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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fr. Voigt, "Times Evoke Blessing or Blasphemy"

Fr. Voigt, "Times Evoke Blessing or Blasphemy"

Blessing or Blasphemy?  What will it be for you or for me?  Do we run out of the house and head for the hills?  Do we fly to the roof and hide from the world below?  We have come to a point in the message of our Lord that tells us that all things are coming to a futile end.  St. Paul reminds us that the world was created for "futility".  Everything in this world of our is destined to fail us.  As our Lord said:  "Seek the kingdom of heaven and all else will be yours."  So as all things collapse about us do we "bless" God or do we "blaspheme His name."  Let us consider a few points and ponder their conclusion.

First, all of us sons and daughters of Adam and Eve are plagued by a sin known as "original".  It is Original sin that forfeited the divine gifts of immortality, infused knowledge and impassibility.  They were gifts from God and we know that they would be ours if the condition for them were fulfilled.  If only we would trust and obey the God Who loves us more than we love ourselves.  Instead we all failed and are poisoned with this fourfold effect of our Parents' first sin.  We are "ignorant" and need to struggle to find the light of God's Truth.  This ignorance within our intellect is becoming more and more dominant as man seeks to usurp the position of God.  As George Soros comments "It is man who made God."  He has reversed the order and he is destroying society in the meantime.  

From ignorance in the intellect we find malice in the will.  We want revenge when someone treats us unjustly.
We will hurt another by means of the tongue that God formed in us.  There is this hatred which is increasing; we find that the comment of our Lord is coming to fruition:  "When I return will I find any faith, any love?"  As the faith which ought to seek understanding and the love which ought to serve my brother as both begin to wane then the future in this world becomes a prophetic picture of the hell within man.  Original sin is not done with us yet. For its effects touch the "irascible" appetite in man and from it we find an increase of anger and impatience. Finally, our "concupiscence" is running wild with every advertisement that sells sexuality rather than the product.  What are we to do?  Do we bless God or curse Him?

Recall the fact:  this world is futile but it is the location of our supreme test which bids us choose eternal love. Bless God Who gives and Who takes only to perfect His children.  Yes, bless God despite all the evil which this world is capable of throwing in our faces.  Bless God and live eternally with Him.  If one hears the words of the Blasphemer then one recognizes the character of Satan speaking through another one of his stooges.  They will curse God and it is an act of the intellect.  They denigrate the saints, our Lady and holy things for no gain and no pleasure.  For this reason St. Alphonsus Ligouri exposes this sin as most hated
by the divine.  All the other sins deceive us because we are driven by pleasure of self-centeredness.  But blasphemy is nothing other than a pride that wants the position of God and will never achieve it.  

How these two mentalities are being exposed in this time and in every place.  Tradition Catholics tearing down other traditional Catholics that causes division, hatred and anger.  Christians obey now the word of the world and neglect the word of God.  Good is now evil and evil is their good.  God must be dead because no one is being punished by the nature that used to call us back to our senses.  If a priest tells his community that these earthquakes are words of divine judgment on the acceptance of the sin of sodomy, then he is quickly removed and corrected by the hierarchy.  Culture has become God and Christ is now subordinate to the comfortable and convenient world that surrounds us.  What should one do?

If you want to save your soul, then follow the pattern of the ancients.  Love our Lady and her rosary and wear her precious scapular.  Turn to the holy Eucharist and the mass for the nourishment to conquer a self centered world.  Practice the seven corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  Bless God for all that He gives and does for you even if you think it is bad.  Thank God for every test that comes your way knowing with certainty that His Providence rules the world here and hereafter.  Love one another in the hearts of Jesus and Mary and don't give up.  Perseverance is the virtue that captures salvation.  God bless you all.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt