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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 19, 2017

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please keep spreading word of TradCatKnight! Note emails have been responded to privately

19 February 2017
Dear friends,
            A very important liturgical meeting is scheduled in Milan for shortly, 6-9
June 2017. The meeting has been organized with the support of Card. Angelo Scola, Archbishop
of Milan, and impressive panel of prelates scholars have been engaged to speak, including
Cardinals Sarah and Burke.  It is organized by Sacra Liturgia, see
            Anyone willing to participate may register directly at the link here below
            If anyone might need a logistical support a group of friends, who are regularly
attending the Ambrosian rite Mass, “usus antiquior” ( i.e. in Latin) might help on a
voluntary basis. So, should anyone need any such assistance, please let me know.
            The traditional Latin Mass in Milan is said “usus antiquior” [i.e. older form]
because it was not actually ever abolished in Milan, even after the VII Council.
Therefore the diocese of Milan was somehow not properly affected first by the Novus
Ordo and then by the Motu Proprio. The Latin Mass “usus antiquior” in Latin was
only authorized again in 1985.
            The Ambrosian rite is probably the oldest remaining celebrated form of Liturgy
of the Church, since it is preceding the Tridentine one of the Roman rite by more than
one thousand years (even though it went through large insertions of the Roman rite
after the Council of Trent). The Ambrosian rite dates back to the early part of the IV
century. It therefore keeps elements of the Liturgy, which are to be found also in the
Orthodox and Anglican rites. As such, it also considered as an ecumenical predecessor
            You know of the current rumors of projects by Bergoglio for a new “ecumenical”
Catholic Liturgy, which are said to be intended as more “inclusive” also for Anglicans
and Lutherans.
            In view of such “developments” and of the panel of speakers I think the meeting
could turn out to be a focal point in the current life of the Church.


As we know pizzagate and many stories related to child abuse rings and arrests have been in the news both alt media and msm. I am very concerned about Ashton Kutcher's foundation which claims to be fighting child sex abuse and human trafficking. Ashton Kutcher testified before congress last week which can be seen here: short clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOc-SjcR6Eo  Full hearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBZdRe8cheQ  Here is the link to the foundation: https://www.wearethorn.org/ some of the sponsors are google and microsoft.(RED FLAG) The tech used by this foundation seems to be some form of AI that learns you will have to listen to the hearing to hear the tech explained.

What really concerns me is Ashton Kutcher:
Here he is giving the hidden hand:

Here he is wearing a Masonic hat:

And at a ball game proud of Masonry:

My concern is that this could be a trojan horse to take down the internet (who could be against stopping child abuse and human trafficking?) or a way to completely monitor the web and control and protect the real pedo rings by having full spectrum dominance via AI Knowledge. Please review the whole matter I think this foundation needs eyeballs on it ASAP I do not want anything to stop the break up of the pedo rings. It is possible that a Mason could be against child abuse rings and human trafficking but who could trust a Mason? Not me. Even if Ashton Kutcher is well intended the money and the tech behind this foundation can be manipulated. I think this foundation may be the elites response to the podesta emails.

In Jesus and Mary,
Michael C.

From Charlotte Iserbyt
Please contact President Trump and AG Sessions to encourage them to continue their efforts in regard to need to clean up the utterly corrupt justice system (with a very few exceptions) in MOST if not ALL of our states.

Trump and Sessions MUST have the support of the American people in what appears to be the beginning of a thorough house cleaning.


First thank you for doing your part to awaken all of us to the truth. God was generous enough to open my eyes to the evils of this world late last year. My question is -John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus by baptizing a large amount of people by water. Why is it, in these "end times", the church isn't trying to do this now? For example, I looked to different churches to see when they do baptisms. Mostly all of the churches, whether it be catholic, baptist, episcopal, etc, had very few dates someone could be baptized. I may be over dramatic or not fully educated in this area but if someone wants to accept Jesus and has a calling wouldn't you be able to walk into a place of worship and be baptized right then and there? I'm not suggesting a drive through baptismal service, but when someone has just a second to where they want to accept Jesus shouldn't we take that opportunity to try and save that person? Again, I may be wrong, but it's just a thought. FYI, I was baptized as a child but wanted to be baptized as an adult. I know the commitment and dedication of walking with Jesus shouldn't  be taken lightly but does it matter what church to be baptized? I grew up in catholic faith up until I strayed in my 20's. I'm a Christian but have always stayed steps away from the traditional church because of how gloomy the "fire and brimstone" preaching was. Now, seeing everything that's happening around us, YOU CANNOT DENY the impending judgment of God. Thank you for taking the time to read this, love your broadcast on YouTube.



Isn't it ironic that the BVM wants Russia consecrated. Putin and the Russian Orthodox Primate went to the anti-pope Francis to request The Consecration and Francis turn them down with indignation and arrogance. 

Ron W.

I like your show. What does planet x look like? is it a star? I am blind, and I pray the rosary best I can, I wasn't raised Catholic. My sister and the rest of my family are a part of the vatican II stuff. 
We love listening to your show, finally a Catholic perspective on things. It's good to hear someone who defends the true Catholic faith publicly, and really knows what he is talking about. To many years of corruption in the church.
 Because of the crisis in the church my husband and I where victims of Vatican II. Being born in the 70's we where raised in the novus order church. And because of this we where not catechized, we where raised with priest that where afraid the speak the truth. And the sacraments where watered down.
I do remember seeing my grandmother praying her Rosary when we would visit her as a little child.
 When I became a teenager I received a Rosary given to me by my mother the day of my confirmation, I took the rosary and hung it beside my bed. I would look at it once and a will but not pray it. But something was pouching me to learn more about Mary and how to pray the rosary, without internet in the 80's there where not a lot of options out there, to find out how to live a real Catholic life, all we had where our local parishes saying Catholic church on the buildings, this is all we knew and had at the time.
But I had a little booklet of catholic prayers, I began to pray my morning/evening and other prayers in this booklet, and I began to pray my rosary on a daily basis. I never really knew anything about the teachings of the church like the commandments, sacraments, purgatory etc.. I started to read books on different apparitions of Mary around the world, this interested me very much. Some of the messages talked about things I never knew about, like monthly confession, fasting, etc... At this time I was living a sinful life being shacked up living with my boyfriend, birth control etc... I wanted to change my life somehow, but never had the courage, or never really knew how, because there was no teaching in our local parishes.
My boyfriend at the time now my husband, heard about this old man that had a prayer group twice a week in his home Wednesdays and Fridays and he also used to read some reading of the holy bible and some teaching, he began his prayer group in 1969 and died in 2009, they would pray for the Priest and the Church, 40 years of praying for Priest.
This Catholic old man would help people that would visit him for encouragement etc.. we began to go in 1992, he had some good teaching there, and it was charismatic, but at the time its all we had and we didn't know better, he told us that we where not living a Godly life and that we needed to go to confession and follow the commandments and we needed the sacraments to be saved.
 My boyfriend and I separated from living together got engaged and married on September 3, 1993. We kept going to the prayer group because its the closest that we had to the truth. Even though we where following the novus order, we still did our best to live a Catholic life, confession once a months, daily mass, rosary every day etc... we also knew that contraception was a mortal sin, so we excepted the children that God would send us. We know have 13 children, 14 in all, lost one 1/2 way in pregnancy.
We tried our best to continue living a Catholic life over the years with many persecutions from family and people around us, but we never gave up we kept praying our Rosary together everyday, and followed the prayer group for support. It was so hard trying to live a traditional life with novus ordo priest, raising our children and bringing them to our local parish.
We thought to ourselves God please help us! We knew of other families in our prayer group that where going threw the same thing. We where all trying to be traditional Catholics in a modern church.
All we had was the Rosary to encourage us over the years, we followed this prayer group for 20 years. Its the rosary that kept us faithful!
In 2012 we discovered the Latin Mass. There was an older priest from our diocese that would once a month have a Latin Mass.
I never in my life ever witnessed a Latin Mass, never even knew that this kind of Mass excited. So we began to go to his Mass once a month, we found it to be so beautiful wow! the reverence for the Eucharist being able to kneel and receive on the tongue!
My husband told this to the prayer group and encouraged them to go.
Most of the people from the prayer group began to go, and the church began to fill up. This started a controversy in our diocese. The local Bishop found out and of course they stopped him from saying his Mass. We where sad, because we lost this Latin Mass.
 At this time my husband and I had 12 children, we suffered many persecutions from all sides, family, local priest, even the law got involved. We where told that we where to strict with our kids raising them in religion, to conservative.  Even people from the prayer group turned against us after this, we felt alone. But we continued praying our rosary as a family every day. It was so hard going to novus ordo after this, witnessing the Latin Mass, it was frustrating, we where bagging God for help!
My husband and I still never had internet at this time, we never knew that there where still Holy Priest and Holy Bishops that kept the Faith and Traditions of the Church, my husband decided that maybe we should look into getting the internet he said that we could control it in our house from the kids. We both decided that maybe it would be a good idea.
 We started watching youtube, and found some sites Fatima.org and started watching Father Gruner and John Vennari and discovered the sspx and began to inform ourselves on Archbishop Lefebvre, we where so happy to see that there where still faithful Holy Priest that kept the traditions and say Mass in Latin only. So we looked up on google to find out if there where any in our area. We discovered that there was a young Priest that has been saying Latin Mass in Dieppe in his apartment since 2013.
Our prayers where answered, God blessed us, we found Father Roy. We began going to his Mass two years ago in 2015, we are so thankful.
Its threw the Rosary, she gave 15 promises with it, and I see this in my life, it started with the Rosary and now I found the true Church with the real Sacraments. 
We know that The Blessed Virgin Mary brought us to Father Roy a Traditional Catholic Priest. We thank God every day!
And now we can say that we are proud to be Catholic!
Father Roy now has a little Chapel in Lakeville New Brunswick, where he is able to say Mass everyday and have his missions in the Atlantic Provinces.
We need to keep praying for the souls that have been victim of the conciliar church, there are people out there that are trying to live a Catholic life they pray the rosary and have a devotion to Mary.
Yes I believe that the Church has been hijacked, the buildings have been taken over by the masons, we are witnesses to this, we seen and lived it. Our local parishes are not Catholic! Rome is not Catholic!
People need to hear the truth!
Keep defending the Catholic Faith!
Be a true solder of Christ!
You will save many souls from hell!
Alex and Nicole D

Hi Eric ~
I am a regular viewer of your youtube's, and would like to make a quarterly donation to help you continue your work.  You have recently had some great guests, and I have enjoyed your interviews on other youtube programs as well. 
Please send me your PO Box, or an address where I can send a check. 
May you continue to be blessed in your work, and thank you. 
Giselle G

Hi, Eric,

Please send me the mailing address to send you a contribution by check. I visit your BlogSpot daily. I attend a traditional Latin mass at an FSSP parish in Colorado Springs. I have long thought the Church was going into apostasy with the inception of Vatican II and I believe the messages of Our Lady at Fatima were to warn us of the Great Apostasy and other chastisements as foretold in the Apocalypse.

Keep up the good work!  Terry M
I agree with you 100_% on the 3 days of darkness.  I had reached out to you prior about some of my prophetic words and visions . 3 days of darkness is one of them . Thank you for your videos .
May Jesus protect you with the armor of God and may Mother Mary wrap around you her mantel of protection. Amen .
Trisha  S
 Dear Eric:

Just writing to ask your mailing address so that I may send you a check to thank you for your tireless service. I have been trawling (not trolling) your sites for the last month. I must say, you have helped me to double down on my Catholic faith. I have come full circle. Against the headwind of those “trolls" whom you speak about. They blow up in comment sections on the guest YouTube appearances you do. The idea of “worshipping Mary” particularly drives them bezerk — and they lash out, like the good protestants they are. 

There is one thing I kept thinking in your latest YouTube. You believe the AntiChrist is not here yet. But I’m becoming more and more convinced that the reason so so many top-level clerics and politicians and astronauts — cream of the elite — are rushing to Antarctica is because they are making a Command Performance. I think Lucifer or Ba’al is recently arrived on earth as a physical form. (They have been operating CERN and only recently took a break.) Lucifer is who/what I think is the sudden attraction in Antarctica. Not that he will be making his debut any time soon. Things have to happen. Nonetheless…that is my current opinion for what it’s worth, subject to change.

Thank you so much for everything you do. I was despairing the other day (because I worry for my son and husband who seem possessed by demons at times). And just then as if on cue, you had the exact message I needed to hear on the matter — something about staying in the battle, although I think you called it a race. Anyway….

Please send your address! 

Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Julie Trump  

P.S. Something else I read said the Three Days of Darkness will come after the Battle of Armageddon. After Jesus slays Satan, Lucifer and their legion. It mirrors the three days after Jesus death on the cross when He descended, as Scripture says, before His resurrection. Don’t know what you think of that??? It’s not the same as you say — and does not seem to jive with the prophecy of the Saints. But if you care to address it….
Julie T

If one spends enough time peeling back the layers of the onion, it becomes obvious that the perpetrators of Fake News are the Fake Jews.

Mike Barry


Some brand new Pizzagate developments.



David Seaman



Hey johnpodesta care to explain whats going on in this sick video you took?
*Watch until end for voice comparison.


I seen your post. I also share research into end-times and I do believe Planet X is part of revelation and judgement. I listen to Steve Quayle, LA, Mike from Around the World, most of the Youtube hosts and pastors. I wanted to talk to other people about their insights or what they think is happening and if it really is end time events happening. I also am building a telescope observatory. I have some pretty interesting videos of the Moon Luna and have some anomalies in them. I am listing somethings I am interested in and see if you ever want to talk or possibly do a Youtube interview. I have done a few interviews for local UFO events not much. I do like to research the fringe and fringe science without going to over the edge. I also look at things with Christ as my guide. I am also very respectful if someone disagrees or is from another religion I think it is interesting to hear different people and their beliefs.

I wanted to ask your opinion about a few topics if you would want to talk possibly if not it is fine too I appreciate your time.

1 Do you believe that incoming celestial object is a reason why everyone is going to Antarctica like it is a resort?
2 I believe that fallen angels use advanced technology such as UFO's however I do wonder if the angels of God the 2/3 that did not rebel if they use technology as well.
3 I do believe in many dimensions we can only see about 4% light when we look into outer space what arent we seeing. Here is my question I interviewed an astronomer who had a good insight about dimensions and asking if we think about new dimensions is it hard to imagine like imagining a color that has never been seen before? He phrased it different and more interesting but I wanted to see what you thought.

I will check my email to see if you are interested in any discussion either way, thank you for your time, Lou

Dear Eric,

I found you via an interview that you gave at Rex Bears show and my old Catholicism seems to be revived with your refreshing view by not accepting Vatican 2.

I keep listening more and more to your excellent interviews and today finally subscribed to your Youtube channel.

Are there any locations for the original and traditional mass  that you can recommend here in Los Angeles?

Then again, I have a job offer pending and might be in New York city as soon as March of this year already. Still waiting for the green light.

Back in Germany last year I had the honour  to participate in a traditional, pre Vatican mass in the city of Ulm (I am from Germany originally and am back here in America since 11 months again), seemingly already then stumbling over this new version of an underground Catholic church.

But only here in America and thanks to your interviews a larger, more clear picture seems to arise.

Thanks for any information,

Christoph Rimmele
Mayor Francis Slay signed the "Sanctuary Abortion" bill into law 2/14/17

"After the vote on Friday, Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis Robert J. Carlson spoke out strongly against the bill, slamming it as “vile” and “misguided.” He said the archdiocese and its agencies will not comply if it becomes law.
I am outraged that the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen has now enshrined into law an ordinance which creates a ‘sanctuary’ for the despicable practice of abortion,” Carlson said in a statement. “In other words, the laws of the City of St. Louis now actively protect and promote the killing of unborn children.”
“The passage of this bill is not a milestone of our city’s success. It is, rather, a marker of our city’s embrace of the culture of death,” he continued.
Archdiocese lawyer Tom Buckley also previously told the city that the bill violates the U.S. Constitution, and the archdiocese will sue if it becomes law."
Betsy K
Greetings, Eric!
I just listened to the interview with Father Stetenovik. One of two of
my daughters recently relocated to Beaver PA and would be grateful for
her to find the Tridentine Mass in her area. While there we visited
Franciscan U. My other daughter is considering it. What are your

I am a Catholic born into the Traditional Latin Mass...  Cycled
through Catholic Charismania, having no idea about Vatican Coup for
most of my life until the great awakening in the last 5 years or so:
Father Kramer's THE DEVIL's FINAL BATTLE (the beginning for me) was
left (for me :) in the back of the church which had a Sunday Indult...

When I visited PA we attended the indult at St. Peter Minor Bascilica
... Where to go?
God bless you and yours,
I have to say that I’m a huge fan of your work and know within my soul that big changes are coming.  Thank you for your continued diligence as you continue to spread the word. I can only imagine that it is extremely time consuming to do what you do and I want you to know that your work is appreciated! Thank you!