"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 27, 2015



By: NonPossumus (roughly translated) 


  In 1989 Archbishop Lefebvre said: I hope and am confident that the Superior General of the SSPX (Fr. Franz Schmidberger then), will not make any compromise with the Vatican.

  You notice in the words used, is a bit curious: I hope, I am sure ... or one expects or is sure is it not?

The re-election of Fr. Schmidberger was feared as superior. Exactly one month after the death of Msgr. Lefebvre, (Msgr. Lefebvre died on March 25, 1991) one month later, on May 10, 1991, Fr. Schmidberger made ​​mandatory photo of Pope John Paul II the sacristy of the fraternity. Why did not six months ago? Little details like that. Fr. Schmidberger once told me: "Father, you acknowledge, however, that we are not in a normal situation as regards the Church" What does this mean? It means that we must strive to normalize our situation and be reintegrated into the Church.

 We can say, imagine for example that a news agency will do an interview about castaways who are in a lifeboat, and says But what you do in a small boat in the ocean? Do not you think that you are in an abnormal situation? But how do you return to the ship sinking to a normal situation?
When the Titanic sank, necessarily it had to take refuge in lifeboats. This made ​​the fraternity. Faced with an abnormal situation of the Church Fellowship should be safe. Faced with a completely abnormal situation is normal found in the situation in which Msgr. Lefebvre and the traditionalists found.
Monsignor Lefebvre advised reading certain books. Especially "History of Liberal Catholicism" by P. Barbier which appeared in 1924. This book is very important: Archbishop Lefebvre said "if I had reread this book (read it again shortly before his death) when I founded Seminar (of Ecône), I probably would have given a little different to my seminary training, more training anti-liberal and anti-modernist. "
The P. Barbier makes an introduction which tells the story of liberal Catholicism since its inception in 1830 with Lammenais, saying that the French Revolution had raised the banner of freedom, and the Catholic Church will disappear if it does the same. This is the idea of Vatican II.
Catholicism is in open contradiction with liberalism. If we look for the words "liberal Catholicism" in the encyclopedia or the Internet, for example Larousse says, "is Pope Leo XIII in 1892 has invited Catholics to reconcile France with the French Republic, which began to give life to liberal Catholicism. " This was a political mistake of Pope Leo XIII, in the doctrinal level there is nothing to say, but in France was poorly taken because most Catholics were monarchists. Catholics were 80% or 85% in France. The deputies had been Catholics, the Catholic president, etc. Why in countries with large Catholic majority they have anticlerical government, Mason? "We must destroy the throne and then destroy the Altar". Once the Masons have political power, have been attacking the Church, schools, universities, teaching Masonic ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, and eventually invade the whole society and then the seminars. The young people who came from bourgeois families and liberals were to seminars with these ideas. And little by little were gaining positions in the hierarchy until it took over the papacy. And this happened after the death of Pope Pius XII, triumphing in the Second Vatican Council.
Archbishop Lefebvre said it was very important to study the history of the Church since the French Revolution and a little earlier. Because we realize that ultimately what we face today is exactly the same, we are in the same struggle.
When we see these liberal Catholics are now in positions of leadership in the Church, it is necessary to resist. And now they are talking to rejoin the conciliar church that has seized power, occupying positions of authority. And it is why Archbishop Lefebvre spoke of two Romas. Roma Eterna, Rome Catholic, and also the Rome of today, neo-modernist, liberal, neo-Protestant, who wants to impose the new religion of Vatican II .
Msgr. Lefebvre also spoke to two churches: the Catholic Church and the Conciliar Church. . Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, in early 2015, recalled twice to show the importance, the following words of Archbishop Lefebvre. It is a strict duty to any priest who wants to remain Catholic, the church separated from falling. And this conciliar church that has nothing Catholic is with which Msgr. Fellay wants to reconcile. And for Msgr. Fellay no more than Rome. There is only one Church, the official church, visible, and must be obeyed.
Since 1970, Mons. Lefebvre taught us to become aware of the problem, it is necessary to separate from the church to reconcile.
15 years ago Msgr. Fellay, since the creation of GREC (and since 1992 had contacts with Fr. Lesquen, which led to Dom Gérard to return to the church to reconcile, and then in 1994 with the creation of GREC) works to reconciliation, for the recovery of the Society for the Conciliar Church.
Larousse also found in the liberal Catholicism was first demolished by Pope Gregory XVI in the encyclical Mirari vos. The bastions of liberal Catholicism were destroyed because of the strength of the conservative fundamentalism of the French Action. Because of the school of thought of the French Action. The French action was canceled by Pope Pius XI, another practical error that allowed the liberal Catholicism raise its head again. From then on the left he began to take more and more positions in the French episcopate, who said the Vatican was his work. Since 1926 the witch hunt began, he began to persecute the true Catholics. Father Le Floch, director of Mons. Lefebvre seminary, was forced to leave the seminary. All the work of St. Pius X against Modernism and liberalism, were destroyed. This explains why the traditionalist reaction against the Second Vatican Council. Again Catholics faced a Vatican attitude that led us to abandon the doctrine of the Church for the benefit of the liberal doctrine.
The P. Barbier in 1924 and begins his book: the liberal Catholicism has made ​​three attempts for a century to conquer the French Church and the Papacy. The first after Napoleon I in 1830, with Lammenais which was destroyed by Gregory XVI; the second assault that was destroyed by the Syllabus of Pius IX and the First Vatican Council in 1870; and the third assault of liberal Catholicism was destroyed by St. Pius X.
The idea of liberal Catholic is: the Revolution, that is, freedom; allow freedom for all churches, but for the Catholic Church freedom is the right to the truth. The right of the right, that leads to God. But for the revolutionary freedom is freedom from error, all errors. Liberal Catholics profess freedom for all, which is to forget this radical difference between true right to the truth and the false right of error: human rights, freedom of conscience, religious freedom. And now the point of Vatican II.
In other words, the Church abandoned the law of Truth to play the card of human rights, liberalism. And he lost. When the enemy's weapons are taken, we lose because we abandoned the principles. Truth has rights only, not the error.
In the council, there were bishops who said that we must be honest: when we are in a communist country, we call religious freedom; and in our countries we deny religious freedom. In communist countries we ask freedom for Truth. In other countries, can be tolerated if the error can cause a greater evil. But tolerance is not freedom, it is not right. Only tolerates evil.
The Neo-SSPX is sadly now another compromised
Pseudo traditionalist group to be avoided
And Msgr. Fellay today works for a forbearance agreement, but only tolerates evil, and then the Tradition, Truth be tolerated by the Vatican. Mons. Fellay asks a label, a recognition of the Vatican Catholics.
On this, the latest news is the recognition of the Fraternity in Argentina. Cardinal Poli Buenos Aires has asked the Argentine government to recognize the fraternity as a diocesan entity, Catholic, a Catholic diocesan association. But for this there are a number of forms to fill out are our statutes, our doctrine, authorities acknowledge, our authorities, an entire questionnaire. Then the Cardinal says, are Catholic and asked the Argentine government to consider Catholics and the corresponding advantages, namely that the priests of the Fraternity foreigners may have a legal residence in Argentina. We can not say, as Bishop Fellay, which is only an administrative recognition is administrative by the Argentine government, but also a religious recognition by the Cardinal of Buenos Aires, which says the Brotherhood is Catholic.
Clearly, if he had the approval of Rome, Cardinal all colleagues would accuse him of a crime against the "Holy Spirit" be traditionalist, be Lefebvrist, crypto-Lefebvre, but he would defend himself by saying, no, listen, I do not I'm Lefebvre, I obey the nunciature, and the nunciature is my predecessor, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis. It is also said the cardinal of Buenos Aires that he is a bit auxiliary bishop as the head is still Francisco.
This affair began with Father Bouchacourt in Argentina, continued in Rome. And finally the green light was given by Rome. Obviously. It is said that Fr. Angles Fraternity represents the Vatican Msgr. Fellay.
Then the cardinal of Buenos Aires says the Brotherhood is Catholic in Buenos Aires. So why it is not Catholic in Paris? Or in Rome? Therefore, we are grateful. The problem is that authorities give us this label are the modernist Catholics and liberals. Therefore it is a bad sign.
Then see how practical measures gradually, we have signs that, as Father Nély says, the train has left the Fraternity toward Rome. And Father Nély says that disagrees to get off the train.
Fellay said in the Cor Unum 102 of 2012 that the situation has changed. The principle is not to practical agreement without doctrinal agreement, but the situation has changed. So we have to change our attitude toward Rome. This means that we must condemn much less the errors of Rome, the new religion was much less criticize Vatican. And many priests end up being convinced that we are truly in an abnormal situation. And Msgr. Fellay takes to normalize the situation of the fraternity, so they decide to normalize their situation. As Father de la Motte, who just passed to the diocese of Versailles.
Then Msgr. Fellay, by his attitude, has caused two priests pass next to the Resistance. But priests have come to the left and to the right. When one is faithful to the principles of Truth, the division is introduced. Here in France there is division among priests and the faithful division.
There is a confusing situation. But Msgr. Fellay is surrounded by priests who think like him and we see how the Fellowship can change course. We must pray much for Msgr. Fellay is primarily responsible for this situation. It will destroy the work of Msgr. Lefebvre.
How is it that these priests of the Fraternity who were trained by Msgr. Lefebvre have come to this situation? We can only imagine.
Father Nély said in June 2012: There is a whole generation that grows and lives as if there were no Pope in the Church. This generation has taken a schismatic mentality, perhaps sedevacantist and this is very serious. Therefore it is very necessary that we arrange things in Rome.
Mons. Fellay and his colleagues have to think they have a mission from heaven. Which is to prevent the beautiful work of Msgr. Lefebvre finished as a small church, a schismatic sect. This is completely idiotic, because we have well trained and know perfectly what a schism. It is not this. And we know that it is normal that if we are Catholics faithful to Tradition, we are in an apparently illegal situation. And this will work out as God wills, probably a miracle, and when this happens, be the first to give thanks to Heaven and we will under a new fully Catholic pope or a pope become. Admittedly, the conversion of Pope Francisco seems quite difficult. God can make a miracle.
Given the confusion that represents for Catholic attitude of the Pope, to the ambiguities and contradictions of Msgr. Fellay what should we do?
Do what we did 50 years ago: Sustaining our principles, study the catechism, and especially in the footsteps of the exceptional man who was Archbishop Lefebvre, who taught us what we should deal with this situation of the Church.. Then you have to reread Mons. Lefebvre, meditate on his words and sustain its position without turning neither to the right nor to the left. To the left they are diverted authorities of the fraternity. And on the right, naturally harden in the fight and say that everything is finished. But Our Lord promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church.
Archbishop Lefebvre studied hard, consulted great theologians, canonists and great resistance to authority it is legitimate, absolutely legitimate. You can recognize the pope and disobey. St. Paul says in his Letter to the Corinthians: We have no authority against the Truth. All our authority is for your edification in faith and morals. We apostles have no authority for your destruction, that is, to destroy or diminish your faith or your morality.
Therefore it is our duty to resist. Without therefore say that everything is finished, the authority of the Church, everything is gone, as this is also serious, even at the level of faith.
As well we are: we must listen, ponder everything that Archbishop Lefebvre told us for 30 years, is bright, clear, and saved all that could be saved.. Unfortunately Mons. Lefebvre did not find an administrative officer with enough conviction to continue his fight. When walkers began to doubt, to fear, and madness, utter madness. We have been forced to separate in some way to remain Catholic. Now it's over. Even Msgr. Fellay acknowledged, the situation is worse every day and even worse Francisco.

Therefore, we remain faithful to the legacy of Mons. Lefebvre. And we keep hoping. We now live a punishment, the pastor has been struck and the flock scattered. They are in confusion in doubt. We have no doubt we have the certainty of faith, hope, and charity. We know that only one who is faithful to the doctrine of faith and morals will be saved. We intend to keep us faithful to our Lord, the Apostles, faithful to 250 potatoes, faithful to the Church forever. We must stay the course. It is the grace we ask the Blessed Virgin.

Bishop Williamson, Consecration of Fr. Faure to Bishop, March 19th 2015, Brazil 

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