"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Refutation to Mr. Matt's "FSSP vs SSPX" Video

Refutation to Mr. Matt's "FSSP vs SSPX" Video
Expose on Pseudo-Traditionalism and the new "Clarificationism" doctrine
Refuting Pseudo-Traditionalist Michael Matt of the Remnant

We continue on in our war against Pseudo- Traditionalism highlighting the impotent arguments of Pseudo Traditionalist Michael Matt of the Remnant. This was the latest "public service announcement" of the pseudo- traditionalist camp to try and sway in more ignorant people into their camp and thus their errors. TRUE UNITY will not come at the cost of compromise. The more I hear Mr. Matt talk (like Francis idiotically talks) the less I take him seriously. Let us examine and refute...

Here is the video for those who have not yet watched it

This video may have been one of the worst yet by Mr. Matt...
Here are some of his impotent attempts to sell the pseudo-trad ecumenical propaganda. Just as NewChurch has its own false ecumenical movement so do the pseudo-traditionalists (probably to keep them in business).

1) Those in Conciliar Church not being vocal are not cowards
Mr. Matt makes the silly attempt to make the analogy of the present day crisis of Faith with that of the times of the apostles when they were put to death.  This one actually made me laugh. He speaks on my point of calling some of these clergy cowards (which they are).  Are we at that point in time when to speak publicly on the Novus Ordo Religion (at the lower levels) we may lose our life? Absolutely not, this is completely silly on the part of Mr. Matt.  Only in the Vatican do we truly find such threats. Those who know Vatican II and the New Mass are not Catholic yet they continue to be silent for fear of being reprimanded are in fact cowards and full of self-love ( I make no retraction).  But let us go with that argument that priests at local level are being threatened THEN WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU STILL DOING IN CONCILIAR CHURCH ! Use your brain! The Faith is not in the Conciliar Church. If you dont know what a priest stands for how in the world are you going to arrive at a decision to be there or not? Archbishop Lefebvre said that laymen have a right to know publicly what a priest stands for!

2)  We work from within...
Sadly, the position of the pseudo- traditionalists is NO WHERE to be found in Scripture, Tradition, the writings of the Saints or found in church history as precedence (Arianism).  I have covered this point ad nauseum but the pseudo traditionalists offer no solid rebuttal to this fact (they just remove comments and block us).  The Conciliar Church is a Counterfeit Church ti is not the Catholic Church and thus where the Faith is not a Catholic cannot be until the contagion CLEARS by the superiors themselves (as Archbishop Lefebvre taught).  They say this (work from within) because they still accept Vatican II (one of their abominable errors).  They do not reject the Council wholesale which means you ought avoid them and their analysis.  

3) Bishop Schneider saying the Neo-SSPX is "okay" is a good thing...     
Here comes the glaring reality that Mr. Matt like the Neo-SSPX is poisoned.  Bishop Schneider is of the false right/conservative crowd. He has never denounced Vatican II and New Mass and in some cases has even supported it which I have documented in times past.  This is not a good thing my friends. Yet the pseudo traditionalist crowds get all "gitty" and feel warm and fuzzy inside.  How do those following the Novus Ordo Religion properly identify "who is Catholic"?  The Cardinal Burke's and Bishop Schneider's of the world need to repent of Vatican II not tap dance around and imply it is acceptable and say one ought give ascent of the heart and mind to Vatican II and New Mass.  Mr. Matt (Neo-SSPX too) sees these wayward "conservatives" as Catholic whence their doctrine says otherwise.

4) Calls himself a traditionalist...
Mr Matt and those of the "lets accept some portion of Council" crowd are not true traditionalists; they are pseudo traditionalists who objectively speaking cling to "full communion" (which is meaningless in this apostasy).  The constant lets get together and "find a strategy!" of these pseudo traditionalists gets old; it has gone nowhere and will get nowhere. There can be no unity in division of opinion on the matters of Faith.  Vatican II did not reflect Catholicism; it did not reflect our Faith and Gospel and thus does not reflect Tradition. Yet the pseudo traditionalists still accept "to some degree" the Council and even New Mass now. Can you say illogical.

5) Dont go to a priest to ask where it is "okay" to go... 
Apparently Michael Matt has not talked to some of the brilliant St. Thomas Aquinas' out there (like himself). Oh wait! Ive attempted to correct Mr. Matt on his own website before and he blocked me and blocked others without any "serious" theological refutation.  Sadly, Ive had to remove John Venari and some of the other pseudo traditionalists off of my facebook because of their errors and constant removing of our comments without any serious "comeback".  It is always wise to get the opinion of those clergy (even some laymen) who "fully comprehend" the magnitude of this crisis. 

6) Implication on those Sabotaging...
Perhaps Mr. Matt forgot we are "doctrine first" peoples. Unlike him who is willing to bend and break for any opinion we have drawn a line in the sand and said we go no further. This bothers these pseudo traditionalist types even Bishop Fellay who now has said "we want no part with the Resistance" Well of course not because your a pseudo traditionalist and not following your own founder. The feeling is mutual we will not compromise our salvation as these people have. The FSSP (objectively speaking) accepts Vatican II, therefore, they have sabotaged the Faith. Those FEW priests in any of these pseudo traditionalist groups who say there are parts of Vatican II we cant accept STILL DONT GET IT and still are compromisers as the ones Mr. Matt affiliates with. They are poisoned.  So we should all agree to disagree (on aspects of the Faith) and we will call this "unity" (of our movement), sounds brilliant Mr. Matt. I remind myself as to why I do not associate with thee.

7) He is a CounterRevolutionary?...
Since when do Counter-Revolutionaries accept Vatican II and New Mass at all? Answer, they do not! He is a fraud.

8) Use of the term Novus Ordo Catholic... 
How many times have I covered this. I went over this in my refutation of Fr. Carota using the same term. The Pseudo traditionalists love this term. The Novus Ordo Religion is not the Catholic Religion therefore there is no such thing as a Novus Ordo Catholic!  When you see people using this term you know you have wandered unto a pseudo traditionalist page. 

9) No difference between SSPX and FSSP....
The Neo SSPX under Bishop Fellay is a counterfeit brand of the true SSPX. It does not at all follow what Archbishop Lefebvre taught and maintained in principle therefore I could understand why the Mr. Venari's and Mr. Matt's of the world say there is no difference. This is because they are both now poisoned pseudo traditionalist groups we must avoid. The RESISTANCE now only holds what Archbishop Lefebvre truly taught therefore there is a BIG difference. This is more car selling from these pseudo trads to get all of them to come "together". Archbishop Lefebvre said the Conciliar Church is not the Catholic Church the Neo-SSPX and FSSP says it is the Church. Lefebvre taught Vatican II was heretical and schismatic and cannot be accepted at all wilst Neo-SSPX/FSSP now say "to some degree" you can. This is poisonous compromise. 

10) But the ICK, Good Shepherd, FSSP, etc work for salvation of souls....
Objectively speaking they are following the Novus Ordo Religion and are leading people astray. Their analysis and doctrine are TERRIBLE to say the least.  Therefore these pseudo traditionalist groups do not work for the salvation of souls but rather the destruction of souls led by their erroneous doctrine.  I would like some pseudo traditionalists reading or listening to this blog or this weeks radio show, have one of their pseudo traditionalist priest(s) contact me who ACTUALLY reject Vatican II, new Mass wholesale because I havent come across any (mind you this is the most followed true trad apostolate; I have more of  sample size) as Mr. Matt tries to make it sound.

11) New Mass may only be rejected or avoided in certain cases when posing danger to Faith?...
HELLO! The New Mass is intrinsically evil "as is". It is the modernists New Mass. It is illicit and schismatic per dogmatic Council of Trent. How do you say again you "could" go to this new Mass when it doesnt at all represent our Faith? His poison once again exposed before all with his own words. The Neo-SSPX (Bishop Fellay) follows suit with their recent acceptance of the TLM/NO hybrid Mass. These people are poisonous compromisers.  Mr Matt like Bishop Fellay speaks out of both sides of their mouth as cloaked liberals do. I "reject the new Mass" but we have caught him enough implying it is okay to go to the new Mass.  A Catholic (objectively speaking) cannot attend a New Mass, period!

12)  We have to stop with the "Frat vs Frat" group vs. group mentality...
HELLO! Doctrine is doctrine. We have no subjective quarrels with any such person let alone the groups themselves. What divides us is clear: DOCTRINE/ANALYSIS. Here is another poor used car salesman attempt to reduce this crisis amongst "traditionalists" because I think Mr. Matt and Bishop Fellay are "terrible" people. This is silly and impotent as an argument. It is like implying that the girl you just broke up with "for cheating" was left because she wore colors you didnt like. The pseudo traditionalists are "cheaters" to Tradition and I could care less what colors of clothes these types wear.  They are a danger to the Faith so, Mr. Matt, rather than, worrying about others, for "talking about the FSSP" (supposed slander) he should be getting his own rear end in the confessional for his serious sin of compromise!

13) Let us not squabble between each other ("traditionalists) but fight the antiGod forces! 
Wait? Are we talking about those same antiGod forces which were behind Vatican II and new Mass which he accepts:) Do you get my point?  He is delusional and doesnt even relaize the vomit coming out of his own mouth. Those SAME FORCES were behind Vatican II! HELLO! Oh brother I dont even know what to say further here, LOL  His analysis like the Neo-SSPX is a COMPLETE JOKE! 

14) Things have changed for the better! (implication tradition is growing)
You see this constant used car salesman strategy of the pseudo traditionalists to imply Archbishop Lefebvre would be doing what Bishop Fellay is currently doing. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! Archbishop Lefebvre was against these pseudo traditionalist groups/apologists like Mr. Matt and even Mr. Matt has publicly admitted this!  So what they see as healthy is in reality UNHEALTHY! Pseudo traditionalism has grown but pseudo traditionalism is poisonous and may cost you your soul. Lefebvre said this pseudo trad ecumenism (going on at his time) was poisonous and the faithful must refrain from it (Impossible Reconciliation, Fr. Rioult)  And now all of sudden Lefebvre would have "seen it as they see it" WHAT HOT STINKING GARBAGE these vomiteers produce!

15) Catholic Identity Conference in Weirton, WV will be a great showing for Tradition
No , it wont will be the same dog and pony show of the pseudo traditionalist camp who havent got a clue on doctrine and the difference between the two religions at war. I live within ten minutes of the locale perhaps I should pay him a visit face to face:)

Join the Eagle and the Crusade. The Eagles are the face of the CounterRevolution and we do not approve of the pseudo traditionalists!

RECAP: To sum up the Remnants poison from their own video:

Comment left on the Remnant's FB page:
"I hope the SSPX is rejecting Vatican 2 - everything is so murky these days. From what I have read, the FSSP does not reject Vatican 2 and this is a big problem, an impossible problem. Father Hesse is pretty clear on this. As much as it would be nice to all get together, agreeing that Vatican 2 is Catholic dogma is just unacceptable."

Remnant's reply:
"Quite the contrary, thank God (poison!). Much of Vatican II is reiteration of previous and infallible teachings of Mother Church, which is why Archbishop Lefebvre could sign the documents of Vatican II in the first place (he later regretted and said it was heretical/schismatic). The SSPX accepts far and away much more of Vatican II than do the contracepting, cherry-picking cafeteria Catholics of the post-conciliar era. There's the irony. There are a number of rank novelties (UH NO! Heresy and whole new religion) in 5 of the 16 documents of Vatican II on which the SSPX rightfully has been demanding clarification from the Vatican—these include religious liberty, collegiality, ecumenism, etc. But to say that the SSPX "REJECTS" the Second Vatican Council as some sort of illegitimate Council is flat out false, and not at all helpful to their situation.(there you have it form horses mouth!) The SSPX certainly holds, as we do, that Vatican II was a disaster (even as Pope Benedict and Paul VI admitted it was) and the “spirit of Vatican II”(theres that nasty spirit of vatican 2 I warned you on, LOL) is an evil one indeed, but we must be so careful with our terms. The SSPX does NOT reject Vatican II, (Archbishop Lefebvre did NEO-SSPX IS NOT the SSPX) but rather has issued strong and clarion calls for clarifications (cant clarify Masonry any better)on the problematic, non-infallible, and non-binding novelties (no heresies) of Vatican II. There is a huge difference." (which is why we tell you to stay from them, just proved my point!)

So as a recap Mr. Matt thinks we are just fighting against the spirit of Vatican II and those few "errors" in the Council would still not nullify the council?  Apparently the Holy Ghost can teach only 95% truth and, we, based off of this, can still accept the Council!! And he wonders why we want no part of their delusion. How does one better clarify the principles of Masonry in these texts? This is what you call theologically obtuse. Having said all of this we realize the Resistance is not the Church itself but we must continue to pray for these pseudo traditionalist "fumbling and tapdancing" around doctrine so they can have the public appearance (in media) of being Catholic.  The reality is they grow unhealthy. Mr. Matt and the Remnant have never been apart of the solution but has long been apart of the problem.   They can to a decent degree be blamed for the demise of the SSPX.  Reader beware!  Addendum: I was just emailed that another Resistance supporter who was blocked by Mr. Matt.  Dont be fooled by the Pseudo Traditionalists gruel. Get out of this camp and get some sense into you.

Vatican II was not a Catholic Council avoid these pseudo traditionalists!


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  1. The Rabbithole goes deeper. Fifty years later and we still have not understood the Council. The rotten fruits are harvested and piled on the table and still another spring for the Council is anticipated.

    Sounds like a job for Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum.

  2. As I've heard form a convert's position that is QUITE fitting here: "To be steeped in history is to cease to be protestant." The "new church" is NOT STEEPED IN HISTORY, THEREFORE THEY REMAIN PROTESTANT HERETICS. ANY PROTESTANT CONVERT WORTH HIS WEIGHT WILL READILY SEE THIS. As the scales come off, you begin to see that you never left anything of your former faith tradition - you merely converted to yet ANOTHER protestant heretical church!