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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, February 2, 2017

FAITH Tested...

FAITH Tested
By: Eric Gajewski

Let us face it we all know someone who has given up already at this point on Religion.  The world has certainly swept away a good number out into the sea of the damned however we should have every hope that they might gain sight of the shoreline once again and return.  Now is not the time my good friends to abandon the Catholic Faith that Christ left behind.  There truly is no reason to do so no matter how bad things seemingly get in the Church.  In this final Passover, the faithful are being tested.  Who will stand with Christ?  Who will continue to speak up without fear or reservation that he will be labeled a loon or a heretic.  Christ warned that most wouldn’t keep the Faith in the endtimes so why are acting surprised.  It must be this way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Carnal eyes vs. the inner eyes.  If man continually stays on the “surface” and moves form distraction to distraction how can he survive these days?  Without a strong prayer life you will barely be able to stay in a state of grace let alone try to persevere unto the end.  There are far too many who see with carnal eyes only and thus they succumb to doubt and worry.  They are too worldly for their mentors and directors come from the TV rather than and holy person trying to keep on the narrow path.  When my eyes were wide with this world God put me on my back literally.  I suffered then suffered then suffered some more until I learned to stay inward.  My carnal eyes began to close and like Paul I went blind on the surface but my inner eyes began to open.  I arose anew with the eyes of an eagle and now see through His eyes and not my own.  Through faith we are not “moved” by any negative reports or news.  Through Faith we already know.  We have the answer which is not yet discovered but because our hearts are one with His we have resigned all things to His good care.

Temptations around us.  I truly cant imagine another time when so many temptations arounds us prevail.  Our Lord warned about this in the Gospel and through various mystics that charity would grow cold and virtually all would be self seeking.  Take a look at the Conciliarists of Vatican II who are trying to align themselves with the world.  Take a look at the faithless Jews and Masons who praise Vatican II and ask yourself should I succumb to the same temptation of trying to fit in with everyone else?  Brethren, I could care less what my neighbors think let alone my local Bishop.  We can refute them very easily on the doctrinal level which is why they avoid us rather than trying to point the finger at us.  Secondly, on the front of temptations, we are surrounded by filth everywhere.  From the way our women dress, to TV advertisements, to billboards this modern society swims in sexual perversion.  Without purity, it is impossible to see the Face of God because impure souls are deprived of God’s grace.  Now apply that to today’s society.  Generally speaking VERY FEW live with the inner eyes of an eagle yet they say they fly!  These are the fools of our hour who take up temptation and perversion and have normalized it.  God’s wrath is already upon them it is only a matter of time before this is manifested upon this godless modern world.

Fr. Kramer: Fatima, Church History & Present Crisis  

Scandals and Heresies abound.  We also find few days where we “escape” the days headlines without some kind of scandal or novelty coming from Rome.  The dioceses are no different for they are “evolving” even more to align themselves with the coming New Age Religion.  Amidst all of these scandals and latest buffooneries from Francis we must emian inward with inner eyes and see God has a Plan in all the madness.  Our Lady knew that Her Son must be put to death and how difficult to witness but She kept her inner eyes wide and knew the bigger picture.  Do we see the bigger picture as Our Lady sees it currently?  Or do we whine, complain and gripe asking God “why, why why?”.  

Furthermore, even in supposed traditionalist churches heresy abides.  I still find so many traditionalists clinging to the Protestant/Zionist notion of what is “Israel”.  I still hear some talk about religious liberty.  Perhaps for some it is all but too much.  They don’t know where to turn and thus they leave the Catholic Faith altogether.  Yet what does this do for your soul?  Even the early Apostles were tested and you think as endtime witnesses to the true PreVatican II Gospel you are going to find it easier then them?  Let us not fool ourselves God is testing us.  Who can know their relationship is strong with their partner until they are each tested.  I recall some of my past relationships before my conversion and see how there simply was no love lining us together in the end.  How much do you love Jesus?  Enough to just keep the Faith Sunday and avoid all doctrinal disputes?  Enough to keep yourself from lusting for a few days on the computer?  What is it now that you can hand over in exchange for your immortal soul?  Thus, why quit fighting?

Antichrist arrival.  If you don’t have Faith now what will you do then?  Accept his mark because other “Christians” are doing so?  The Tribulation is called as such for a reason.  It will be a period of the worst suffering on a global scale the world has ever known.  God will drive man back inward to find his true self once again and see it is not this world that our eyes should have been focused on.  Our Lord said for the sake of the elect that if He did not shorten the hours of the day NO ONE would survive and yet so many will go to bed with their stomachs filled.  We have all the comforts and distractions any man could ask for but Faith is virtually nowhere to be found.  We are truly blind peoples.  Recognize in your ow lives that God is testing you in certail trials He allows.  He is preparing you now even BEFORE the GREAT STORM comes so that you are ready to spread your wings as an eagle in Faith and Hope.  Thus, don’t make your Cross any heavier by trying to fight it.  It is a battel you will never win.  Make no mistake just as the Antichrist and his cohorts will arrive so will God’s eagles.

Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.  Have you forgotten?  The war has already been won thus why focus on a few “lost battles”.  We win in the end therefore be encouraged.  What good is it if everything in our life goes our own way what fun is that?  I want to fly with the wings of Faith and Hope and see where God takes me because it is much easier to fly than to walk with my own carnal legs.  The problem is that we have become to accustom to walking with the world.  We have become to accustom to just accepting the “get by’s” in life that we no longer strive for what is above us.  If you would have asked me 10 years ago that I would be doing this work for Jesus and the Church I would have laughed.  I was to busy entertaining the females, enjoying the night life and pursuing self wherever I could.  Yet, I look back and truly see how empty it was because Christ was not in me.  I am whole now wherever I go.  To the dungeons or FEMA camps I have a smile within that arises to my surface.  Holy Religion in the end will Triumph but will you triumph over your fears, worry’s and doubts?  Take these to the Cross and simply be.  Remain in silence and solitude and God will pick you up with a mighty Wind and show you that what you seek is still below what He has to offer.  Let your Faith be present before all and when the devil comes to mock and laugh at you simply smile.  The devil knows his time is short but do you?  Knowing that we don’t know how much time each and everyone us has left….should we delay any longer as Soldier’s of Christ in terms of taking our salvation seriously?  No diamond is made without first being “something altogether different”.  It must be crushed and left in the intense heat to arrive at its final product.  The Cross is how we become God’s diamonds yet why do so many want to remain “something else”.  We all have choices to make but as for me I choose Faith over fear.  The Great Test is coming be sure to ‘study’ now and prepare for the final examine.

Our Lady of LaSalette: "Only Faith Will Survive"