am sufficient for the hour
There is no need to sorrow nor tear
I have plenty wealth, health and even a large home
I am rich more than ye wouldst ever know
Thus, leave me alone this day and get me another drink
Wilst I sit and look down upon thee from my very own throne....